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02/10/2012 at 07:26


Cragchick that does sound revolting

run tonight again with some interval session.

Think I probably dont take nutrition on early enough in 26.2, need to get past that 20 mile slump!!!

have a good day everyone!

02/10/2012 at 10:00

Morning all

Cragchick - YUK!! Hideous! I never thought of things crawling into an inhaler, but I suppose they could get in through the gaps at the top  (Reminds self to check inhaler next time ).

57.5 - I was recently talking to a cousin (non-runner) about long distance, and she said along the lines of 'But if you run 100m, surely you would just hit the wall at 20m and not be able to continue'?  Errrrrrrrrrrm, No ! My explanation of, 'actually its a long series of horrific moments wanting to do nothing but sit down, followed by feeling great' didnt seem to impress her much !

Right, I'm off to try to get on a 'certain' website !

02/10/2012 at 10:18

Uh oh, better do some training now I suppose .

02/10/2012 at 10:23

They have sold 100 places in the first 10minutes !!!

02/10/2012 at 14:22

Lol - staggering more likely . I think now that I have a confirmed place for this, I will concentrate on TP100 and SDW100 being my main races for next year, and anything else I can fit in will be considered as training runs. I have tended to do better early on in the year after a spell of winter training with no racing, so I think I will focus on the first half of 2013 and not worry about entering anything else for the time being. The Fling might be useful if I recover quickly enough from TP .

02/10/2012 at 15:50

Loch Ness Marathon 2012

This was my second marathon, having completed Cape Wrath in May this year. 

My training had been somewhat idiosyncratic, fitting around other races and on-call commitments.  The week before the race, I had a strange sense of having already completed the marathon.  I can't say why, but it was as if it were already "in the bag".

Travel down to Inverness involved a rocky boat journey and meandering train journey accompanied by my wife, Elspeth, who was not racing Loch Ness this year.

We met up with MrsMac for her delightful birthday meal at a restaurant by the river along with MrMac,  MrMac’s sister and her husband (M&J).

Although not known in advance, we ended up staying at same B+B as another couple (G & K) from Orkney doing the marathon. This was probably not entirely a coincidence as the B+B owners are the parents of another Orkney runner. I ended up level pegging quite a bit with “K” on the race.

Good night's sleep, waking just before 6 - breakfast at 6:45. Our hostess was horrified at the sacrilege of all 3 runners taking honey with our porridge!

A short walk down to the line-up of shuttle buses at 7:30.  It was quite a wait till the buses got started and then quite a long slow journey.  The convoy of buses with motorcycle outriders must have been quite a sight.  The race organisers had obviously listened to feedback from previous years.  Some of the buses actually had a toilet on board.  Buses did not wait anyone needing off for toilet breaks, as the relieved ones were picked up by the final sweeper buses in the convoy.

It had been wet overnight but latest forecast was to be sunny with a tail wind.  However, from the bus, there was little sign of any wind on the treetops.

It was probably a good mile’s walk from front of the bus convoy back to the start line.  I positioned myself at the 4h30 + mark (previous time 5 hours 6 minutes at Cape Wrath) - in hindsight, this was probably a mistake as I found myself frustrated having to dance round a lot of slower runners.  The pipe band was a bit of a disappointment: I think I did hear the sound of pipes somewhere in the distance!

The first 6 miles is mostly downhill, which was easy-going, if congested. Pleased that I managed to run all the way at the 5 mile hill.  I was passed by “I”, another Orkney runner, who chatted for a few minutes before disappearing ahead (for her sub 3h50).  I then caught up with  MrMac running with his sister M.

The route then follows an undulating course at the side of  Loch Ness with some lovely views. Although I was not particularly feeling the tailwind, the water on Loch Ness would suggest a F3-4. Running along I found my thoughts drifting to memories of a close friend, who died prematurely from stomach cancer.  It’s good to be alive.

At about 10 miles, I felt the first wave of tiredness.  However, I was still running and making good progress. 

4 mini Jaffa cakes

At around 13.5 miles, my Garmin stopped and I did not realise for a further 1.5 miles.  Although momentarily flummoxed by this, I consoled myself that I was making good time and heading for a significant PB provided I kept running. I then met up with “K” (from breakfast) who commented that, at this pace, we were heading for a 4:20 finish!  Both of us knew that this would be unrealistically optimistic for a finish time but nevertheless had a feelgood factor.

02/10/2012 at 15:51

Snack size Dairy Milk chocolate (still had mini Mars bar and jelly babies in reserve)

Walked the hill just coming up to 19 mile mark but ran again until just short of 22 mile mark where I had another short walk at end of long hill. K and I were yoyoing over this distance but then I left her behind at top of hill (so I thought).

Long downhill now into Inverness, lots of folk walking. I managed to keep running albeit slowed to 11 minute mile pace.  Felt confident now that I was going for a good PB although I had no longer had any accurate idea of timing.

At 23 miles I made the mistake of taking a "lemonade" (normally stick to water), which ended up turning my stomach a little.

Just a point where the road meets the river (25+ mark), MrsMac jumped out into the road waving her arms shouting “Well done Peter!” A great booster.

At the bridge, I was briefly frustrated by 2 runners wanting to run together blocking my way.

Heading back up the river, I didn’t notice that I’d now turned into the headwind although the last 0.2 mile  did feel to be a long way.

