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22/08/2013 at 20:14
Mrs Mac - I can't think why!! Hope you're resting.

CC and TP - sure you will both be fine!

Badly need to do something long myself this weekend. Mind long is relative!

Just 6.5 m with the group tonight but nice enough. At least no rain or gales for a change!
22/08/2013 at 22:18

Why would that be MrsMac, you've had days to recover ?

The mad runner had an Edinburgh Uni vest, though if I was behaving that way I might sport one from a rival club.

On my two day taper for Speyside so I went to look for new shoes. I may actually get something specific for different conditions rather than wear road shoes and hope for the weather...

23/08/2013 at 06:59


cragchick: Good long run of 23 Miles by you

MrsMac: A rest ! Very well deserved.

23/08/2013 at 07:00


4M Easy as for some reason my legs feel heavy today.

23/08/2013 at 08:35


Nice run Cragchick.

MrsMac - lots of sleep to catch up on !

Good luck all running at Speyside this weekend, and anyone else racing.

23/08/2013 at 09:33

Just been reading through the final details and food lists for Lakes - noodle-tastic ! Generally food looks good, and they are using Nuun!!!! Hoorah !

It looks like they have taken all the best bits from the Lakeland 50: part of the same route, the CP locations, using electronic dibbers for safety, etc, and ditched all the crap bits: hideous piles of mauled brown bread, flax seeds in the soup because that's what some nutritionist in a Uni somewhere thinks 'healthy' folk should eat, using obscure sports drinks no one has heard of so you have to buy them beforehand to try out, and bombarding you with preachy 'training' emails for months in advance .

I have been impressed with all three Lakeland Trails events I have done in the past - this new one looks like it will also live up to expectations .

23/08/2013 at 13:30

Wow some new research on snails has shown they can move up to 1metre an hour during the night !

That's almost as fast as me !

Whether they use a head torch has not been established .


23/08/2013 at 16:33

Boing! Bloomin 'eck busy on here. Amazing runs by Mr & Mrs Mac. Followed progress on FB.

So week gone well so far. Strength session and 15 mile spin bike on Monday, 5 mile run + 3.5 miles walked on Tuesday, 20.5 miles on the beach on Wed, with 20 covered in 4hrs 14 way faster than I expected. Walked last half mile as it was of soft sand and I had had enough by then. Yesterday was a rest day, but walked 4 miles and did a bit of core work. Rest day today. Speyside tomorrow, and totally wired.

I am flying solo, so drive back to Aberdeen could be interesting. A friend will pop round on Sunday to check I am OK, feed me and generally provide TLC.

Feeling good, although I currently have a headache and am starving 

Going through the usual what do a wear, shorts or tights (its going to be wet) what do I put in the drop bags .... all the usual stuff.

23/08/2013 at 17:16

Great training FFB - have a good run tomorrow . Take care on the drive.

I have finished my writing for the week and my eyes are like this , so now I'm going to have a little drinkie  and go and make my dinner.

Enjoy the weekend everyone....oh, and where has UTC got to lately?

23/08/2013 at 19:37
Good luck to all at Speyside tomorrow! Hope it's not too wet/windy!

Good training FFB, you should be fine tomorrow they do refreshments in school after the race before you drive home!

Hoping for something long ish tomorrow.

TP - good to get work out of way for the week.
23/08/2013 at 19:46

Good luck Speysiders

Enjoy your wee drinkie-poo TP, think I'll join you!

Have a good run tomorrow Elspeth

You training's going great FFB, keep up the good work!

Planning a wee run tomorrow to see where I'm at recovery-wise. Should be a laugh

23/08/2013 at 20:28

Also working on drop bags and clothing choices. Rain but no wind suggests I'll go minimal. I had also better find the camping gear as we are meeting friends for birthday drinks afterwards at a nearby campsite.

