Running with a dog?

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05/07/2007 at 12:02
Many people here run with a dog(s)?

I tend to leave our (almost one year old) black lab behind if it's over 4 miles (always trail) but otherwise she comes along - occasionally have to jump over her but it really makes the run more interesting.

And my God, dogs are SO fit!!
05/07/2007 at 12:06
thinking of doing a bit with my greyhound, Noah. As I plod he will hardly break sweat I guess. Will be interested to see what experience folks's have:O)
05/07/2007 at 12:33
'Run'(you haven't seen me) with my Springer Spaniel twice a day, we do about 3 miles morning and evening. We warm up and cool down with some brisk walking then its down through the woods where I can let him off the lead. He's a resuce dog and they thought he was about 5 when we got him - he'd been living rough on the streets, we've had him for 5 years. He is a lean, slinky, very healthy (the vets words) dog.

The advantage of having a dog is that you never have an excuse to miss going out, when we were 'between dogs' I only ever managed to get out about twice a month.
05/07/2007 at 12:33
Our dog gets a little bit tired but not too bad.
Occasionally run with my cousin (pretty decent runner) who has a sort of greyhoundy cross lab thing - it will happily do a fast five miler cross country without even panting!
05/07/2007 at 12:57
My White Shepherd Oz runs all marathon training with us, he can easily run the distance and more - in fact he does, running in front and back to us, up banks and down, probably does about 1/3 more mileage! He's also exremely fast over short distances, we've had him timed at 3.8 secs over 60m. All of our shepherds except for one have been able to run massive distances and Ozzy's predecessor Snowy did the Frankfurt marathon years ago, even got his own finisher's medal and pictures in the running mags.

But a word of caution - before you let your dog run any distance, it's wise to have X-rays done at least of the hips, preferably also the elbows, to rule out any possible later disfunction that may be aggravated by running.
05/07/2007 at 13:08
Iron - that was my only concern, especially as she's under a year old (just) - Labs are known for dodgy hips - ours has very good hip score though and her lineage (tracked back five generations) is pretty strong (working stock) so hopefully okay!

Amazing to hear about your "superdogs!"
Might be a bit much for little Maddy but it's something to maybe aim for!

She's already a very quick sprinter - a lurcher couldn't get away from her the other day (she wanted to play, the lurcher didn't) - although maybe it wasn't in tip top condition.
05/07/2007 at 13:08
My Westie is an honorary member of my running club, he's there so often. He loves anything that involves intervals (hills included)! He's five now and I've been running with him since he was about 18 months, as he's a little dog there isn't the same issue with joints that some of the larger breeds have. He runs up to 10 miles in the winter, however during the summer don't tend to venture above about 6 miles with him and stick to routes close to water, if he gets too hot, he takes himself in for a paddle or finds a nice muddy puddle to roll in!
05/07/2007 at 13:30
When I first started out running again earlier in the year, I used to take our Staffy cross with me. Then as the light nights started, everyone was out and about near the canal and in the woods. started to be a pain with putting him on the lead all the time, but feel really guilty for not taking him as he loved it and it made me feel safer too..

Might start taking him again now, feel bad!!!
05/07/2007 at 15:05
My 4 year lab loves running with me.
05/07/2007 at 16:23
my german shepherd cross has the beginnings of arthritis.

So runs upto an hour she comes with me, any longer than that and I now do them on my own :(
05/07/2007 at 20:51
I run with my dog everyday. He is an italian greyhound (miniature greyhound) and, thanks to him, I have doing lots of hill running, as he pulls me along.

About two months ago, we came second on a 1M human/race dog. At that time he was slow and overweight.

Matt, you have to be careful with his paws as well. If their skin is soft, it will take sometime for him to get used to run outside. They need to toughen up.

(this is Spider on my avatar)
06/07/2007 at 06:37
i run with one of my labbies - he loves it! if i do go out without him i have to sneak out and sneak back in afterwards or he sulks!
06/07/2007 at 11:24
Felt guilty, so took the dog up the woods and along the canal last night.

he was loving it with all the mud etc, got down to the canal and he slipped and fell in... He couldn't climg out as this part is supported by steel slats... No one around as it was bouncing it down, so encouraged him to swim back to moorings, where I might be able to pull him out but this was almost a mile back. After falling in once, someone came to my rescue then the Lock keeper and his wife came to help. In the end we managed to pull him out...

Dont think my staffy cross will be joining me again....
06/07/2007 at 15:58
I do my long runs with two of my dogs - I feel much safer that way, and they love it.
After 15kms of mountainous terrain, they still have energy to fly off after imaginary squirrels and stuff.
Start off gently though - your doggy is still very young and needs to gradually build up to distance the same way any human would. And keep and eye on their paws if they're not used to rough ground - they'll take a while to toughen up.

One of mine fell in the river once tryng to catch a duck. LOL. What a spanner!
06/07/2007 at 20:47
My Dobie loves to run with me and always seems like he can go all day.

I wax his paws to keep them in good condition. Stops them getting cracks.
06/07/2007 at 22:20
Oh Slow Sam, that's terrible - hope both dog and owner have recovered from ordeal(though I couldn't help laughing reading your post - sorry!!)!!

I try to take my Goldie out with me when I can. However, she can be a bit unpredictable around livestock (must be put on lead) and if she flushes out a rabbit or pheasant she becomes deaf and can be a bu**er to get back, but she can easily cope with anything I can throw at her distance/terrain-wise (as long as weather not too hot)! Also has a habit of rolling in foul-smelling substances, which is a pain if I've taken her somewhere for a run which has involved a car journey!! All in all, an enthusiastic running partner!!!

07/07/2007 at 10:44
i have 2 boxxers and have taken them for runs with me but some times there a little to nuts and still traing to listen so i cant take them off the lead unless no one or dog is about thay are not nasty just like to jump and play and think every one wants to play how far and how often can dogs run my dogs are 1 yr old boxers and never get tired
09/07/2007 at 08:02
I'm new to the forum but I do a lot of running with both my dogs. We have to run mainly around the town so I bought a harness and special belt for the big springer and the youngest one is fine on just his lead. we've done a couple of dog/human races down in the New Forest and there's four 10k's coming up at the end of the year which we're looking forward to. it's what started me running again after an injury and means I can combine their walk with my run
09/07/2007 at 10:09
We have a Jack Russell (called Jack believe it or not) and he's been a great running partner for about 6 years. He knows when it's a running day and jumps in the car before you can say "running". He can run faster/quicker and longer than anyone I know. Helped me through two lots of marathon training and always wants to go out again after about 2 hours of sleep when we return.
09/07/2007 at 12:42
I have 2 rotty's aged 71/2 and 2 1/2. The older one had a cruciate operation about 18months ago so is a little slow on her feet but I might think about taking the youngster - would be good for her.

Not sure if it'll work out as we've only had her a month (rescue dog) - could be interesting!
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