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14/09/2012 at 15:37
Afternoon peeps
Well i went for run this morn ( first one since last friday) and all went well. Still have a rotten sore throat and been waking up with rotten headaches but as chest felt ok thought id give a run a try. Did 4x40 secs to get me up the hill !!!! (Instead of just walking it all)
Changed pillows and no headaches for pas two days???? Weird!!!!
You all seem to be going great - i dont know if ill do bristol as i havent put the distance in.
Do u think ive left it too late???????
Seej i havent entered anything else yet - losing confidence a bit now as i havent incresed mileage and i truley am getting slower!!!!
On the up side ive ridden horsie 3 times this week and tomo im going to have to cycle down to farm as i wont have the car - then ride with a friend and then cycle home ALL UP HILL!!!! Ican stand on pedals now to get me up the hills!!!
Sunday morn will be longer run - what mileage do u suggest?????
Hope everyone ok
Ttfn nessie xxx
14/09/2012 at 15:39
Just read on other thread about times GFA ( good for age)
Does anyone know what my times should be??????
What should i be trying for???
Ta ness x
14/09/2012 at 21:07

Hi Ness, you are starting to loose your confidence again!!!!! I would think it is too late to start training for Bristol if you havent put in much mileage, it would probably be too much of a struggle for you. I dont really go with this 'good for age' thing, if I did I probably would not be running as quick as I am. Your biggest problem is that you do so many things and they interfere with your regular training and with no-one to push you along your pace is suffering. On the other hand if you just enjoy running then just keep percivering with 10K's, its a distance you know you can run and there are lots of different terrains out there for you to play with. Why not try the Cracker again if your are free that day, I would suggest Longleat but I know how much you hate hills. We are all very different people and our bodies react differently to running so it is so difficult to say someone of a certain age should run at a certain pace. I know of 70 yr olds running faster than me and I think I am reasonably quick for my age!!!!! You love running so just do whatever you feel like and enjoyt the experience, if you run a couple of races thats even better!!!!

Chris, I do hope your calfs are just a temporary thing due to increase in mileage, my fingers are well and truely crossed for you!!!!

I have done my usual club runs this week taking the social group but I will have to do some clever planning and on thurs nights I will have to drop the group off and then continue on at a faster pace for a few miles. Cardiff half beckons!!!!!!! Sunday I am planning another quick 10K in preparation for Swansea 10K on 23rd, i just hope I can get a little faster!!!

14/09/2012 at 21:33
Evening all. I'm gutted I can't do Swansea this year (its on my birthday too!) you'll do well, Seejay, I know.

I'm in London for the weekend, to watch no.2 daughter do her first Tri, so looking forward to that, seeing the children is very exciting, too!

My sister has been training well, and is really looking forward to running Swansea, and I'm torn, as I'd love to be there to support her, too.

Nessie - sis would love some company, if you felt up to another 10k soon?? You must not anguish about what you DON'T do. You DO do lots and lots of valuable exercise - millions more than most. And you vary your sports, too.

CB- niggles can be a right pain (literally) when you're getting back to top form! But you are doing some sterling speed work, and with hills comes new muscles being worked - you know the saying, no pain, no gain!.

I've had another bad week - worked so many extra hours, I can have an extra week's leave - the beauty of being a civil servant on flexi time! Running has suffered but I'm relaxed about it as I know fitness is not lost that quickly and the body can benefit from some rest. In fact, I forced myself into action, by having a lift to work, taking my kit but no money, so could not get home unless I ran. And I was quicker than usual. Point proven?

Horrible 22 tomorrow then taper! Plan on running along Swansea Bay to Mumbles and back.

Good luck Toby! I'll be watching avidly. Xxx
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15/09/2012 at 08:35

SeeJay, the tight calfs/ pain was purely down to the hill work on Thursday, nothing more! Glad to report plenty of stretching has sorted that out. Hopefully you can get your pace back quickly for Swansea.

Ffran, thanks for the encouragement. Sounds like you are putting in some serious mileage! I agree you don't lose fitness that quickly, I'm surprised how good I feel now so soon after the op!

5 miler planned this morning, once I wake up

Have a good weekend everyone!

15/09/2012 at 19:35
Hope your 5 went as well as my 22, CB?

Funny how the runs you really dread, turn out better. As I said, I ran along the Swansea seafront- 11 out and back. Excellent run! Really chuffed as I ran an average of 15 seconds a mile faster than my intended marathon pace overall and even speeded up to 8 ish mm for last 4. And I felt I could have gone on and on, despite the adductor pain, toenail coming off (due to rubbing against my broken toe) and a flaming blister- First one for me! Really boosted my confidence.

My recipe now entails, a bowl of porridge and sliced banana first thing, then an Imodium and 2 painkillers before I set off. Then first tiny snack at 6, repeated every 4 miles, more painkillers at 16, with plenty of sips of water- Camelback best for me, as long as I'm not stripped down as it grazes my bare shoulders. Not recommended for all but works for me.

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15/09/2012 at 19:40

Well done ffRAN.

Lovely time at the Wedding yesterday in Chepstow and topped off with a morning in the Spa this morning

Taking Oliver to football tomorrow morning - so missing watching GNR but looking forward to a lunch time run, then roast dinner.

