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04/03/2013 at 09:12

Morning everyone......Bath Half completed yesterday, here's how it went. I was very wary of my calf, not having run since  23 Feb. I went to the osteopath on Friday and she confirmed one of the calf heads was very tight. She worked it hard and I could still feel the after effects yesterday morning. Anyway, I decided to take it easy and all felt good until 7½ when the calf went into spasm. I stopped my garmin, pulled over and really stretched it. Started the garmin again and carried on carefully. Same thing happened again at 11 miles, so I did the same thing. I finished quite well and at the end my garmin showed 13.2 miles in 1:59:50 (ave 9:05). having checked my official times, the gun time was 2:05:25 and the chip time was 2:01:17. Considering everything I was very pleased indeed.

More importantly, thanks to everyone who supported me, I managed to raise a total of £2,334 to be split equally between CLIC Sargent and Headway.

Off for a well deserved sports massage this afternoon, a birthday present from my two lovely daughters! Just need to establish the root cause of my calf problem now. But, hopefully back in training soon for Bristol 10k.

I hope you are all well. Please accept my apologies for not reading back through your posts, I will shortly, when I get more time!

04/03/2013 at 12:13

Just a quick report

Well Llanelli H/M done weather was cold and blowy which was good as we ran down the coastal path right by the sea good training for Brighton if the weather turns bad well i have a new PB according to my Garmin i got around in 1:43:36 beating my old time by 8:08 but was out done by the O/H who came home in 2:51:52 knoking about 33 minutes of her PB

04/03/2013 at 13:08

Sorry long time since I have been on here, although I have been lurking.  Injury struck in December and its been a long drawn out affair trying to get fit again, although hips and glutes are still painful.

Big congrats to CB and Toby, both great performances for different reasons.  I am wondering whether I should join weight watchers with what Toby is achieving.  Dont tell Mrs LBB though.

Mrs LBB is training for London and is knocking out the miles week on week. 16 yesterday in her fast time of 3.21, with 6.42 to beat in London I am confident she will beat it comfortably.

Hi to everyone else.


04/03/2013 at 17:38
CB well done - wonderful time even though u had probs - really hope it settles down soon for u.
Toby - u and Mrs Toby are going from strength to strength well done.
Hi there LBB good to know you still around but sorry to hear youve been injured. Wow Mrs LBB is doing fantastic - all the best for her and wish her luck from us all.
Seej boy oh boy do i agree with you it was so cold running yesterday - i just couldnt warm up!!!
I only did 7 miles using the run 5 mins walk 1 min - it took me 82mins 19secs.
Previous routes ranging from 6.8miles have taken me 83.22 - 83.49 - not exactly Usain Bolt i know but still interesting outcome????
Ive also entered a trail run in May aswell as a half.
Bought trail shoes at weekend and will try them out this week.
This morn felt quite tired but went to pool for workout then took Roobs for good walk over fields to woods.
Plan to ride in the morn so may try new shoes tomo pm ? If not then ill definately go out in them on Wednesday.
Wonderful sunshine today - hope u all managed to catch some???.
Ttfn nessie x
04/03/2013 at 18:08

Evening all

10 mile recovery run today went out with the O/H went ok for the first 4 or 5 miles then  the O/H started to pay for her incredible performance yesterday and started to struggle so i started to pick a point to run to then walk to the next (i.e. a lamp or tree) and so on that way we got the whole 10 miles in not that the O/H was in any mind to give up and was determined to get the 10 miles done as she is going to have trouble fitting her runs in this week and by doing the 10 she can count them as the 2 x5 miles runs she had to do o just leaves her an 8 to do some time this week

04/03/2013 at 20:50

Race report

got to the hotel about 2pm book in and the set off to find the start for Sunday as it turn out the Premier Inn were we were staying was a 2 minute walk from the start so that was good weather Saturday was lovely and did contemplated wearing shorts for the race however by Sunday morning when we looked out it had turn cold and gray so the running tights were the order of the day

The race started from the ruby stadium which was great as there was some where warm to sit and wait for the race to start which wasn’t the case i learned later when i meet up from someone on another thread i post on

