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18/05/2014 at 18:18

Well done at CW OH! I really must try to get to it one year, although running every day for a week would almost certainly cause a bit of damage...............I need my recovery days- perhaps I could just do the marathon, the half, and a hill race, or something.....................dunno.

Back from a very wet and windy holiday in the mountains of Slovakia - there was a massive storm with trees falling, roads blocked, and power outages! Not exactly what I'd envisaged when I booked it, but aa good realxing week,despite that.

Only managed 1 run during the week, but loads of hill walking, and have been out today to tr yto iron out the post - airtravel kinks in the legs.

Strathearn marathon next- just as a relaxing day out/ long trainig run, rather than trying to set any particular time- anyone else going?

18/05/2014 at 21:04

Well done OH .

Nice running everyone else, all these mountain expeditions sound good and FFB's new ultra sounds particularly intriguing .

Cycling for me today, nice ride but very windy in the out direction (as usual!).

Visiting friend has had the weekend up at her sisters in Aberdeen for a massive family party, up until 3am dancing then drove back to Glasgow this afternoon...I dunno how she does it ! Made big roast dinner tonight, she is off back down South tomorrow, which gives me a few days to clean the house, finish some work, and get my kit sorted for GUCR !

18/05/2014 at 21:37

You can pick and choose whatever you want to do Tricialitt.

There are too different options for different days: HM/10k, long/shorter hill run, long/short multiterrain, marathon or relay marathon.

I just did the buffet ceilidh for the first 2 years (as Els's supporter!  ) .

I did just half and marathon in 2012 then half, hill race, fun beach run  and marathon in 2013.

This year was the first year to try the full lot.

It was great as is the social scene around it. Highly recommended

18/05/2014 at 21:38

PS managed to stand up after coming over the line this time FFB 

18/05/2014 at 21:42

Well done OK

oooh FFB, you have me all intrigued now ... sounds fab!!!

Legs still a wee bit mashed but managed a decent 44 miles on the road bike. Ankle still a bit grumpy, may have to have an easier week this week. At least I know where to go and get my training in for the 3x3000 Lakes ultra in October!!

18/05/2014 at 23:25

Well done OH.

Feeling proper smashed myself. Nice weather day on the whole which was unexpected, and ran the 40 miles very steady (i.e.slowly!). Will do a proper report tomorrow but I can say that road shoes were perfect and almost all the paths are excellent to run on. Can't say the same for my legs now!

18/05/2014 at 23:38
Just wanted to throw in that an nice ultra 30-40 miles would b fab if organised at time to suit as warm up to the Fling. Just on the off chance someone is thinking of organising one ????
19/05/2014 at 06:33

OH glad to hear you were on both feet as you finished

57.5 good to hear that the trails and paths good. My recollection from the sections I know was that they were good. Might opt for road shoes or maybe swap about.

TT as I already do the Loch Katrine Festival in March I think 2 spring events might be just too much to organise even for me  So, I am thinking October for the Ultra. Quite a lot of logistics involved as well as sorting the route so its still not a definite. I will hopefully do a trial run this year with a small invite only field.

19/05/2014 at 07:22

October would be a nice time for another ultra, tends to go a little quiet at that end of the year (glen ogle and the Jedburgh hills course aside).  57.5, hope your legs recover quickly, mine still a bit mashed from Fri, so another day off running today I think ... Serves me right for having a good training week!   BBig shoe dilemma now though! For a change .  Happy Mondays all.



19/05/2014 at 11:13
Would an ultra race alongside the marathon not save some work? Combine them into the same race ????

I am just being selfish cos that would suit me lol, My running all goes to pot over summer hols so just never going to manage to train for anything more than a half marathon in later part of the yr. already planning to use katrine as a training run for the fling when I get up the nerve to actually do it and was planning to add a few miles on at the beginning/end to make it a longer run.

But of course once my youngest is all grown up I'll b able to get out for wkend LSR's and I'll b able to do marathons and ultras at back end of the yr. just need to b patient.
19/05/2014 at 16:40

CC - good cycling .

GGW sounds like a nice route from your description 57.5 . I am familiar with the Inverness end, and a bit around Fort Augustus but that is about it.

House back to peace and quiet now my visitor has gone, done millions of housework and been going through my route maps again for the weekend, for no other reason than to adjust my mind into the task ahead and I get a bizarrely perverse pleasure from the number juggling .