16/09/2012 at 13:12

Chris, thats great news, I know I have still been getting some aches around my knee but started icing it last night and it felt great so assuming it is just swelling, my knee has looked a bit puffy ever since the op!! Not started hill work yet, maybe get a session in thursday week in prep for Cardiff Half. Ho did you 5 miler go??

Ffran, Swansea wont be the same without you!!!!!! I think RSB will be running it so maybe meet up with her before the start. HG left it too late to get a place so is going to miss out. Its a real shame the start is so late, it will be late afternoon before I get home!!!!! Anyway, your training is coming on so well, 8 min/ml ing after 20 miles!!!!! Hope I can manage that on my Marathon training!!!!! Will you ever do anything about your toe????

Kev, sounds so relaxing that and the sunday roast sounds mouthwatering!!!!

Did my 10K this morining down the Portway and although it was tough I managed to push myself to 49:20!!!!! Hopefully next week I can push even harder with the pacers and get close to my PB!!!!!!!! Although 48.33 will be difficult to beat even at Swansea!!!!!

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17/09/2012 at 06:53
Ffran so well done on your loooooooong run. That is amazing distance. I hope your sis does really well im sorry to say i wont be able to join her.
Seej u have come back with avengance - great running.
Cb sobglad your leg behaving itself.
Kev - Mmmm yummy roast dinner s ounds like a great weekend - hope Oliver enjoyed his football?
Saturday morn cycled to horsie - rode horsie - cycled home - quite enough exercise for one day!!!!
On sunday morn Ran for 73 mns( with a few walks thrown in - as there were piggy hills to climb!!!!) I must admit i struggled - throat still sore and everything felt wrong - nearly called hubby a few times to come and get me but as the sun was shining thought id persevere and asHG would say ' No run is a bad run' LOL where is HG by the way?????
Also as Seej keeps telling me ' time on your feet is what counts' !!!!!
Once i was home and had a shower - black coffee and toasted bagel i felt a bit better and settled down on couch to watch the GNR - HOW DO THEY RUN THOSE TIMES?????? Absolutleyvamazing
Off to do horsie soon and doggies coming with me for a nice walk through fields. I take Rooby (the JR ) with me when i ride so she gets some lovely fast runs but Oscar (thr rottie) is only 4 months old so hes too young yet to do that distance or speed.
Well i hope everyone ok take care
Ttfn nessie x
17/09/2012 at 08:35

Hi everyone! 5 miles completed in 42:53 (ave 8:35). Felt tough at first for some reason, just one of those things. No adverse reactions whatsoever, so that's good. Planning on a short run this evening, 4 miles with friends tomorrow, 50 minute fartlek on Thusday and 6 miles on Saturday.

Ffran, impressive distance and times! SeeJay, I something tells me you've got it in you! Nessie, well done on persevering, sometimes it can be so easy to give in!

17/09/2012 at 19:36

Nessie, as usual doing so many things all at once!!!!!! You must also remember while you have a sore throat and maybe other little problems, it could be a little bug in your system and they play havoc when you try to exercise! You remember we said a long time ago if you run when you are not well the run wont be a good one so the fact you percivered is a sign of determination in my book!!! Well done on getting out, stop putting yourself down, you can run and miles better than a lot of women!!!!!! I want to do GNR sometime so have signed up for a reminder when entries open!!!!!

Chris, the quick ones are always tough, its a sign you are pushing the boundries but dont worry it will get easier again!!!!!

17/09/2012 at 19:40

Evening all

Well just got home 7 hr drive up on Friday and a seven hour drive home got a little lost going to Whitley Bay but that was my fault not listening to the sat nav and thinking i new better we left Bristol at 11.30am on Friday and arrived at the holiday park around 6.30pm in the evening Caravan was nice Saturday we went into Gateshead for the pasta party sun was out it was a lovely hot day

And watched the end of the new 10k race they have started and the end of both the kiddies’ races then went in for some pasta had a photo taken with Joe Pavey we then went back to the caravan as we were going to have tea with the O/H Uncle who lives there

Sunday morning was an early start as we had to meet the coach at 7.30 so was up by twenty to six had my usual toast and coffee did my stretches and out the door meet the coach who took me to the start and the wife onto the finish

Must say was disappointed with the start area think for such a big race was expecting a lot more hung around at the start for about an hour before entering the pen got talking to a lady from Devon who was running it for the second time we were going to run together as i though due to the lack of speed i had experience in training 2hrs was a likely time and she was going for the same

the red arrows fly over and the race got under way on time all though it did then take me another 20 minutes to get over the line by this time it had started to rain slap Elle Simpsons hand running with the lady did not work as after about a mile i had lost her

It was a bit downhill to the Tyne and Wear Bridge but then it was all uphill have to say it’s the hilliest course i run there were bands around the course crowds were out despite the rain

Over all though if i am honest was disappointed as it did not live up to the hype and was no more special than any other H/M I’ve done and the atmosphere was the same as at Bristol and Bath

in the end the whole run took me 1:53:34 so was only outside my PB which stands at 1:51:44 by 1:50 the split were go to














Giving me and Avg pace of 8:37

Edited: 17/09/2012 at 19:57
17/09/2012 at 20:32

Well done Toby, its still a good time, if the course was hilly then you dont expect a PB. I am worried now as I have registered for a wakeup call for GNR, always wanted to do it but always heard accomodation was a problem. Still must give it a go as I would never rest if I didnt!!!!!