The race got under way on time there was a small climb in the first mile but after that was pretty flat as i said earlier it took you through a bird sanctuary and along the coastal path which was very exposed and there was a stiff wind blowing

i was using people as pace makers a lot of the time until they either drop of the pace or went off in front was going well at mile five when i got talking to a chap running at a good pace he said that normally it’s was wet and wind for this race so i guess we got lucky in away weather wise

He went in front so i decided to chase him managing to stay a few paces behind him until the turn around point when he slow to wait for his mate it was then a case of just keeping the pace going i got passed by a young chap in a blue running top and for the rest of the race kept him in sight

Used a gel at mile 9 and have to say at this point was still going well it was and out and back route and again you had to run down the coastal path and there was now a strong head wind to run into the miles came and went and got to mile 12 and from there it was all downhill gave a great big cheer when i read the time because at this point i had been reading just the pace and nothing else

Great medals has to be the biggest and the most heaviest one I’ve ever got and a nice woolly hat well from what i can gather this is only the 4th time this race has Been run if so it was well organized and marshalled shame it’s not run a little later in the year as a nice warm day by the sea would make this race even better

Split wise 7:43, 7:41, 7:57,7:54, 7:47, 7:48, 7:48, 8:02,7:56, 7:56, 7:53, 7:56,7:30 and 1:36 for the last 0.23 miles Avg pace of 7:50

05/03/2013 at 07:08
Glad you enjoyed the run Toby. That bleak exposed path is where I do all my training as I live in one of the houses overlooking the path.

Great in the Summer!
05/03/2013 at 16:39
Well done Toby thats great.
Kev - lucky u living there - i love the sea and to be near a beach must be fab.
Did the pool and walk yesterday as weather was so llovely took roobs out.
Well today was even better so took horsie out this morn and thought i cant waste this glorious afternoon so i put on my NEW trail shoes and took roobs for a run round the golf course - through the woods and a very up and down 4.13 miles!!!!!
It took me about 10-12 mins to walk up the hill to the golf course and coming back down the same hill took me 5-6 mins to walk down!!!
Fabulous views across the countryside once i was up there. I didnt have a plan - just wanted to try shoes out so i just ran or walked as what ever i felt like ( or was able to do LOL) doing!!!
The whole route from start to finish took 68.51 so now i have a time to beat next time i go up there!!!! God its steep!!!!
Hope u all got a bit of this lovely sun cos its going to rain tomo apparently!!!
Ttfn nessie x
05/03/2013 at 22:16
Just noticed your charity efforts CB! Amazing, very well done.

Tough run tonight but feel great now.
06/03/2013 at 06:32
Morning all!
06/03/2013 at 08:20

Thanks everyone for your comments, much appreciated  Good running Nessie & Toby!

I went for my sports massage on Monday which really helped. But I did come away still a bit puzzled about my niggle in my lower leg. The osteopath thinks it's one on the heads in the calf, whereas the sports physio believes it's to do with the soleus. Either way, I've had it before and it has gone away. Plenty of stretching and rolling I think. I've just invested in a TriggerPoint Grid Roller, so hopefully that will go some way to helping as well.

I went for a short recovery run last night. I could still feel the calf area was a bit tight (as my legs were generally!), but I didn't have to stop. Took it really steady and ran just over 3 miles. I stretched well after and don't feel too bad this morning. I can still feel Sunday's run in me, but overall not too bad  I'm going to take it steady for a week or two before I start to think about Bristol 10k.

Hope you're all well.

06/03/2013 at 21:43

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in posting again.

Toby, brilliant run from you in horrible conditions, it must have been really difficult to keep motivated, I know I struggled!!!! I will do Llanelli one day, it does sound like a good race!!

Chris, so impressed with your determination through all your calf problems, brilliant time considering two stops for stretch and massage!!! I get a little frustrated with some theraspists, they say its calf problems but cant sort it or just say to stretch!!!! Just fix it, you must be so frustrated because you know your times would be so much better with pain free calfs!!!! Brilliant fundraising as well!!!

