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05/09/2013 at 14:18


Mad couple of days here due to foreign visitors! Not staying with me, thank goodness, but been cooking dinners etc. Very entertaining evening on Tuesday, cooked venison meatballs for friends, including bonkers Austrian lady with completely mad raucous laugh, gave my noisy neighbours a run for their money anyway . The venison went down a treat with the Austrian who is determined to do all things Scottish whilst here! Today she has gone off alone on one of these 'round Scotland in a day' type coach tours , up to Loch Ness on the A82 and back down the A9 , I said I hope you like sitting down all day!!!

Cycle in ridiculous wind for me yesterday and a good run today. I cannot be bothered with tapering, but I suppose I should rest up a bit next week, as the Lakes will be a hard run what with all the climbing involved.

Taking the foreigners up to Oban on Sunday, to do my version of 'Hidden Scotland', so hopefully they will get to see a bit more off the beaten track. I know a good easy walk with some Brochs and a hidden loch no-one ever visits, and an out of the way salmon smokery and cafe I can take them to. But there will probably have to be some tartan and whisky in Oban to keep them happy at the end of it all  .

FFB - not surprised you are tired, that was a hectic training week you had the other week. Good luck on Saturday, I am sure you will be fine, you have done that race before .

06/09/2013 at 07:52


That sounds exhausting TP, like the sound of your Hidden Scotland Itinery though ...

Exhausted here too - three weeks back to school and it's all taking it's toll!! Too much juggling around, finally have a glut of library shifts to fit in around the pilates classes (I taught 4x this week) ... need to start making myself do early nights and lots of vitamins or I'll be a wreck by next Friday!!

I have some 'cheating sticks' ... hubby sent them through to me as a surprise present during the week ... bless him, he knows the way to my heart  So I went out practising with them on the Cairngorm Plateau yesterday, 7 miles with 650m of height gain in miles 2-3 , anyway got me stressing even more about cut-offs next weekend ... hey ho. Was stunning morning though with views aplenty, reindeer sunning themselves up on the top, and a lovely goat-track off back down into the bowl which tested out my shoes. They held up pretty well so fingers crossed the £38 shoes will be doing the trick on the day!

06/09/2013 at 12:30

What a nice surprise pressie from hubby Cragchick , just in time for the event!

The cut-offs should be okay I think, even at walking pace, although I will need to remind myself not to linger at the checkpoints as that just eats into the time! I've printed off the sheets with the times on, so when we get our maps next week I am going to write both the race and challenge cut-offs onto the map in waterproof pen , but I'm going to try to aim to stay within the race cut-offs. I would quite like to be done by somewhere between 4-6am.....actually 6am would be ideal because then I can have a slow walk back to my b+b in daylight (about 1.5miles) and get in in time for a shower and breakfast , not that I want to be on the course any longer than necessary .

Rest day today and I have been cleaning up yet another lot of mess left by my neighbours decorators, mostly bits of old wood and off-cuts they had just piled up out in the close. I swear her house must be like the Forth Road Bridge . Anyway, loads of it had jaggy nails and splinters sticking out, and I didn't want any of our cats here getting hurt on it, so its all gone in the bin!!!

06/09/2013 at 16:03

BM - is tonight the last of the Diamond Meetings? I might watch it as there is never anything else on TV at that time of night, and I've been keeping up with a few events lately. Good luck to Miss B tonight.

Ironically, a considerable Belgium contingent will be over in Hampden tonight , including one of my 'friend of friend' visitors ....could I be persuaded? Nah, I will just stay in and watch the chaos as everyone arrives .

Just been practicing with my Nordic poles in the house  and checking I have the correct items in my first aid kit . Cat enjoyed that , and I think he might have stolen the handy Velcro tab thingy that holds the poles together for storage, as I left it on the bed and now it has completely vanished....hmmmm to check in his usual 'prey hidey' places....

Good luck all weekend racers and anyone out and about.

