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02/07/2012 at 16:53

B&T, as long as you don't enter any miles then you will be 'culled' in the sweep after the first week or so we do of those who haven't recorded any for that month (it stops the stats being skewed by no shows) ... but don't worry the cull is only for that month and all your old stuff will still be there.


02/07/2012 at 19:45

Hi Bruce, my previous months aren't displaying properly, the mileage form seems to be overlapping (on top of) the select new month menu. Not sure if others are seeing it this way?

02/07/2012 at 19:49

2 recovery plods today to give me 11.93m and take me top of the shop for a while at least

BUT we're a bit thin on the ground at the moment and the Fetchies are storming....

Edited: 02/07/2012 at 19:50
02/07/2012 at 20:20

Tom, you're using Firefox right ? .... I've just looked and it seems to be just not rendering properly in Firefox (IE and Chrome seem to be OK, unless someone can tell me differnet).

I love 'standards' in the browser world !! ... I'll take a look now and see if I can sort it either tonight \ tomorrow.

Sorry about that.


02/07/2012 at 20:22

jd, not even a plod for me, and may not get one for the next few days either after a 'Go Ape' zip line incident has left me with my very own Wimbledon tribute .. ie a tennis ball sized ankle !!! (but thankfully its not so painful today so am hoping to be back out in a few days!)


02/07/2012 at 20:40

Tom, is that any better ?


02/07/2012 at 22:35

Hi Bruce, yeah, was in Firefox, and all fixed now, thanks.

Standards in browser world seem to be anything but whenever I've looked at web development.

Hope the ankle recovers quickly.

2.95 miles logged. Not much I know, but it's the first official run of mara training, so it will build.

02/07/2012 at 22:50

Bruce- Ouch!! Hope it gets better soon....

Night all- early run in the morning

Edited: 02/07/2012 at 22:50
03/07/2012 at 08:25

Going well Jason, TOTP!

Bruce, I repeat JD's "Ouch!", I reckon you should be ok to run when it gets to about golf ball size though

Day 3, better run tonight, letting the side down a bit this month so far  Sunday was my usual rest / "do things other than running or work" day, but I always get a bit "itchy legged" if I have two days in a row off when I can run. I can usually fit running around work, but not yesterday

Edited: 03/07/2012 at 09:29
03/07/2012 at 08:27

I am continuing the challenge. I need the extra motivation to up the miles i run

03/07/2012 at 08:42

Ouch Bruce! Hope that it gets better soon. That cant be nice.

I managed 4 miles last night and will try to get out whilst i'm away for 15 miles. Who needs to work, right?

03/07/2012 at 09:31

Morning all,

8.4 miles for me this morning along the Thames Path - let's keep up the momentum early one and see if we can stop the Fetchies building up too big a lead....

Bruce - hope your ankle is feeling better?

03/07/2012 at 10:25

I have started July better than June

03/07/2012 at 10:27

@Youngpup - completely agree. July is supposed to be a big mileage month in preparation for my September marathon so let's keep up the momentum!

@JasonD - any ultra's planned in the coming weeks?

03/07/2012 at 11:05

Bruce - thanks! And thanks to the polite fetchie who posted earlier (sorry - can't page back to see who ) Well done to teh Fetchies for June - now GOOOOOO RW for the rest of the summer!

03/07/2012 at 19:14

Logged a couple of short (3 mile) recovery runs for yesterday and today. Probably not a high mileage month for me this one. Targetting 120, but quite busy so may not quite get there.

03/07/2012 at 19:25

2.95 done just now. Planning 6 tomorrow, which will bring me back on target for 100 mile month.

03/07/2012 at 19:46

Emmy- no ultras- 2 maras in October though: Chester and Snowdonia

2 good soakings today for 15.13m

03/07/2012 at 20:24

No ultras JD! Sort it out Is Chester a PB effort?

03/07/2012 at 20:31

WiB- oh yes.... 

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