Running Facts

That are lies.

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21/07/2009 at 13:27

It's so easy to drink a full cup of water at full speed without tipping it down yourself.

21/07/2009 at 13:44
I'm going to run 5 miles again tonight
Iron Pingu    pirate
21/07/2009 at 14:13

I am always motivated to go out for a run.

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
21/07/2009 at 14:25
Running is always such good fun.
Farnie    pirate
21/07/2009 at 14:26
It gets easier
21/07/2009 at 14:28

Its ok to walk

21/07/2009 at 14:30
It isn't about how fast you run
21/07/2009 at 14:32
You can use mp3 players in races
21/07/2009 at 14:34
Wearing lycra makes you look thinner
21/07/2009 at 14:39
Hills are good for you
PloddingOn    pirate
21/07/2009 at 14:52
It's only a bit "undulating"
21/07/2009 at 14:55
I've not trained for this event... honest
21/07/2009 at 15:01
Corinthian wrote (see)
I've not trained for this event... honest

 - the classic!
21/07/2009 at 15:02
Running 100 miles a week will make you faster
Iron Pingu    pirate
21/07/2009 at 15:29

Nearly finished ....

21/07/2009 at 15:56
PinguPongu wrote (see)

Nearly finished ....

Yes - that's what the marshals usually say with at least 2 miles to go. That and "looking good!". Both lies!
LIVERBIRD    pirate
21/07/2009 at 16:07
Your legs get thinner....
21/07/2009 at 16:28
...I did 6 miles in 30 mins, i know its slow but....
21/07/2009 at 16:30
People admire you as you run past, and dont shout abuse......
21/07/2009 at 16:35

no pain no gain

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