06/09/2013 at 18:42
TP - that cat has a lot to answer for! Hope you find it!

Enjoy the Highland Perthshire Marathon FFB - be interested to hear how you rate it.

CC - you sound all organised for next weekend.

Another long run planned for tomorrow, just can't decide where. Am told it's going to be a strong N wind - chilly then!
09/09/2013 at 19:07

It is very quiet on here.....

Started Glenmore 24 hour race on Saturday (silly I know). Stopped after 10 hours/52 miles. Foot issue still very much there and hadn't had a good week leading up to it with one of my stinking headaches which lasted 4 days Hubby on the other hand showed his stubborn side by running 100.6 miles, only 3 weeks after the Ultrafest and 352 miles Onwards and upwards

09/09/2013 at 19:37
Both of you barking mad Mrs Mac!!! Quite an achievement so soon after the ultrafest though, well done! Hope you foot recovers soon.

As for me I started off my 20 miler on Sat and got called into work 0.5 miles in, made it up to 2.5 miles to get back but took it as a sign that I wasn't meant to run on a cold windy day!
Got out again yesterday in glorious sunshine and did 19 miles instead, should have been more but got distracted by another call and couldn't get myself going again. The shame!

What have the rest of you been up to?
09/09/2013 at 21:01

Great run at Perthshire Highland: 4.32.00  I was expecting closer to 5 hrs. What a step change from last year. Superbly organised. Registration quick and easy, loads of marshalls, plenty of water, CHIP time available within minutes of finishing, loads of freebies included, great ceilidh.

10/09/2013 at 10:29

Morning you lot

In absentia Tiger the last few days. Was very ill over the weekend , some kind of stomach bug pukey thing, and I also passed out again which is not good . I am going to have to go to the doctors at some point, I think I have low blood pressure issues.

Anyhoo, never mind my ills.....well done all you racers, Mr and MrsMac awesome as usual (MrMacs 100miles is just ridiculous , who would want to run that far? ), well done FFB great time .

Did an 8miler yesterday and feel much better, had a steak for dinner. Need to put weight on as I am too light at the moment, but its putting it on eating healthy food that's the problem . Plan to pig out on pasta and veg and fish and chips over the next few days ready for Saturday .

10/09/2013 at 13:34
Well done FFB - sounds great event. I like a good ceilidh too! Tell us more when you have time!

TP Poor Tiger - not a good weekend by the sound of it. Hope you're fully recovered for Saturday.

Nice 10 miles along from Marwick to Birsay and back this morning, weather getting cooler by the day though!
10/09/2013 at 15:06

Mrs Mac - that was brave, and well done. Well done to Mr Mac too Sorry I did not comment earlier.

Yuck - TP. Hope you are feelign better. I would definitely go see the doc.

My RHR is down to 45 at the moment and I am getting quite a bit of palpitation when it shoves in an extra beat every so often. I think my BP ok though.

So, I think I qualify for numpty of the year award.

I did not bother registering for SUMS as I consider myself an old, slow heifer with no chance ..... Had I bothered .... it looks as if I might have been 2nd FSV

damn it.

10/09/2013 at 15:47

Ach FFB, that is annoying! This is the problem with an 'opt in' system - they used to just calculate the points and list everyone as each race was completed, up until the point in the year when it looked like people wouldn't be able to fit in enough races to qualify.

I got my final details for Saturdays race today - luckily I bothered to read it as it says we have to take passport / photo id to register ! And a really bizarre sentence about 'this is a fully marked course, so the maps we are providing are very basic and are not accurate enough to navigate by. However if you can navigate it would be a good idea to take your own map' ! Eh? What kind of a ridiculous mixed-messages statement is that? Either you need a map or you don't .

10/09/2013 at 19:28

That's a shame FFB. Brilliant running at the weekend from you. Saw your pics on FB, you're looking fab

That sounded awful TP Glad you're back on form Maps?! Good luck!

