RW v Fetch June Running Challenge

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01/07/2013 at 13:27

Well done everyone for June - it was a close run thing

July is now open...

01/07/2013 at 20:55

And here we go- 13.86m for today 


02/07/2013 at 09:21

4.10 for me yesterday

02/07/2013 at 10:14

Back in for me (slacked last month when a bit "planless" and wasn't logging), can't promised loads, but hope for 150+ building towards more in Aug and Sep. Just two commutes so far...

02/07/2013 at 21:12

DE- welcome back! 

At the risk of being boring ( a common theme for the next 2 weeks), today's running was pretty identical to yesterday's- 13.84m

02/07/2013 at 21:25

5 today - I am so predictable !!

04/07/2013 at 21:27

A wee warm up followed by a 5k race. Delighted to have gone sub 22 for the first time, clocking 21:50 and taking 25 seconds off my PB. Well chuffed!

04/07/2013 at 22:44

Clag - great improvement on the pb!

13.9 here today


05/07/2013 at 07:28

5 last night again. Getting bored with route

05/07/2013 at 10:24

Tough hill reps last night extended by a long w/u to 11.7m.

Well done Clag, big PB!!

3:30 - I really struggle with reptitive routes so make slight variations to my commute or hill runs all the time despit covering many of same roads or tracks. Weirdly, I don't mind doing reps sessions

05/07/2013 at 14:42

Hi all, bit slack the end of last month, just hitting my target. Had a few days off but raring to go now. Easy 4.72 after work today in very hot conditions...

05/07/2013 at 22:24
Edited: 05/07/2013 at 22:25
05/07/2013 at 22:26

Anyone planning on doing some running?

recovery day today. 11.42m

Edited: 05/07/2013 at 22:27
07/07/2013 at 10:16

10 miles for the team Jason! Very, very hot this morning, should have gone out an hour earlier but even finishing at 10am it's already like a dusty furnace along the tow paths.

07/07/2013 at 10:21

JR- well done. Very hot here too today

The desire to miss the worst of the heat and not miss the tennis saw me get this mornings 18m run over and done with by 9- already very hot then! Recovery run later this evening when it has cooled off a bit

07/07/2013 at 20:15

Recovery run in 24 degrees.... For 22.36m for the day and just over 101 for the week

08/07/2013 at 11:59

I did a 5k on saturday at that was hot! Kinda worried about this saturday, 100k in 27 degree heat!! I hope its all under trees! 

08/07/2013 at 21:07

Today I done ..... yup you guessed it 5 !!

09/07/2013 at 06:33

Well done on the week total Jason, might be somewhere near that by the end of the month!

B2B, you need support runners with a brolly to keep the sun off your back

Well done 330, the SAFTB thread is on the up!

5 easy miles for me this morning...

Edited: 09/07/2013 at 06:33
09/07/2013 at 08:04

B2B- it will be brutal in this heat....You will have to adjust your pace if it is still hot

We are getting a big tin of whoop-ass opened on us at the moment! A lot of the Fetchies did marathons/ multiple marathons last weekend. Still, it is a marathon, not a sprint  14ish yesterday, similar today

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