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15/10/2012 at 17:04
Well done for getting out, Kev.
Nessie, did your very full weekend all pan out as planned?
Superb set of stats, Toby. You should be really proud of yourself.. Good, consistent training and sensible approach all along. You are an example to us all.
Seejay, brilliant race considering the challenges you have faced over the last few months. I bet that lady was grateful for your company and support. Well done.
I had a poor weekend. Ran Saturday morning - just 6 miles over the mountain to the coast. The very steep part felt easier than normal so shows my muscles were ok, but I tired towards the end. Got on with the housework, but started feeling more and more fatigued. When we went out that evening, I couldn't eat my meal so we left early and I had an early night. At 2am I was up being sick and feeling wretched. So spent the day in bed, feeling very sorry for myself.
Better today, and an early finish at work, so going to join our speed group tonight, mainly to congratulate the people who did their first half yesterday. No hard work.
Have a good evening all.
15/10/2012 at 19:31

Yes Kev, compared to the last time I ran it, then it was like a billiard table, this time i seem to remember about 4 or more hills or steep inclines. Some where quite short sharp ones over railways but one in particular was a long steep gradiant, really tough. I would like to run it again when I am fitter for it before drawing any further conclusions. We had a frost on Sunday morning, I was nearly late picking a friend as I had to scrape my windscreen!!!!!

Toby, you have had an amazing year, I thought I was mad doing 2 half marathons a week apart but 4 in 5 weeks is mental!!!!! Dont worry about you not getting your friend through 2hr half, it will come soon enough, you have laid the seed!! You must be so proud of Mrs Toby, she has come on leaps and bounds, well done to all three of you!!!

Poor Ffran, it must have been a horrible time for you, feeling that sick really drains the energy, rest up for the next day or two before doing anything strenuous.

I am aching all over today but my legs are really stiff, I will probably take the 'walk to run group tomorrow night at the club, just to ease the muscles. I am really hoping my problems are just muscular!!!!!!

16/10/2012 at 11:09

ffRAN sorry to read you wern't well bbut glad your feeling better

16/10/2012 at 12:52

Well done to Toby and SEEJAY on your half's this weekend.

Sorry you've been unwell Fran hope you feel better now.

I ran my 9th Marathon Sunday in Leicester in 4.52, unfortunately the cough reappeared in the last few weeks and got the better of me in the closing miles, when I was on for getting a pb at halfway.

16/10/2012 at 19:06
Fran u poor little sausage - being is not nice!!!!! Hope youre better now x
Wow Seej u are going great guns
And Toby well done for all your effort its certainly paid off and big well done to mrs toby.
Hi LBB sorry your cough spoilt your pb but still u completed it and id kill for that time LOL x

Well LSR on Sunay run turned into short slow run!!!! 2.9 miles in 31 mins - just had so much to do. - after Frome we went to Taunton and saw friends very nice to catch up as we hadnt seen them in ages.
Yesterday i went to physio about my stiff neck which ive had for weeks( unable to turn head to either side) - boy oh boy did it hurt - she worked right into the tight sore muscles and i felt as though id gone 6 rounds with mohammed ali !!!!
Ran late pm today as weather was lovely - ran to farm to do horsie approx 5miles in 56 mins.
Got heat pad on neck now to ease the muscles.
Hope everyone ok x
17/10/2012 at 06:47
LBB, sorry to hear your chest has been rough again. Well done to complete with such a debilitating issue. Gutted to hear it spoilt your PB aspirations, but on to the next? The marathon is a funny beast. They always leave you thinking, " I'll do better next time". Yet have so many variables, it's impossible to run one and compare it to another. You should give yourself a massive pat on the back! Is your wife still running?
Ness, I, too, get a really painful neck - get told by physios it's stress! Familiar? I've been having a very busy time at work -10 hour days(not including travel time) and no lunch breaks,have meant my sleep patterns are ridiculous- only averaging 4 hour a night. I look dreadful.
Seem to be over bug, so ran again last night with pals recovering from Cardiff, so slower pace than usual. About 6 miles, no watch so no pressure. I plan a hilly 12 miles Friday, then proper taper next week.
Edited: 17/10/2012 at 06:51
19/10/2012 at 08:40

Hello......remember me?