Great running Elspeth What's next for you? How rude of work to spoil your run

Feeling a bit low today. I know I made the right decision at the weekend but I feel like a bit of a failure I'll just need to set my sights on another adventure and give myself a shake

11/09/2013 at 08:09

Oh wow Mrs Mac for even starting the race!!!! Hope you feel better soon and give your body a bit of recovery??? Amazing effort from Mr Mac though ...

FFB - that's a b**ger, I never understood either why they do that??

TP - eek to the bug and the passing out. I have always had low blood pressure (no idea what the exact number are), but have had a few moments over last few weeks when I've stood up quickly and really really felt like I was going to 'go'!  Have done running this week since a 7-miler on Sunday but hoping to fit a short little trot round the forest later.

I also saw that in the instructions and wondered what was the point - so what are you doing about maps? I will probs take a 1:50 in my bag as I can't can't can't go into hills without a map!! Also didn't really get the whole passport thing - do they really think that's necessary???

Mad crazy here and fighting various cold germs coming from all directions!

11/09/2013 at 13:27

Afternoon all

Very wet run this morning, that will do now until Saturday, everything working, all systems go, just need to wash stuff and pack.

Seem also to have a cold / sore throat coming , those visitors I had last week have brought me every airport bug going I think !!! Just need to try to hold it off until after the weekend .

MrsMac - 50m is a bloody long way, and so soon after your mega-run. Don't be hard on yourself, you have done loads this year .

Cragchick - yep, same here, I like to know where I'm going . I'm going to take my L50/100 map from last year, it is in the very annoying 1:40 scale, which I find  as I'm used to 1:50, however it has all of this course on it, apart from the Bampton Hall (CP3 I think?), so it will do in case one of the markers is removed or blows away !

11/09/2013 at 13:39

That was my thinking, last race I did of this distance that is exactly what did happen, and with only 20 of us out on the course there was no-one to follow and ended up map reading for about 40 of the 63 miles, so I shall have map. 1:40 is not good, is what they use for mountain marathons and I always get confused! 

Is the season for nasty germs - was a guy in the library the other day when I was working, I was helping a lady with something on a computer and this guy behind us was hacking and sneezing everywhere . Sore throat not so bad for me today so am hoping it's a bit of taperitis too!

Just over 3 miles done and feeling fine and dandy - there that's jinxed me now hasn't it!! but still need to put pack together and check it's all in place etc. Am camping at site Fri night and whatever disgusting hour I return on Sat eve/Sun morning.

Agree with TP Mrs Mac, that is a considerable expectation and achievement after the previous event, so definitely not a fail.

11/09/2013 at 18:11

CC - yeah I don't know why they use 1:40 for these things, it really is a crap scale to try to navigate from (well, I suppose it fits a lot of ground onto one map - L50 map is double-sided so it has all of that central lakes region covered). I find it all very confusing when you are used to 1:50 from hillwalking and other activities.

Well we have a good incentive to move our rears on Sat/Sun night if one were needed , latest weather forecast has heavy rain and gales coming in sometime on Sat night (Oh goodie , after all the Lakes without heavy rain just wouldn't be right ), at the moment it looks like the storm will hit Ambleside / Windermere about 4am! That is my motivation sorted out not to hang about !

11/09/2013 at 19:39

Oh lovely, that is DEFINITELY my motivation to get arse in gear, although not sure tent in a gale is a great motivator either!!! Although if I'm in my tent by then I don't expect I'll care. I'd love to be in by midnight but as I've got no idea how long this will take that is a complete guess out of thin air based on nothing concrete or factual!!!

11/09/2013 at 23:01

Hi all. Here is my race report for the Perthshire Highland Marathon

12/09/2013 at 00:01

Hope that weather forecast improves in the Lake District!

We have several folk off at work cragchick, the north is rife with viruses .

Great night for a run. Took the dogs out to the old rig yard at Whiteness which they loved. Scoping a run for some Weegies so I thought the post industrial wasteland would be up their street.

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