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30/01/2013 at 21:31

Dont forget the scrummy cakes at the end as well!!!!!

31/01/2013 at 07:46
Morning all! End of Jan is here! A good month for me, 15 runs - even with the ice and snow! Pleased with that.
31/01/2013 at 08:18

SeeJay, If you look back at your original post after Lliswerry, you posted that you ran 1:15:40 and that's what threw me. I didn't realise it was a typo! I agree my plan now is to run steady and gradually increase the miles. I have a route for tonight which is about 5½ miles. There are 4 more weekends before Bath, so the plan is to run 9, 10 11 and 8 miles. I think that will see me fine.

Have a good day everyone  

31/01/2013 at 22:44

Sorry Chris, I see what you mean now, what a wally!!!!! I see you had a good run tonight, I hope your plan works ok, your plan sounds good to me, not too tough an ask and a week to taper. Best of luck, I will be watching with interest!!!

Kev, January has been a pig of a month but you aeem to have got a good lot out of it, well done!!!

Tonight I clocked up 80 miles this month which was a surprise to me, last time I did anywhere near that mileage was in 2011 in preparation for Edinburgh!!!! Tonight was a leisurely 4.2 miles in 45.09, slower than I had planned and we did walk the first couple of minutes till we got on the main road but I still started timing the run. I think Sunday will be tough even if the wind dies down but hey ho thats what running is all about, challenging yourself all the time!!!!

01/02/2013 at 07:02
Cheers Seejay. Great miles there on the back of an injury!

Busy weekend, lots of running and rugby watching planned.
01/02/2013 at 08:57

Thanks SeeJay.....Last night I decided not to keep checking the garmin. I knew I was running well but didn't want the run to be determined by what my watch was telling me. I kept the pace going and relied on what my body was telling me. I resisted until 4½ miles then had a sneaky peek, knowing that the last mile was a combination of flat and downhill.I was please with the pace and feel good today  80miles......well done mate, I didn't realise! All the best for Longleat on Sunday  I'll look forward to hearing how you got on! A steady 9 miler planned for me tomorrow. Bitton to Bath and back, along the cycle path.

Have a good weekend everyone!

01/02/2013 at 10:41
Good running guys
I did only 11 runs in january and not great mileage either!!!! So aim to do more in Feb!!!
Went to the pool for good 30 min workout yesterday - plus good 40 min walk with doggie pm.
This morn i did 50 min run - not sure of mileage as i didnt have garmin on but from previous runs of this out and back route it was over 4 miles. Will clock it properly next week when i run it again.
Cold and wet and windy first thing this morn when i was out - now its all bright and sunny !!!!! Typical!!!
Ttfn nessie x
Good luck with races this weekend x
01/02/2013 at 13:07
Hello everyone, some massively impressive race performances reported her. Well done CB + Seejay
Ness, you are running regularly, and well. Mileage is irrelevant, time on your feet paramount and you're doing well on hills . Good for strength and character- which you have in abundance.
Kev, brilliant consistency, and Toby, you slim-jim, you! You'll be flying at your next marathon.
My running is improving at last. Just back from 9 miler with speedy friend. She is so competitive! I've started beating her on our short, sharp Monday speed sessions so she was absolutely determined to beat me at the end. So a right old smack down for the last two miles. Averaged just under 9mm, which was pleasing for such a hilly route. Parkrun hopefully tomorrow.
01/02/2013 at 18:06

Evening all

well 15 miles done today it was nice to go out in the sun although the wind did take the temperature down some what the whole run took 2:22:51 with an Avg pace of 9:28 so  nearly down to what i need to get that sub 4hr at Brighton although they do say you LSR should be done a minute slow than you intend to run

02/02/2013 at 06:39

morning all

have to say i was a little disappointed with my run yesterday as i felt i struggled somewhat but on refection perhaps it was only natural when i looked back and thought well if you take in last Fridays run it was coming of the back of a 51mile week

And then i got the biggest surprise i was comparing yesterday’s runs to previous runs i done of that length on the Garmin web site and happen to notice this

Week 8 LSR Brighton     Fri 3 Feb 2012 1:10pm time 2:35:56 distance 15:13

Brighton 2013 week 8   Fri 1Feb 2013 1:13pm time 2:22:52 distance 15:10

Turns out i was 13:04 faster over the same route as last year so hay just goes to show i don’t know a good run when I’m having one

02/02/2013 at 11:51
Your going well Toby, don't doubt yourself.

Nice run down the beach just before 8 as the sun was rising ad the half moon was still out - it was lovely.
03/02/2013 at 15:18

Afternoon all

Well Longleat 10k done and dusted alarm went off at 6.30am had my usual toast and a cup of coffee for breakfast then up to do my stretches by this time it was time to get changed to go  we were out the door by 8.10am the journey down was uneventful and the sat nav did it jobs and  got us there we arrived 9.10 and by the time we queued up for the loo and wondered back to the car to put our numbers on then back to the loo for the O/H it was time to make our way to the start

i did ask the O/H if she wanted me to run with her but she kindly said it was time for me to have a go for a PB so as i past the correct pen we parted company was only stood there a couple of minutes before the race got under way

The 1k was a steep climb up hill followed by a nice run down again i did my usual trick of trying to catch the person in front and for a while chased a very speed lady before passing her on the next steep climb had no real idea of pace although i did look at the Garmin and try to keep it in the 8m/m range

7k came and went before i knew it and the km seem to be flying by 7 to 8k involved the same steep climb that you had done on the first 1k which did mean however there was a nice downhill run to the finish

Couldn’t’ contain myself when i look at the time on the Garmin as i crossed the line for it read 49:26 a new PB by 3 minutes and my first ever sub 50 minute 10k just down loaded the splits they were as follows

8:57, 7:12, 7:44, 7:58, 9:02; 7:15 giving me an Avg pace of 7:58m/m

then i wondered back to the point where you start the second loop and waited for the wife to pass quick visit to the loo and back to the finish to cheer the O/H home

Seejay nice to meet you at last

03/02/2013 at 16:28

Kevin, keep up the good work, sounds like you have some lovely places to run!!!

