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30/07/2013 at 07:02


3M easy done off road.

TP: Younger son and his cousin are walking West Highland Way from Sunday. They are starting in Milngavie and walking 'up' the Way

crag: There wasn't a single drop of rain here yesterday morning, Yet only 3M away at the same time,there was a torrential downpour in Renfrew. Mrs B was caught in it !

30/07/2013 at 08:19

Got a Puma Long Sleeved Technical Top last week for just £2.50 (down from £20)  in our local Co-op.

Weird as our Co-op never usually stocks any sports wear

30/07/2013 at 10:45

That is a bargain BM! Good luck to your son on WHW - forecast is mixed, but should be a bit cooler at least .

Welcome back Cragchick, good to see you surviving the school hols ! Yes indeed I will be seeing you in the Lakes . I put myself in for the 'Challenge' just for the luxury of the extra few hours, I don't think I will need the extra time actually, but with my knee playing up I didn't want to take any chances. Originally they said the 'race' would be starting at 9am and the challenge at 6am, so I went for the early start, now it looks like we all start together at 6am anyway. I have too many miles in my legs this year so maybe I will need the full 27hrs !!

Off for a short taper plod in a sunny interlude .



30/07/2013 at 12:24

Been selected to do a stewarding course for next years Commonwealth Games.

TP: Yeah it was a result that Puma top.

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30/07/2013 at 13:40

Well done Birkmyre - that should be good fun, and interesting to see how things are organised .

Short run done, still quite warm. Will be happy if cooler weather arrives on Saturday, but better yet it looks like a 20mph S wind is going to push me all the way to Fort William .

30/07/2013 at 16:55

Yay to a breeze on your back all the way TP, sounds good to me. After being side-ways buffeted for most of last years SDW (despite all their promises of getting a decent Westerly to aid us), that should be fab!

More orienteering for us today, in Culbin. Had a bash at an Orange course myself - usual mix of me flying past controls and a bit of map misinterpretation but a good warm-up for a Light Green later in the week. Youngest yomped round another White course with virtually no intervention from me - not sure I was the confident soul she is when I was six!! I certainly couldn't interpret a map!

30/07/2013 at 17:20

Lol Cragchick - yep that's what they said to us this year as well, and I swear it was gusting from the side for most of the higher sections ! Wow to the six year old map reading already that case she would already beat most of the folks on the L50 last year whose interpretation of 'you must be able to read a map' was 'use your GPS' !

30/07/2013 at 22:06

whereas I would totally struggle with a GPS, but my map-reading skills (orienteering aside ) usually stand me in good stead!! LOL though

Sounds like you had similar wind then. I just remember it really getting to me just as sun was rising, wind hammering away, drizzling with rain, probably at about 80 miles up on some exposed ridge - saw a fair few souls wrapped in foil blankets and the following checkpoints!

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30/07/2013 at 23:10

I have a bit of reading back to do but in the meantime here is my latest blog entry. It is quite a personal one.

31/07/2013 at 07:45

Warm and sunny one again  here

3M Steady mostly off road, legs getting used to being back out.

31/07/2013 at 08:26

Just started reading Scott Jureks book 'Eat and Run'.

Finding it a good read, I didn't know what to expect to be honest

31/07/2013 at 12:26

BM - I keep toying with the idea of reading that one. Let me know what you think as you get further into it.

Talking of eat and run: has anyone here used chia based products/foods? I am hearing good things about chia seeds.

My nutritionist for Antarctica is taking quite a traditional carb based appraoch, and had me doing the whole carb deprivation followed by carb loading for Clyde Stride. I really did not like it and really felt unwell on the Friday. I got a severe rap on the knickes for changing the breakfast on race day, opting for scrambled egg on toast rather than porridge.

Am I the only person that find porridge does not sustain me?

31/07/2013 at 14:45

Same here with porridge - find it a waste of time eating on race morning (or most mornings for that matter ) as 30mins later I am starving again.

There is a lot written about wheat intolerance these days, but I once worked with a lady who had terrible oat intolerance - she had been eating oat cakes and porridge trying to be healthy, but basically anything oat based went straight through her , she got terrible stomach ache.

I tend to have more issues with milk, so mostly try to avoid it, hence avoiding cereal for breakfast, especially on running days. Prefer toast and peanut butter, need some kind of protein / carb mix for ultras I think . I've got pancakes to take for Saturdays race, mainly because we are in a camping 'pod' so this will be the easiest, but I might get a bacon roll too if the 'Welly is open early enough .

