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The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/05/2005 at 15:04
So RW towers has done a sarnie article and seeing as it is summer (well for today it is!) a cold sarnie is better than a JP with beans.

What do you put in yours?? I hardly every bring sarnies to work 'cos I hate butter so they fall apart .... so take cous cous and salad!
27/05/2005 at 15:08
Pixie: I get through a copious amount of clingfilm
27/05/2005 at 15:08
... to wrap my sarnies in, I mean!
27/05/2005 at 15:10
that's your story!
27/05/2005 at 15:11
A million household uses!

The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/05/2005 at 15:26
Yeah suppose I could try that!
But what can you tempt me with!
27/05/2005 at 15:30
Wellll, I make me own bread rolls using granary flour with extra rolled oats/barley/rye (I use a breadmaker though)
Low fat spread.
Any kind of meat.
Lettuce & tomato.

A meal in itself that.

And DON'T smother it in mayo, cause that's about a million caloriesright there.

Having an oaty roll means it's quite dense but fills you easier: last longer between sarnies.
27/05/2005 at 15:32
strawberry jam today - cos it's Friday!!!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/05/2005 at 15:33
OK I have a breadmaker and if I make wholemeal or granery loafs they always end up flat
do you just use a normal dough recipe and how large are your rolls!?!!
how do you stop the tomatoe making it soggy too!
27/05/2005 at 15:39
Put it between two slices of what ever meat you have?
27/05/2005 at 15:43
Mixture of metric & imperial, sorry. Mine's a water first type.

480 ml water
teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons skimmed milk powder
1 tablespoon soft brown sugar
olive oil (about a tablespoon)
3 to 4 oz oats/barley/rye
24 oz flour (I use Dove's organic malted granary flour)
Half a packet of yeast
A dash of poppy seeds if your feeling fancy

Do it on the dough setting. At the end, divide into 16 balls (I tend to flaten them out nyway) and put on two greased trays.

The longer you can leave them then the better. An hour is good.

I put them in the bottom of the oven on the lowest heat too for a short while.

Then I cook em for about 20 mins on gas mark 4 to 5.

Then I eat about three of em before I feel bloated enough to let the rest of em cool!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/05/2005 at 15:44
1/2 packet is I assume a 7g sachet of yeast!

Sounds good I will try it!
27/05/2005 at 15:48
Yep, that's right. Half one of them mini-sachets. (BTW: Sainsbury's home brand yeast is loads better than the Hovis stuff. Comes out really heavy with Hovis. Lighter with Sainsbury's)
The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/05/2005 at 15:49
Guess what I'll be trying this weekend!!
27/05/2005 at 16:21
Jam and Cheese sandwiches!

Not that I'm suggesting that's what EP will be trying this weekend. That's my ultimate sandwich combi!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/05/2005 at 16:22
sounds gross but there was a TV chef on the other day who said that too!!
27/05/2005 at 16:32
EP - you really should try it - the sweet and savoury just mix right. It truly is the ambrosia of the sandwich world ;O)
The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/05/2005 at 16:34
I hate rice pudding too!
27/05/2005 at 16:37
Rice Pudding Sandwiches? Eugghhhh

But then ... <ponders> ... is almost similar in consistency to Mushy Peas and as a youth I used to love Mushy Pea sandwiches as well.

Smothered liberally with Tomatoe Sauce.
27/05/2005 at 16:39
Maybe we could start a new thread on most strange Sandwich filling concoction !

Re: seeing the thing on tv about Jam and Cheese sandwiches - it was on after Saturday Kitchen wasn't it? Something about the science of cooking with cheese.

I was quite shocked because I thought Jam and Cheese Sandwiches were a purely family quirk cos every time I've mentioned them before, I get similar disgusted type reactions from people :o)
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