A little bit of news for those who remember Loopy Lor, she has just got engaged!!!!!!! I am sure she wont me telling you lot as she has just announced it on Facebook!!! For Nessie, HG is still running, he is going to start taking a 'run to walk' group at our club, I will remind him to call in and say hello!!!

17/09/2012 at 21:44
Hi Kev. Hope the job is going well? Are you managing to get some runs in?
Sounds like you did really well, Toby!, great run on a hilly course. I absolutely loved it in 2007 but it was my first ever half. I found it a magical experience but maybe you have the others to compare. Well done, anyway. You should be very proud of yourself. I was looking out for you....not that I know what you look like!

Nessie, Nessie, Ness! My lovely girl! Listen to yourself, bemoaning "just" running 73 mins! On a hilly course, too! Too right it's time on your feet. Well done you. Forgot to say that Sis has started riding lessons so you'd find something to discuss if you got together?

Seejay, can't wait to hear what you do at Swansea! Bound to be good. The Man is back!!! I think that bothering a doctor about my toe would be a waste of time and resource. After all, it's just that it's set funny so rubs against its neighbours. I could end up not being able to run for a while... Or even at all! .....Heavens above!

CB - you speedy thing you! Good solid training. What race are you doing next?

I'm feeling a bit less confident. After Saturday's run, I was very sore yesterday. Then it occurred to me that I might have left my best run out on Fabian Way. Ie going hard out meant I won't have kept my energy for my marathon....oh heck!

Good speed session tonight, but the group is a victim of its success. There's around 60 runners of all abilities there now so each session takes some organising. Means there's too much hanging around whilst groups are sorted.

Never mind, still getting around 3.5 to 4 miles of eye-popping, sick inducing,intervals.
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17/09/2012 at 21:57

Ffran, I would say that the sooner you get it sorted the better, the longer you wait the longer it takes to heal. I am quite confident you would be able to run again, they would reposition your toes so it is much more comfortable. Then again you are a woman and will only do what you feel is best for you!!! I mean to say I know all the preaching will not convince you when you have already made your mind up!!!! Just trying to apply common sense!!!!

Anyway, I dont think your fast run will do any harm, it is more in the taper at this stage. I know what you mean about large running groups, I get them sometimes and it is so difficult to control so many. In the summer its not so bad hanging around but as the nights get colder it is not so pleasant!!!!

19/09/2012 at 08:24

3.88 miles for me last night in 32:30 (ave 8:23). Not the easiest of routes but felt good. 50 min fartlek session planned for tomorrow.

Ffran, I'm training for the 'Chilly 10k', a race around the Castle Combe circuit at the end of November. It's a good little race, I've run it 3 times now. Then it's winter training in preparation for Bath Half. Sounds like you are running so well at the moment!


19/09/2012 at 08:35
Toby well done u - under 2 hours is amazing in my books!!! Thats pretty dam good for a hilly route. Often wondered about doing that one asits sooooo big i could get lost in the crowds - but now i know its hilly think its a long way to travel and pay to run uphill when i can struggle up my own hills for free !!!!! LOL
Fran u poor sausage - u must get your toe seen to - as Seejay says the sooner the better!!!!! How u manage those miles like that il never know. U are one strong lady!!!! How lovely your sis is riding - she will really benefit from being round horses- amazing creatures. She will love the freedom and wonderful sense of achievement that she'll gain from riding.
Cb 5 miles in 42 - dont think u have anything to worry about there!!!! Well done - must admit id be exstatic if i achieved 52 !!!!lol
Managed 3 miles yesterday morn. Felt okayish but still have sore throat ( had it since 10th ) about time it went away!!! Still it was a fab morni g - ran early and it was cold but beautiful sunshine ans everywhere smells so nice early am. I love the countryside even though i was born in the mddle of Liverpool -
Seej i remember Loopy is she still running do u know?
Tell HG to let us know how hes doing sometime?
Ttfn nessie x
20/09/2012 at 21:45

Hi ffRAN - job great thanks, still getting the odd plod in as well. Have agreed to run Llanelli HM with 2 of my Wife's friends so need to step it up! Don't wirry, you'll be fine for Marathon.


Good News today - Running Ol has qualified for the County Cross Country Trials

20/09/2012 at 22:45

Well done Chris, good pace again, going from strength to strength!!!!

Nessie, I think she did try again but it didnt go far, maybe she has other things on her mind at the moment!!!!

Kev, when is Llanelli HM? Never done it but would like to give it a try sometime!!!!

Did my usual club runs this week in preparation for Swansea on Sunday, fingers crossed for good weather and not too much wind and cold!!!!!

21/09/2012 at 03:23

morning all

well did a gentle 3 miles yesterday may do something a bit long to day will wait and see how i feel when i get up

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