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29/08/2014 at 23:50
Did 8 Miles this morn and felt quite good. Wasn't limping when I got up this morn, 1st time in a long time. Footfall on both feet sounded similar on run today and altho have bit of soreness from massage it felt so much better. Didn't limp to school at 3 either. Such a relief. Masseuse reckons that quad tear from 2 yrs ago is root of all problems, quad is full of scar tissue,need to stretch it out and she is pummelling it all out too. Lots of ITB stretching too as they were just awful. Too many long days on feet on day trips with kids with lots of stop start slow walking which is just awful for muscles. And too many going over on ankle during dirty 30 and after it, ligament can cope as they are nice and stretchy but muscles are just freaking out and knotting up. So lots of work for me to get to pain free happy running, but I will get there cos I'm a stubborn b!tch
30/08/2014 at 08:48

Hi All. Sorry been a bit absent. Well done Mrs Mac and Elspeth.

Don't think my naked ice bucket challenge will set a new trend  Long story. My unsupportive non charity giving cousin's wife nominated me . It is my cousins dad (my uncle) who has Alzheimer's. I have no idea why she nominated me, but anyway I turned round and said if over £100 was raised for my Alzheimer fundraising in 24hrs I would do it naked. It was great until about an hour before the deadline then £120 came in. Done and money raised for my cause.

More hypoxic training and yes Tricialitt oxygen saturation down to the well below 85%. I coped really well this week. Did 30 mins on the bike then they re-filled he air bag and I did 22 mins of intervals where I used 1000 ltrs of gas  stats were low and heart up but very steady and not changing when effort was increased. I am going to assume that the sports scientists know what they are doing. I am closely monitored with stats notes every minute and constant check asking me how I feel and where I have to point to a scale on 2 charts.

Major tapering now for Glenmore 24.

30/08/2014 at 16:37

Out for a good run today, actually legs felt the best they have in the past 3wks .

Good to see FFB today - its funny how we always seem to pass in the same spot, its like time synchronisation, or I'm lazy getting out .

57.5 - good luck with the marathon next week. Yes, I might have to try a parkrun  just to scare myself back to ultras!

31/08/2014 at 17:47

Spent 5hrs clearing part of the allotment / jungle today. I found a large amount of lintel stones, massive things, hidden in the undergrowth around the back of the shed , they were so heavy I had to roll them out, Strongman style. Then I built a second wooden palisade out of old tree branches, for more storage, and then spent the afternoon digging some of the lintels in to form a new set of swanky steps for the front of my shed .

Needless to say I am now officially 'cream-crackered'. I feel like I have been on an intensive weight training course - no wonder I am knackered when I run!!

One of my neighbours has applied for an allotment after seeing me coming home with cucumbers etc. Hilariously she said to me the other day how nice it would be to have an outdoor space where you could just go and potter about and have a picnic LOLOLOLOL....I said to her yes that would be nice, but first you have to go through the 'Worlds Strongest (Wo)Man' competition !! Not to mention all the building and landscaping you have to learn how to do...

adbru    pirate
Yesterday at 11:01

Hi All,
Slowly getting back into it,
TT- I'll look at trying a sports massage and report back

60mins yesterday - jeez it was hard !!

Yesterday at 17:32

Well done Adbru, getting back after a break or injury is always tough.

The boiler saga continues....even I am bored with it, so I wont bore you lot , needless to say I still have no hot water or heating . Luckily it is so mild at the moment the heating isn't on, but I would quite like a shower sometime soon . I wish I knew more about how to fix these things, I would have done it myself by now!!

Nice 7m done today. Very quiet in the parks.

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