I don't do the whole carb depletion / loading thing, just eat normally through the week, drink plenty of nuun, and increase the calories the day before, but not all carbs - I will have something like a tuna roll for lunch and fish and chips for dinner. I think it is really important to get the protein in for muscle energy and repair. I don't believe in stinting myself though, so in the run up week if I fancy eating a bigger dinner one night I will just have it - I think depleting yourself is a dangerous thing, read recently that very low calorie diets can lead to gallstone formation, and there is a higher risk of this occurring in women.

Anyway, metabolically speaking (if that is even a word ), as any biochemist will tell you , its the food you eat the night before that fills the muscles with glycogen for the next day, so actually what you do in the week before shouldn't really matter that much (although I wouldn't starve myself or go on a drunken rammy ), and hence IMO your breakfast on the morning should be something that fills you up and you enjoy, it shouldn't be a chore .  

4 taper miles done today, that is it until Saturday !!!


31/07/2013 at 16:49

Another one who finds porridge a complete waste of time - even if loaded with nuts and seeds etc. Fare much better on a bowl of muesli. If I am doing a longer race, I'll have that and then a banana and a yogurt about an hour before kick-off. Definitely protein makes the difference for me - had a big steak the night before Dirty Thirty and felt way better on start line than for Lairig Ghru where I'd had more carbs/less protein the night before. 

If I have something like hard boiled eggs for breakfast that keeps me full for ages.

No running today but off to do Viewpoint Challenge tonight, so best get kids tea sorted before sitter arrives and allows my escape!!

31/07/2013 at 23:02

Nice to meet you at the viewpoint challenge cragchick. For the uninitiated you run from Forres up to the finish, and a great view of the Moray Firth 209m up. Then you jog back to Grant Park at your own pace which beats tearing back down the hill in my book. My first time and it was a hard 24 mins, but you've got to love midweek races in nice weather.

I'm with cragchick on breakfast. Muesli, banana and yogurt for me. Always have a big plate of spaghetti in cheese sauce with lots of garden peas the night before a long race. Somehow that always settles well in my digestive system .

01/08/2013 at 10:06

FFB - good blog entry, glad you are sticking with it whatever, is important to do things for yourself.

57.5 - very nice to meet you last night, would not have known who you were, but overheard the word 'dentist' .  Glad you got to catch the scenery - I just love the views from that ridge, especially as you head back down again and they keep popping up at you!! I'm afraid I hurled myself back down the hill, having finally warmed up by the time I reached the top, I LOVE downhills and couldn't resist going for it - plus my legs needed a decent run!!  Sadly I set off a little too leisurely and left it just a little too late to try and pip the woman in front of me, but fair play, she beat me fair and square and we are usually neck and neck!! 

Drizzly day today and son gone off to Loch Ness with Cubs for day, so off with daughter to Culbin, she on bike and me with trainers and rucsac for the Hill 99 trail ... she will ensure I keep the pace up for sure!!

01/08/2013 at 13:34

57.5 - cheezy peez !

Well done Cragchick and 57.5 mid-week racing, sounds like a nice route .

Packed all variety of clothes for running on Saturday - every time I look at the forecast for Tyndrum it seems to be getting increasingly cold and wet, so that will be my full waterproofs in the pack whether they are compulsory or not !

Have pre-prepared some drop bags with a mix of food and drink, so all my 'crew virgins' have to do is give me the correctly labelled bag for each location, and I will give them back what I don't use! Seems fool proof, no?  I also have a big bag of spare food for them to eat so they don't get bored / hungry waiting around for me, and spare space blankets, first aid kit, map etc, in case they get cold and wet.....(yeah cos you get cold and wet going from tea room to tea room !). They might venture for a walk out to meet me near Kinlochleven or FW though, so I want them to be prepared .

Hmmmm, I thought they were meant to be looking after me .

01/08/2013 at 14:53

Thought I'd posted earlier today ?

Need to catch up again

Rain hasn't stopped today here...

01/08/2013 at 17:52

Not stopped here either

Does sound like you have prepared for everyone and everything TP!!  I would be the same though I know.

3.5 mile run in Culbin today while daughter rode her bike (and three reps up and down the viewing tower while she ate her snack!!), followed by baking of blueberry muffins and saffron teabread and a game of Ludo ... a very girlie day all round!!  Think my son will have swum his way across Loch Ness and Urquart Castle without getting in the Loch today!!

02/08/2013 at 08:05


Warm and dull here today.

3M Steady off road.

ffb: It's actually a very good read. Good insight and the human side of an Ultra runner. Humour and honesty throughout it. I'd highly recommend it.

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