23/08/2013 at 20:29

I think UTC may be having to look after ((MrUTC))
Long VERY slow run for me today
- I think snails may be giving me a run for their money! (even in the daylight)
Hope all goes well at Speyside FFB 57.5 (and others?)

24/08/2013 at 07:12


All the best to the Speysiders and anybody else racing.

TP: Yeah where is Tri or UTC ? Hope you enjoyed your wee drink

35mins off road for me this morning.

24/08/2013 at 09:47

Morning all

Hope the Speysiders are getting decent weather for the start.

Happy Birthday to your son Cragchick - good luck with the treasure hunt. Yes get that achilles mended and I will do the same with my knee and between the two of us we might have one working body in time for the race !

Cheers MrsMac (hic ) a little whisky for me, but just the one otherwise it keeps me awake all night . Good luck with your run - the first one back after my 100 was carnage, so I cannot think what it will feel like for you .

Come back soon UTC - and recover soon bf!

Excuse me I seem to have a cat attached to my ankle.....owwwwwwwwww! I think he wants to go out again .

24/08/2013 at 16:22


have just been reading back!! sorry for my absence lately last weekend bf was involved in a crash during a bike race and has a broken collar bone... and is suffering He is getting there very slowly but is struggling with not being able to do much... that said we had a nice day yesterday, his sister and her oh are over from Ireland and we took a trip to Callander to pick up the car which has been abandoned there since last week. We then drove (well his sister did) drove to Loch Lomond for a walk and all but him managed a lovely swim. It took its toll though and he has stayed rested today - he just cant get comfortable due to the weight of his shoulder and the slings he has been given are useless. Im going to try get a better one at work.

On a happier note, my fitness is really coming back and I plan on starting base building for Edinburgh marathon - (my free marathon after my prize win! - still awaiting the rest of my prizes but they have been in touch to say they are on their way soon!!).  Need to start some proper mileage building. Have been focussing more on getting my general fitness back, which seems to be getting there. Strength and cardio fitness, and flexibility all feeling good!!! Now to get my running back up to speed. Not looking like this year is going to be up to much... here's to 2014!! Just so disappointing to have bf out of things though.... he's pretty down in the dumps 

WELL DONE to Mr and MrsMac... amazing feat!!!! ~
Hope everyone at Speyside is getting there/finished!! I remember it well....

TP, hope your ankle is now free

24/08/2013 at 18:08
hope the Speysiders have done well!

UTC - Commiserations to BF, know how miserable Peter was when he did his. Have you tried a figure of 8 brace for support? Nice to have plans for next year.

TP - hope you have sorted that cat out!!!

First 20 mile run since injury - fingers crossed leg still intact tomorrow.

Mrs mac - can't keep you down for long!
24/08/2013 at 19:11

UTC Don't think any of the braces made much difference - it's just sore!!
(but thereagain I managed 3 or 4 ribs and probably T6 at the same time)
I got pretty much down in the dumps too
(so much so that I started to run, for the first time ever, when I'd improved a bit!)

24/08/2013 at 19:52

UTC - good to see you back - quick recovery for bf I hope. Good plan re. training for next year.

Cat is a devil - I had my old running shoes on this morning and he was grabbing my feet, biting my shoes and rabbiting me with his back paws ! I can lift my foot up with him wrapped around it - cat weight training! He loves me really......or something like that .

Well done on the 20m Elspeth, hope you are okay tomorrow.

12miles for me, couple of short walk breaks to cross roads, but ran the rest, with a few hills, knee definitely improving and slowly getting mileage/stamina back up to scratch .

Hope all the Speyside people are finished and getting their dancing shoes on ready for the ceilidh .

24/08/2013 at 20:34

Hi all. Rocked the Speyside way: 7.07.53 on the garmin. Legs recovered from wed fine. Energy levels OK too: I just kept chucking in food, fluids and electrolytes. Great event and stunning route. Race report over next couple of days.spent most of the race leap frogging with tricialitt.

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