After spending nigh on two weeks searching for somewhere to live and also carrying out various repairs on our existing property, on Monday we finally found a rental property that ticked all the boxes  The letting agent started to negotiate between our existing landlord and the new one with regard to suitable tenancy break/start dates, when......wait for it comes......our existing landlord had a change of mind and we can stay put until next April at the earliest  The good news is that we don't have to go through the bother of moving, faffing about with deposits and we already know the 'peculiarities' of our existing landlord. The bad news is that we both feel we've wasted two weeks of our lives  

Anyway, trying to remain upbeat and positive, neither of us have run in the last two weeks, just haven't managed to fit a run in at all. The good news, I guess is that it's given us time to hopefully recover from our respective injuries, calf knots - me; dodgy hip - my better half. First run last night, 3.35 miles and it felt really god to be back. No calf twinges whatsoever

Hopefully, progress can be made again. I've decided not to try for a time at Castle Combe next month, I just want to help my better half complete her first 10k.

Sorry I've not had the chance to trawl back through the posts, but I hope you're all well and running good. Have a great weekend everyone!

19/10/2012 at 11:10
Hi CB - phew what a hectic couple of weeks and then it turned out u didnt need to have done all that !!!!!
Glad no twinges after your run - hope u enjoy your 10k and other half does well.
Fed up with hills so i took the car early this morn down to A38 and ran a flat canal route. 4.2 miles. Lvely and quite the water was like glass not a ripple. Saw two cygnets gliding by, so graceful and beautiful. The air smelled gorgeous this morn. I love being outdoors.
Managed a cheeky ride in between all the downpours yesterday. Horsie all bathed and clipped and looks very smart at the mo.
Two friends in hospital at mo. One with a broken hip and other due to have baby but a few probs so shes in hospital early. Looking after her ponies (3) and another friend on hols and i promised to look after her horse (6) sooooooo a busy few weeks ahead.
Neck still sore will put heat pad on it again later as that eases it.
Hope everyone ok and have a good weekend - whats everyone up to - any races????
Ttfn nessie x
20/10/2012 at 18:08
CB- putting you through all that was not nice, but hope you settle back into your routine soon.
Nessie- you must be two people with all you get through.
Did 9.2 hilly miles in fairly brisk pace this morning. Ironically, after having no pain after my marathon, did a lovely long, strenuous walk with OH and the dogs yesterday, and had real problems with my hamstrings today. Very stiff after today's run so will arrange a good rub down with my physio for Monday or Tuesday. I'll just do a few very short trots in the week then travel up on Friday. Very excited!
21/10/2012 at 11:59

LBB - Get well soon.

CB - at least you probably did the jobs you've been meaning to do for a while. \must be unsettling though, glad all ok now.

ffRAN - hope your massage does the trick.

All good here, life is still going at 100mph and my running at 5mph is a welcome break!!

21/10/2012 at 19:40
Lol Kev u busy too???
I meant to run this morn but very very foggy and friend desperately needed hand at dressage competion she was running today, soooooooo no run.
Horsie appears lame so shes in at the mo.
Plan to runin the morn when ive seen to her and my friends horses.
Hope u all ok and all of u that raced today did well and got your pb
Very sad to hear runner died at birmingham run today.

Ttfn nessie
22/10/2012 at 18:47
Evening gang
How was everyone's run/races this weekend??? Hope u all achieved what u wanted. X
Ran this morn only my usual 3 mile route from the farm but as i had 7 horses to do i was pushed for time!!!!
Back this pm to do horses for the night. I intendded to finish clipping horsies hind legs today as she was in the stable and dry BUT when i got there this pm i found she had a bad case of ' back door trots'!!!!!!! LOL by the time i'd hosed her down and shampooed her she was too wet to clip!!!
22/10/2012 at 18:50
Ha ha bloomin phone - dont know how that got sent when i hadnt finished!!!!!
Hope u all ok
Ttfn nessie x
22/10/2012 at 18:57

pops head in to say hello i haven't run now since the Swindon H/M and all though the plan of doing nothing for the 2 weeks i have off  hasn't gone quite to plan still had some down time still have a few days left but twitchy feet  syndrome has struck so may well go for a 2 miler run tomorrow