Nessie, I hope the system works for you, it is difficult to tell as it so hard to strip the walks from the runs but as long as you are on your feet rather than suffering it has to be good for you!!!

Well did my recovery run on Tuesday and it felt ok and so much nicer not to be cold. Talking of which I think I am coming down with a cold so dosing up on Vitamin C and paracetamol!!!!!! If I am ok to run Thursday I will just do a similar 6 mile route at 10:30 pace and then hopefully will be ok for Sunday 10 mile flat at about 10.00 ml pace. Although I think the weather is due to turn cold again!!!!!

07/03/2013 at 04:01

been ordered to take a couple of rest day's by my O/H after doing 10 miles Monday and Tuesday as i have a 20 which i may push out to a 22 on Friday then 18 with the wife on Saturday so rested foam rolled and stretched  off yesterday same again to day

Seejay hope you beat the cold

07/03/2013 at 07:00
Really great races, CB, Toby and Mrs T!!! Superb times and a wonderful achievement to have raised so much for charity too. Loved your race reports.
Lovely to hear from you LBB- I hope your injury disappears, but your wife is doing so well. She will get a massive PB at London, I'm sure.
Seejay, get over that cold and back to your training soon.
Kev- enjoy Scotland, but not TOO much.
Ness, I was listening to the Parkrun podcast whilst catching up on this thread, particularly your reports of run/walk, when an interview with Karen Weir came on (she's an Parkrun event director at Richmond and personal trainer to the stars). She's training for Comrades and will run the 54 miles using run/walk, so did Seville marathon on Sunday using the same strategy- got a PB of 3:29!! So if its good for such a quality runner, I think it deserves some respectful consideration! What shoes did you get?
I'm not dipping in so often, sorry. I've tried unsubscribing, then re-subscribing to the thread, then I get a few notifications of postings, then they stop! So I forget to look to see who's posted.
My running has been fine though a little interrupted this week as work has been very pressured. Saturday, a glorious day, I did a 14 mile run. Route was a bit boring- along the dual carriageway into Swansea, but I stopped at a Caravan showroom on the way- and bought a new caravan!!! Like you do!
Hope to finally get off for a restful break, with lots of running this weekend- OH's shifts have been changed/days off cancelled over the last few weeks, so fingers crossed.
07/03/2013 at 07:16
Oohhhh - new caravan ffRAN. What did you get?
07/03/2013 at 11:07
Lol Fran - stopping off to buy a caravan - now thats something else!!!!! Lol really made me chuckle - thought u were going to say u stopped off to look at view/ buy jelly babys or something!!!!!!! )))
Shoes i got are Brooks Cascadia - i went to Up and Running in Bristol for them and advice - tried them on Tues pm up and around the woods and golf course - this morn i have dreadful lower back (only left side) pain - think ive pulled/tweaked a muscle - anyway had to drag myself down to horsie then i went to pool for a workout and although still very sore it does feel easier for the exercise. Soooooooooo dont know if its connected to hilly trail run???????
Seej u dose yourself up properly and im sure u know dont run if symptoms are below the neck!!!! NURSE NESSIE has spoken x
Just sat and had brekkie and can feel me siezing up a bit so id better get moving.
Cold and rain here - hope its better where everyone else is???
No run today will see how tomo feels.
Ttfn ness x
07/03/2013 at 11:08
Fran did u look at Forest of Dean trail in May?
Im in!!!!
07/03/2013 at 11:28

ffRAN hope you go lots of nice places in the new caravan

07/03/2013 at 20:21
Kev- Pegasus - having it tomorrow!
Ness- wouldn't mind FoD..Sounds really good. Waiting to hear final decision re OH's shift. Do you remember me saying I had back pain after using my trail shoes?! Nurse Ness is good at giving advice... Not so good at slowing down! REST!
Toby- we get lots of use out of our wandering home. We have a great plan for Summer... We're doing the 1st World War battlefields- we both love history, but more to the point, my grandfather was in the Battles of the Somme, Ypres and Mons, so it will be very poignant. Then we'll travel to the Alps to follow some Mountain stages of the Tour de France- should be good!
08/03/2013 at 03:29

ffRAN sounds like a lovely idea

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