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03/11/2012 at 19:48

Chris, I am so pleased at your recovery, it is good to see someone coming back again without recurrence. It is not often I have had injury free years, only remember about one or two at most.I just hope it continues for you. I know Hallatrow, its not far from Bristol, if you do need one I certainly cannot recommend him highly enough, he convinced me of my torn meniscus!!!!

I know what you mean Ffran, I have always listened to my body but I always take docs advice into consideration. I didn't go into details with doc but she did say my running had caused the problem, I do know people may be able to tell me how it could have happened. It may be because some soft tissue had not yet healed. She also said that she doubted that I had aggravated the work done by the surgeon which is reassuring. We must remember that doctors are 'general' practitioners and not really specific in any branch of medicine. I think that makes them a little nervous to put their necks on the line. So they are always very non-commital, specially when it comes to running injuries.

03/11/2012 at 20:23
I'm relieved, Seejay. Sounds like you've had good advice and feel confident about your treatment... I know you'll get better soon. London will be well within your sights I'm sure.x
03/11/2012 at 20:44

I do hope so ffran, I do know how my leg feels and i think if I can sort this swelling out life will be so much better!!!!

05/11/2012 at 16:28

well back from my first weigh in at weight watcher and i lost 6 pounds last week putting me down to 13st 1lb did a 3 mile run again today took just over 27 minutes which i am pleased about as it's the fastest one yet since i got back into training for Boscombe properly

06/11/2012 at 22:23
Well done Toby.

Hi all. Just a quick hello from me and a note to say hope all ok with you guys?
07/11/2012 at 08:06

Hi everyone. I didn't manage to get out over the weekend, but did get my better half out last night for just over 4 miles. I ran ahead and then doubled-back to keep her in sight. Not sure what I ran as my Garmin played up, but I guess it was around 4.75 - 5 miles. My wife's hip started playing up again, but she is determined to run her first 10k in 3 weeks time. Touch wood, all was ok with me!

SeeJay, if you wouldn't mind letting me have the details of the sports therapist you use. Just in case.

Looking to run again tomorrow night. Hope everyone is well, whether you are running, or not!

07/11/2012 at 12:46

Hi CB, his name is David Adler 01179 565855.  He's been treating me on and off for years and I wont go anywhere else.  Glad your on the road mate, is the hip a problem during or after running, I used to have awful problems during and after and sorted it out by doing pilates.

An update on the cough, after a reading an update on here I have found a breathing technique that gets me over cough whilst running, so fortunately have got running again.  Lost a bit of speed I had pre marathon but at least I feel more confident of running Benidorm Half which is just over two weeks away.

07/11/2012 at 13:28

afternoon all

 well just 4 miles for yesterday got round in just over 37 minutes which i was surprised about as i struggled for the whole run

07/11/2012 at 13:35

Thanks LBB, it's is during but mostly after. Thanks for the details and best of luck with the cough and Bennie Half!

08/11/2012 at 16:42

afternoon ALL

decided to run for 1hr today so did a 30 minute out and 30 minute back covered just over 6 miles in that time

08/11/2012 at 17:39
Evening all! Good consistent running Toby!
09/11/2012 at 07:50
Morning all. Friday at last!
09/11/2012 at 08:15

Morning all......5.15 miles covered last night. Mainly a training run for the better half who ran 4.54 miles. Not sure if we're running over the weekend, it's hip dependant plus we also have a bit of a pub crawl on Saturday night  Have a good weekend everyone!

09/11/2012 at 11:09
CB dont know if you ever venture to Dursley but if its convenient for there is good sprts clinic called 'The Courtyard Clinic' i see Stephanie and she has always sets me right. She runs aswell so really understands.
Not doing much mileage i'm afraid but I ran on Monday - Wednesday and did hill reps today.
Busy with mum - She needs a cleaner organised for her. She has helpers in the morn but they dont clean. She had bullying letter from housing association so i'm dealing with that and prob go to press with it!!!! AND busy with horsie(she has mud fever) so means more work keeping her in and treating it etc
Still job hunting but no one evergets back to you these days - VERY RUDE I think!!!! Wouldnt take much to fire off an email!!!
Well rant over
Hope u all have a good weekend
What u all up to?
Im off to wales to pick up a sofa!!!
Next weekend im wedding dress hunting with my eldest lads fiancee. Excited!!!
Sometime very soon will prob start christmas shopping!!!lol not long to go now
Ttfn nessie x
09/11/2012 at 14:05

afternoon all

just 3 miles for me today was feeling lazy so did a run walk recover run on the treadmill

09/11/2012 at 17:26
Whew, was going for a run this evening but too exhausted now after reading Nessie's post... Need an early night now.
Hi Kev, how's your training going?
LBB I'm relieved you've found the solution to that cough- hope Benidorm goes well.
CB- a trustworthy therapist is worth the world- hope you find yours.
Toby- how's your OH getting on with her running?
We're all off for a family celebratory meal tonight - my baby's 22nd birthday. I've been missing him as he's living in Cardiff at the moment whilst training for his job with the Police, which he is loving!
Running is getting back to normal despite soft tissue aches, after 2 short ones earlier in the week and 6 miles this morning. Plan to do a Parkrun tomorrow, and a weekly schedule of races through November and December- I'm going to venture into the Cross-country league.
Edited: 09/11/2012 at 17:26
09/11/2012 at 20:08

ffRAN O/H doing OK were busy training for the Boscombe 10k at the moment i how ever seem to have lost all my speed and am struggling at the moment

10/11/2012 at 19:35
Whoa Fran your running is amazing - go girl go.
Well today was intersting -
Off to wales to collect sofa - vehicle we borrowed had the engine sieze up as we just got near magor services , so us and two dogs and sheep trailer ( to put sofa in) evenyually got towed back to gloucestershire.
Once home - heating packed up!!!
Went down to horsie to ride and she was coughing badley - then decided after my ride to turn her out ( to help coughing situation) she got caught on the gate to field and ripped her rug to shreds!!!!
Whilst this was happening poor old hubby was sick at home.!!!
This eve when i got home the puppy was really sick aswell AND to finish the day off the bloody fireworks started and our JR is terrified of them!!!
LOL Lets hope tomo better - if ive got any mental energy left then plan to run in the morn!!!
Hope everyones saturday was better than mine????
Ttfn nessie x
11/11/2012 at 09:03
Hi ffRan. Training ok managing on un on the weekend for sure and the odd one in the week if I'm lucky. Not what I'd like but it keeps my ticking over. Hope the meal went well.

Oh dear Ness. Hope today is better.
11/11/2012 at 11:53

Looks like we’re going to enter the Llanelli H/M in March instead of bath this year so that’s another new race to look forward to next year

nessie what a day you had they it never rains but it pours

Edited: 11/11/2012 at 12:23
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