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03/07/2013 at 15:01

Happy new house UTC .

Well done on the placing Cragchick. Hardmoors 140 .....mind you, I suppose if you've done 110, what's another 30?

BM - a classic TV series . Not so much fun staying there though ! Your Rhyl trip sounds like my Blackpool trip, early 80's, 'en suite family room' meant me and my parents crammed into a box room with a tiny sink in the corner you could just about clean your teeth in, pulled back the curtain above the sink and there was a glorious view.......of the brick wall belonging to the house next door!!!

Cycling today, very windy and got a bit wet.....thought today was meant to be the dry day !

03/07/2013 at 16:19

Tricia - I saw that re the Glen Ogle too, bu**er. There's one at end of October down Jedburgh way - I'm just waiting to see if hubby is doing the OMM this year and then to decide between that or the Mial Buachaille (or however you spell the flipping thing!) hill race.  Otherwise we should perhaps come up with our own long distance challenge for that weekend instead?

Glorious sunshine here today after a humid start.  5 easy miles (although they didn't feel that way to start with but warmed up eventually) for me, in the forest.

Lots of gargling of salted water for next couple of days for me and fingers crossed!

03/07/2013 at 17:33

B**ger....I was hoping to do that as my Nov event this year too!!! Last time I looked at that website entries were not being taken yet annoying!!!

Jedburgh ultra was a very good race last year - very muddy and hard going on the climbs, but a great course, and well organised, friendly people at the checkpoints. Well worth the trip.

Cragchick - I have climbed that (back when my knee worked), cannot spell it either, but remember having to 'skip' across the scree on the way up , lovely descent into the valley between the two mountains on the way back though .

All for doing an informal Forum day oot somewhere we can all fairly easily get to if all else fails .

03/07/2013 at 20:32

Hope the interview went well bm? Not smiry rain but the really WET stuff

Happy New House UTC

15 miles tonight in glorious sunshine Ended up having to take antihistamine when I got home though as my legs were covered in red lumps due to the cliff path being a tad overgrown Feel guilty for saying but I got a place in Glen Ogle 

03/07/2013 at 21:10

Well done Cragchick. Great report too.

Birkmyre - how did the interview go?

Good running MrsMac. Are you going to taper for the Dundee marathon?

03/07/2013 at 21:17

Lol Well done MrsMac - its just one of them things with internet entry I guess. I was just a bit slow off the mark, took it for granted it would not fill that quickly .

Might end up back at Jedburgh to complete my 30th mara / ultra at this rate....not a bad thing in itself, as long as the ones in between go okay .

04/07/2013 at 13:36

Fingers crossed for the job BM.

Nice 8m for me today, no knee ache , although I did manage a bit of a 'hill avoidance' course . Quite warm out but we never seem to get rid of that gusty wind .

Hope you are settling into your new house UTC .

04/07/2013 at 16:07

mega gusty wind here too  despite it being 20 degrees!

Well done TP, sounds like you are recovering well

and more fab running from Mrs Mac

Fingers crossed for Birkmyre and the job

out with club tonight as I have booked a babysitter, so should be 5-6 round village and beach

attempted some form of open water swimming this morning off the beach at FIndhorn - got this blimming Adventure Tri I entered in August (why oh why oh why!!). So thought I'd best. Never ever done open water swimming properly, just my usual splashing around. No idea how far I went, perhaps 250/300m, much easier when not swimming into the rip tide, but oh boy, ice cream head or what!!

I am hoping against all hopes that swimming in Loch Morlich will be way easier than the sea??? UTC perhaps you can boost my confidence here!!

Edited: 04/07/2013 at 16:08
04/07/2013 at 19:24

Bad luck bm Obviously something better waiting round the corner for you

No taper Alison, its 'just' a training run

Good to hear you're recovering well TP

Very windy/warm here too. 6 miles done which were very enjoyable but soon after I got in I felt very itchy so went to investigate and my upper body was covered in massive hives, looked like I'd been rolling in nettles I wasn't near anything grassy tonight, it was all round the streets - very odd. More antihistamines and feel quite rubbish now

04/07/2013 at 21:40

Sorry to hear about that BM - better luck on the next one.

Eek to the hives MrsMac, it is quite pollen-tastic out at the moment, I think the heat and the rain brings it all down to nose level!! Once I get started with one allergy it usually sets all the rest off too!! Hope the rash goes soon.

I've been writing a report for work all night and my eyes are now doolally so I'm off - see you lot tomorrow .

04/07/2013 at 22:30


cracking swim tonight at the 50m commonwealth pool!! best swim pool-wise since I hurt my shoulder!! Good fun and felt like I worked hard... also a good wee cycle down which was nice given my  tiny commute now...

had a short run this morning - in the pouring rain!! It was however quite war rain with little wind so kind of enjoyed it!!

Sorry about the job BM... am sure something will come up!!

CC, bf says to prevent the ice cream head, get in slowly.... wet hands and face and neck before getting in fully. You can also wear 2 hats or try to get a silicone hat. 

He also says lakes tend to be a bit colder (although I haven't found this particularly), but much calmer so easier to swim in. Also no salt.. so perhaps a bit less sickly as well. I definitely prefer the fresh water, even if the visibility is poorer. We are planning a swim in Loch Ard this weekend... I know you are probably too far away but thought I'd invite you in case you are able. Bf and I heading there for about 3-4pm Saturday (marshalling at a race earlier...). 

Hope that's ok for now!!