Chris, Good running, you are definately getting faster, just keep going steady and your pace will come back!!! Cant wait to get back on the cycle path next week!!!

Nessie, doubting thomas as usual!!! As Ffran says its time on feet, I know you are impatient to get running but better to plan and take it slow, dont want any injuries!!!!

Ffran, sounds like you are having some fun out there!!!

Toby, amazing time for a tough course, great to meet you both today, shame it was so windy and cold!!!! I just didnt recognise you Toby, difficult from some of the profile pictures!!!! I think your time at Brighton will surprise you!!!

Well like Toby I did Longleat but not as quick as Toby, 55:06 was my chp time but I am so pleased as it was only 3 mins off my course pb. Looks like my training is paying off as I didnt stop at all and didnt find the hills too tough. Not easy but not too tough!!!!! Easy 10K planned for Tuesday then 8 on Thursday and then Marathon training, 12 miles along the cycle path!!!!!!

03/02/2013 at 18:00

Great running at Longleat guys - I hope to get around to that race one day.

Yes Seejay - lovely places to run here - this was today's moody view:


Been to watch Scarlets thrash Leicester this afternoon and am now sitting down with a belly full of roast dinner and bread and butter pudding - a very happy man.

Edited: 03/02/2013 at 18:04
03/02/2013 at 18:42
Well done all of you.
You all seem to be going from strength to strength !!!!
2013 is going to be a good year for you all x
Well yesterday was a tiring one - up early to do horsie then borrow trailer and load scooter to take to youngest lad at Swansea Uni - got caught in all the rugby traffic !!!! Walk on the beach with doggies took son for lunch - then dash back to do horsie and babysit granddaughter but she was very unsettled and cried lots and would only sleep in my arms - ( lovely cuddles!!!!)
Got home after midnight so very tired this morn and didnt run!!!!
Later pm felt guilty and went out and did 4.8 miles in 53 mins and all felt good - funny how it goes as previous times for this route have been 56 & 55 mins!!!!
Ttfn nessie xx
03/02/2013 at 18:53

Kevin, looks wonderful, I am sure it is even more impressive when the sun is shining!!!!! Dinner and pudding sounds wonderful!!!!

Nessie, I know you where stuck in traffic but you still managed so much!!! Best way to run is adhoc, seems we are more relaxed as we dont get time to think and worry!!!!! Well done!! Thanks for the good wishes both of you!!

04/02/2013 at 06:31
Morning all here we go again!
04/02/2013 at 06:39
Really well done on the race times Toby and Seejay!
Great time considering what you've endured the last year, Seejay. Excellent time for anyone to be proud of.
Toby, it was so on the cards, that consistency was bound to pay dividends. You can look forward to a fantastic time at Brighton.
Great run Kev. Getting it done that time of day is great - peace before the crowds!
Ness. You are doing really well, getting your time down steadily. All those hills paying off.
Parkrun Saturday was very enjoyable. Very icy so all the runners had to take care. My time was derisory but it was a glorious day. Only downside was walking dogs later on a bridle path, I tore my very expensive down jacket on barbed wire!
Yesterday I felt very tired and doubted I'd get out for a run. But around 5pm I felt the need for speed and took dog out for a quick plod before dinner - just enough light on the muddy paths of the nearby country path. Then back home for a family get together. Lots of food conversation and some wine.
05/02/2013 at 05:09

morning all well 10 mile for me yesterday and 5 today then a short 4 miles recover run on the treadmill Wednesday whole run took me 1:35:52 Avg pace of 9:24m/m so very pleased

there is only one disadvantage to running this quick i get less weight watcher activity points so actually have to do more exercise down another 1.5 pounds at the weigh in yesterday putting me down to 10st 10lbs  which is good in some ways but not in other as i am now supposed to be just maintain the weight loss so will have to increase my food intake slightly till i get it right

05/02/2013 at 06:23
Morning all!
Track last night as enjoyable as ever.
Run4all is a bit of a local phenomena. Last year, a couple of really good runners from Port Talbot Harriers set up a running group for new runners, taking people (mainly women) from walking to jogging. Numbers increased and by May, around 30 - 40 people were turning up and were building up to 10k distances. The guys concentrated on mainly speed work, sometimes taking groups out for hills, but great camaraderie built up, social events arranged and some really great dedication was shown by both coaches and runners.
The group leaders applied for Athletic status and we started entering races as teams etc. We've even got our own kit!
Now around 120 people turn up rain, sleet and snow for the Monday track,with good size groups meeting Wed and Fri for longer runs, to suit (3 for beginners, longer for half/ full marathoners) and they even go out on Saturdays too.
Consequence is, that wherever you go now in Neath, you'll see groups out running along the streets - what a success!!! I chose to only dip in on a Monday, but I know the other groups really help those less confident of running on their own.
I usually run with another group on a Tuesday and sometimes with Speedy Friend Friday, but truthfully, I love the solitude of running alone - very anti-social, me!
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