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29/12/2011 at 14:18

Hi KK,

I'm getting the below error:

Website Under Review

You are seeing this page because the system administrator of is currently checking this website for malicious content. This redirect page will be removed once we finish manually checking all files on this account. Since we check over 100 websites per day, it can take about 2-4 hours to complete. If you are the owner of this website, you will get an email confirmation once it's done. If you are a visitor, please come back later. is the most popular free web hosting provider, and as such, suffers from abusers. Around 5% of users sign up here just to start hacking or phishing websites or causing other problems. So, in order to survive, we must monitor what our users are hosting.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but checking all content manually is the only way to provide you with the most secure and reliable service. If you find any illegal websites on our network, you can report it [b]here[/b].

29/12/2011 at 14:22
I got the same... looks like we just have to hold fire a couple of hours while the hosting guys do their checks.
Booo    pirate
29/12/2011 at 14:38

it should be working now !!

p.s. please be gentle with it ... 'tis stil 'work in progress'

Edited: 29/12/2011 at 14:39
29/12/2011 at 14:39
29/12/2011 at 14:41
Saffy broke it.
29/12/2011 at 14:42
Booo    pirate
29/12/2011 at 14:48

right ... one angry email fired off to hosting company(site has been there for the last week so they choose now to take it down and check it!!)  .... hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly !!  (anyone tried it through IE ?)

29/12/2011 at 14:52
Using IE and got the same checking message.
29/12/2011 at 14:52
Yes, and it's still under review...
Booo    pirate
29/12/2011 at 14:55
kittenkat wrote (see)
What amazing timing that was, I was in earlier with no problem.

thanks KK, I was beginning to think I'd dreamt it all  

29/12/2011 at 15:55
What are the rules?
29/12/2011 at 16:24
kittenkat wrote (see)
More beer!

Yes! Website still down on IE (not that i'm hovering or anything....)

29/12/2011 at 17:55
And it's still down..........
29/12/2011 at 18:40

And still down. . .

Dying to know what the teams are.

Booo    pirate
29/12/2011 at 18:43

yes unfortunately it does still appear to be (although strangely I can still get in through IE, but not FireFox or Chrome !!) ... second mail sent to hosting company ... and search begun for a more reliable free hosting site, as if its not back up soon I'll move it somewhere else !

29/12/2011 at 18:49
FYI (and thanks for sorting it out) I'm using IE and can't get through on that.
29/12/2011 at 19:24

 Saw the front page fine.

Runners World blah di blah - sign up page working fine.

Booo    pirate
29/12/2011 at 19:28

email reply received :

 "Hello, Administrator review of domain is now complete. The website has been approved. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused."

 ... so let the games begin ... until of course the next time it goes down ... please be gentle ! btw ... at the moment it will allow you to enter mileage ... however this will be zeroed down on 1st Jan 
29/12/2011 at 19:30
Yep, I'm logged in fine
29/12/2011 at 19:31
Me too....
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