MrsMac hope you are feeling a bit better!! Doesn't sound good


05/07/2013 at 09:50

Up early to finish my report - that's it submitted, so rest of the day off for me Woo Hoo!!!  Maybe a run later.

Enjoy your holidays BM - I quite like Scarborough, not been there for years mind. Worked an outdoor job on the North York moors many years ago, and Scarborough was where we all headed on our weekends off - bright lights after being in the middle of nowhere !

Enjoy the OW swimming UTC and CC (looneys ).

Right, housework next......

Happy weekends and good luck anyone out racing or doing mad things.

05/07/2013 at 20:28

 Why does this Murray semi remind me of Rocky 4?

Because the opponent is all power and no finesse?

C'mon Murray!!!!

(If only because it would be boredom central if men's tennis returned to the Sampras era )

05/07/2013 at 20:53

TP  -agree with you about the Polish player (sorry - can't spell his name). Now they're closing the roof, which he's been asking them to do for the last hour - like rewarding a toddler's tantrum.

Off on holiday tomorrow - to Dumfires and Galloway. Good luck to anyone racing. And enjoy Loch Ard UTC.

06/07/2013 at 20:14


what a cracking day!!! started off with a 5-6mile run around Glasgow Green... then straight to bike race where bf and I were in the lead car which was kind of fun using the radios and stuff, felt very official ("lead car to comm 1, just turning onto A77... passed rider 63 dropped from the A race"... etc etc ). 

Then we headed to Loch Ard where I had officially my best OW swim yet... CC I'd definitely recommend if you are down Aberfoyle way!! Still cant believe its only 1 week til the race though... my 1st ever Olympic distance Tri!!

Dont quite feel as ready as I should as with the bike crash etc my training was a bit stunted to begin with... and I dont feel I am at my best yet but bike is definitely better than it was last year for my tris then, swim is as good as it has been OW and running is slowly coming back so think as long as I make out of the swim I will be ok...

Enjoy your holidays Alison!

BM, re the tennis, that guy Murray beat was a bit of a tosser... glad he came back and thrashed him!! Hoping I dont miss the final tomorrow as have training planned and going out for dinner with a friend... may have to convince her to let me cook for her at home

CC, hope you got on ok with any OW you may have encountered...

After the bike race today and swimming have come home to tennis and TdF updates, and now watching athletics.... nothing better in life than a summer of sport!!

07/07/2013 at 14:14

Afternoon all

Boiling day!

I thought that guy Murray played on Friday just came across as a nasty piece of work - was glad to see Andy giving him a good thrashing in the final set .

10m run this morning, really hot out of the wind  better in the shade!

Afternoon watching this final, this could go either way .

Happy holidays Alison and BM - you chose a good week by the looks of it.

07/07/2013 at 16:26

Have a great holiday Alison & bm

Sounds like a hectic but fun day UTC I'm sure you'll have a great race, you work hard.

Nice running TP

Another solid running weekend for me. 31 miles on the Cateran Trail yesterday followed by a speedy (for me) 15 road miles this morning Sitting on the edge of my seat now watching the tennis

07/07/2013 at 17:58

Well done MrsMac.

Yeeeeeeeeassssssssssss!!!!! to Andy

07/07/2013 at 20:25
Missed the tennis cos we were on the ferry and driving before that! Mind we missed most of it as no TV signal where we were staying.

Lovely week in Harris - mind the weather was pretty iffy, strong winds all but one day and a true stinker of a day for the HM yesterday. Highlights of the week were a 12 mile run to Rhenigidale(over hill and dale) back to via the new road and across a 4 mile trail along a lovely lochside to where we started on Monday and a long day in the hills doing the Clisham horseshoe on Wed. Too windy to get the kayaks out but some good beach walks too.

Joined by a friend from home for the Half yesterday so after clearing out our accommodation pottered into Tarbert for the start at 1pm - to allow folk to get over on ferry from Skye. Hoping the weather would improve, driving wind and rain and everywhere covered in mist - great for Liz's first trip to Harris!! Anyhow it didn't , had to change into dry socks at the registration before we got on the bus to go back more or less to where we started from. Fortunately not too much time to get started once off the bus but no let up in the weather. Would have been very scenic if we had been able to see anything, anyhow plodded along, basically minor undulations until 5.5 miles then 3.5 miles up and up and up - but actually it went OK as we had the wind mostly behind us. Still couldn't see anything much, over the top and basically downhill for the last 4 miles - the last downhill being almost too steep to run. Lovely finish with everyone being encouraged over the line by the RD and given our Harris tweed ribboned medal. Good spread in the community centre but no real changing facilities meant were quite shivery by time they had the presentation almost 2 hours later!

Eventually warmed up with our free shower and a swim at the new swimming pool which we'd already visited a couple of times in the week - ie when it was raining!

Long drive back via Skye today.

Lots of good running going on, can't get my head round Mrs Mac's mileage these days! Shame to hear Glen Ogle booked out - had had thoughts about doing it.

Back at work in the morning.
08/07/2013 at 15:55

Well done Elspeth and OH at Harris Half, sounds tough with the wind and the hills. Weather sounds like it was 'testing' you the whole week .

No work at the moment so been out cycling - OMG its like a sauna out there this afternoon ! Did a nice long-ish circuit out on the A77 cycle path then through Darvill and across the moors where they are building the new windfarm extension. After taking my life in my hands avoiding looneys on the A71  it was quite nice to turn up onto the moor and see hardly any traffic or people, apart from a few guys working on the new overhead power cables, crazily suspended in the air on a trolley/cart like some fairground ride swinging below the pylons ! That's some scary job!

Stay cool you lot .

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