Keeping a lookout for Elspeth, I totally missed “K” creeping past me, until she was halfway between me and finishing post with 20 yards to go. Rats!

Still 4 h 26 09 - a 40 minute PB – better than my wildest dreams


Came round the corner to see Elspeth smiling and waving at me. I grabbed my goody bag of beetroot soup (I hate beetroot!), metal and T-shirt.  Finished.

Elspeth was a real brick, fetching my bag, finding a free bench and getting a cup of tea.

Free runners’ food was a disappointment  - soup and a child's portion of chicken curry.

However, a venison steak roll and a "Cheeky Chappie" found a welcome place.

Met up with Mr and MrsMac and J&M again, before the “long-short” walk back to B+B.

02/10/2012 at 17:45

Tricia - big well done with Loch Ness!

Turns out I am a rubbish supporter - maybe unsurprisingly, having had my own little run on Sun morning went down to the finish to try to catch the folk I knew coming in. Plan to be there for 3.30 mark to catch Mrs Mac and then everyone else that I knew. Well I was there from about 3.20 on wards peering intently for Mrs M but just could not spot her. I know she's small but that is ridiculous, saw a friend from home just about 3.54 and waited some more, eventually moved position and just caught Peter crossing the finishing line. Everyone else I missed completely! So next time I will have to make sure I am running instead.

Enjoyed meeting all the Macs again and a nice meal with them on Sat night. Didn't enjoy the boat journey either way, too much wind around over the weekend.

Thanks to 57.5 for the running routes. Thought I would never find my way on the later one so headed down the canal path for about 4.5 miles until I ran out of anywhere to go then headed up the other side which was decidedly muddier and much more to my liking then took the first part of 57's  route over the hill. Beautiful views and wished I had gone that way in the first place but at the 12 mile mark decided to call it a day and turn back making about a 14 mile jaunt. Very pleasant in the sunshine. Will have to explore the rest of it another time.


02/10/2012 at 18:42

Cragchick, I know running is classed as a 'dangerous' sport but choking on an earwig Yuck!!

Alison, just realised that Templeton 10 is the day after Glen Ogle 33

Two 100 milers TP, you are hardcore are they quite far apart?

Great report OH Sub 4.15 next? Sorry about the loony jumping out in front of you

Elspeth, was great to see you again. I'm trying to be good and pace myself with the Birthday fudge but its nearly gone! I LOVE Orkney fudge

My legs are totally smashed still, Loch Ness is murder on the old body

02/10/2012 at 18:51

Well done OH - good report - I like that you could tell the windspeed from the waves on Loch Ness . I will have to learn how to do that .

02/10/2012 at 19:26

Meant to ask...has anyone any experience of tinnitus? Specifically the 'pulsing' kind? I've had it on and off for a while now and its currently driving me nuts! Can anything be done?

02/10/2012 at 19:52

Great report OH. Must be strange running without your Garmin - I think I rely too much on mine.

Mrs Mac - sorry you won't be doing the Templeton 10, but I'm sure will meet at a race soon.

Cragchick  -the earwig experience sounds yukky.

Got away early from wotk today, so got out for my run at about 5. Really enjoyed it; sunny, but quite cool, and unusually, almost no wind.

02/10/2012 at 20:56

TP - People in Orkney have a great affinity for the wind and waves.

Elspeth - Glad you found some of my directions useful. That muddy side of the canal is my favourite bit. There are some great trails from there up into the hills but you need a guide with local knowledge. I supported some friends 2 years ago at the LN finish (complete with coolbox of beer for post race 'rehydration'), we waited quite a while for our last runner who came in right on his 5 hour estimate, except we were all cheering and marvelling at an older guy on two blades and missed him completely.

OH - Sounds like the run went as well as could be hoped.

02/10/2012 at 21:17
MrsMac wrote (see)

My legs are totally smashed still, Loch Ness is murder on the old body

Not so much of the old Mrs Mac - there are much older folks than you around here you know!

03/10/2012 at 06:06


Lots to catch up on I see. Younger sons was 17 yesterday !  Somebody asked me if I'd rewind and go back to being 17 ? Mmm !

Morning Tri

03/10/2012 at 06:07

MrsMac: Hope you're recovering from Loch Ness.

57.5: well done.

03/10/2012 at 07:02

morning BM

hope you're recovering ok MrsMac!

rest night in the end last night (realised I hadnt actually had a rest all last week!)

interval training tonight short run and some yoga.

Happy Birthday to your son BM!! I def wouldnt go back to 17!!

03/10/2012 at 09:57

Happy Birthday BM's son. Ditto on the 17 thing . I'd rather be old !

Did a nice 10m yesterday, but might have a rest day today too, want to have something left in the legs for Sunday .

Mrs Mac - can't help with the tinnitus thing. Yeah, too much downhill at LN, mashes the legs .

03/10/2012 at 19:56

Oh to be 17 again! Nah, I'd go back to 21 maybe but not 17

Was going to run tonight but decided against it. Was kept awake with the 'noise' in my ear Feeling a bit dizzy too, wonder if I've picked up an ear infection? Defo running tomorrow, no excuses.

03/10/2012 at 23:02

17, no way. 21, I don't think so. 29 maybe.

Who said "youth is wasted on the young"?

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