Me and the O/H have had a look at a couple of races to incorporate into our training for Brighton which are the Longleat 10k in Feb and the Llanelli H/M in march so may well run those depending  on the cut off time for the Llanelli H/M

22/10/2012 at 23:12

My sincere apologies to everyone for not posting. I have not been having a good time. After Cardiff my knee was still playing up so on Tuesday at running I took the 'walk to run' group so I could just loosen up. I had an appointment booked with my Osteopath on Wednesday and she couldnt diagnose anything my knee was so puffy. She thinks it could be fluid on the knee so no running for two weeks. I have been icing it and staying off it at nights but work isnt helping. I am just hoping it is not another internal problem, I really want to do London but dont want to end up not being able to even walk. Will keep you informed.

Chris, what a palava you both have been dragged through, why do landlords do tese things to people, do they not know how much hassle they cause??? Well at least you have now got some time to look around and get something better and maybe more permanent.

Nessie, you must be describing two peoples work, I just cant see how you get the energy to do it all. I reckon if you did nothing every day you would be beating us all in pace and distance!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your neck, I get that all the time but usually it goes after a week or two, I think mine is stress related.

Ffran, take it easy after your illness, you need to build energy rather than worry about taper, dont think at this stage you will do any harm by a quick taper, more important to build reserves!! I find that if I havent done much walking my hamstrings ahce the first good distance I do, they should settle ok. I hope the weather is good for you, I think it is on the turn to colder, winter is just round the corner.

Well done Kev, sometimes life is better at the slower pace, much more pleasant!!!

Toby, you have definately caught the bug, I am still considering Llanelli half but need to get a clean bill for my knee first, I hope it doesnt sell out too quick. I am doing Longleat, well at least I have entered it, I just cant conceive of me not running again!!!!!!

23/10/2012 at 19:17
Evening all.
Toby - don't forget the offer of B+B for Llanelli! Same to Seejay....or anyone else.
Luckily, Seejay, definitely still feeling Chester in my legs - not helped by doing stupid things like gardening for 4 hours (bad for the glutes) and then gunning it last night at club speed session, when I had only turned up to congratulate my best pal for getting a London club place. I'm really looking forward to Saturday, though -weather forecast is for "Arctic temperatures, clear and crisp". Apparently in 30 yrs it has only been dry once.
Work is still bonkers- my cohort and I are thinking of sueing our employer for the detrimental affect on our health - neither of us are sleeping etc etc
25/10/2012 at 09:45

Morning all

Well the holidays coming to a close back to work on Sunday i have resisted the twitchy feet syndrome so far but must either get out for a run today or go in the garage for a gym session depending on the weather as it looks like it could empty down any minute at the moment

ffRAN thanks for the kind offer may well take you up on it I’m not shore whether the wife heard back yet about the cut of time but someone who ran it last year said the last runner came in at about 4hrs 15 min if that’s the case we may well run it instead of Bath as it’s a lot cheaper

Seejay hope the knee gets sorted

waves to everyone else

25/10/2012 at 16:47

well got out for a run today just 3 miles did struggle a bit due to the over eating while on holiday but got around OK will hopefully get out again tomorrow

25/10/2012 at 19:59
Hello all. Toby, Llanelli is a great race and very achievable.. It's a new route from and back to Parc y Scarlets, so that will be quite inspiring.. There's a small hill but only one ( or maybe two?) but it's so flat apart from that, it's quick. Lovely view of the Gower, too. Plus, our RK will be there, too!
I'm just back from my lovely physio. She wouldn't give me a strong workout as its too close to my marathon, but I feel as if my hamstring really should have had a belting..... But I trust her. She's also given me a masterclass in kinesio taping so I'll be trussed like a turkey, Saturday morning. Had a carb ridden dinner, roast sweet potatoes, peppers and chicken breast and plan an early night, but too full. Off in the caravan by 8 tomorrow morning......I'm excited, can you tell?
28/10/2012 at 11:37
Good luck Fran hope all goes well for you. X
Ran early this morm 5.5 miles. Cold and damp but good to get out only saw one other runner and one cyclist !!!! Everyone else must be tucked up in bed )lucky them!!! Lol )
Whats e veryone else upto? What have you all entered for - if anything?????
Watching Great South Run - how do they keep that speed up to run those times????

Hope u all ok
Ttfn nessie x
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