Here is some food for thought - these are the distances between checkpoints - 10.7m, 11.7m, 13.6m, 17m, 17,5m, 14m, 15.5m, 20.3m, 12.7m and 12.4m. Now the mathematically astute amongst us will notice that that big 20.3m comes just after the 100m point is reached ... and I remember what state I was in last time I did 100m . If and when I get that far I will have to make sure I carry lots of extra food for that stage, but generally on the other long 17m sections I will break it into smaller chunks and take my own food breaks based upon time on the feet.

I got a new battery for my wrist watch today, and will do everything based on time and pacing, because there is just no point even thinking about Garmins on this kind of trip .

19/05/2014 at 16:45

Yes that number spacing leapt out at me!!! Good luck with that, will definitely be a case of just keeping the food supply going strong I guess ... I love looking at maps of routes - have already started poring over the Lakeland 3x3000 route and it's not until October!!! Needless to say I haven't actually looked at the GGW one yet. Have been up to Abriachan once with the kids so I know that particular bit!! And I know Bught Park!

19/05/2014 at 16:52

CC - that Lakeland 3000 route looks really nice too.

On the way back from Oban last week there was a bunch of people in the RFC in Tyndrum discussing the 3 peaks challenge, they were on their way up to Ben Nevis to walk that first. I was really tempted to just drop into their conversation - you know it would be much quicker if you just ran some of that - but I managed to resist !

19/05/2014 at 18:07

Bloomin' 'eck TT  Loch Katrine Festival already has 3 races and a field of 350. It is like herding cats. Whilst logically the ultra could also sit in there as it incorporates the route I think it might be bit much even for my superior organisation skills  Plus D33 in March. 

My route for the ultra is Inversnaid to Callander which is 30 miles. If I add the mell loop it goes up to between 45 and 50, or there is a loop that can be added at Kilmahog that would make a 39 - 40 mile route. Include both loops we have 65 - 70 probably. There is very little flat, so depending on distance it could range from about 3500 feet of climbing to close to 6000.



19/05/2014 at 18:31
TT/FFB - I don't think an ultra as well would be workable, and I guess some of the usual ultra suspects would be running the marathon, best to keep them separate I would think!

Would love to be fit to do it and certainly interested in your recce run if am anyway fit.

At present that seem a bit of a dream, went along to CW as Peter going, entered the hill race as a walker since I was there anyhow but just couldn't do it and ended up running, felt OK and all offroad so gambled and did the round Durness run the next day - I love that route. Thoroughly enjoyed it and felt fine and only 3 min slower than last year on no training but came back to bite me and back on the injury bench. Very frustrating.

TP - wow those are long distances without support but I guess you are prepared for it, really look forward to hearing about it afterwards and hope you enjoy it.
19/05/2014 at 19:03
Lol I know was just being cheeky and chancing my arm, ur closer than D33 ????
19/05/2014 at 21:29

Thanks Elspeth - glad to hear you got some running in at CW, and hope you can sort this injury soon.

'Herding cats' LOL FFB, I like it ! As a herder of one solitary single-minded cat I know what that is like !

19/05/2014 at 22:08

Probably a case of 'slowly, slowly, catchy monkey' Elspeth. As with all injuries it will take time and patience.

On the LK and ultra subject, I am really lucky in that the LK marathon actually get a fair few ultra runners running it because it is such a challenging course. Anyway, after a few more recces I will hopefully be able to invite some bods to do a trial in October.

I have a bit unexpectedly become part of the support crew for a friend who is running the WHW this year. She and her partner were supposed to be running it but he is injured, so as a result they have re-arranged the support and drafted me in. Cue some training up on the top half. Hopefully will be good training for GGW.

19/05/2014 at 22:12
TP - thanks, I hope so! Meanwhile marshalling at CW was quite sociable though the 6 hours at the lighthouse on Sat were on the chilly side. Helped by lots of free drinks from the caf??, we kept trying to pay, a wee splash of whisky from one of the runners and good company from the other marshalls. Was a bit of a climate shock coming back to the crowded hall afterwards though.

Good week socially and the weather was mostly kind. Sadly the two guys at the bookshop have retired, leaves a bit of a hole. Kirkwall seems a bit crowded and built up in comparison.
19/05/2014 at 22:15
FFB - guess so, where can I buy this "patience" thing?

WHW support should be good training I guess but also likely to be at antisocial hours.
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