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08/09/2010 at 22:12
Nessie -pimms and new shoes - I like your style! Going to try Newtons for my next purchase on my consultant's advice. Could be interesting but I'll train up and give it a try...

Soup Dragon - I run alone for the same reason. I wasn't built for speed, just endurance. Nearest group is Quantock Harriers and I heard they're fast. Too much pressure mind you I'm sure the social side is great fun.

Seejay- heart rate monitor training is really useful and interesting but I can never keep up with my virtual partner! I think he/she takes performance enhancing drugs. Damn it's speedy stick legs.
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08/09/2010 at 22:52

Ro, must admit I have never used the virtual partner, I usually run alone and only go to club 1 night a week. Its good to be in a club but I tend to push myself outside that environment! I would suggest you try using one or the other cause the partner might push you past your heartrate max, which is ok for short periods like sprints but not much longer. If you try running close to your MHR only, you may find things improve after a few runs. I used to find somtimes in the gym my performance was getting worse so I would back off for a week or so and try again, the performance came back and I was able to push further.

Clubs are sometimes a problem for slow pace runners and they tend to forget that they are not elite clubs and should cater for all paces. I have seen normally fast runners (7:30 to 8 min pace) taking our social group (10:30 to 11 min pace) just so people can run!!

09/09/2010 at 05:10

hi Ro have a look

swimming on Saturday we were sent some free vouchers by the gas board as a promotion we went last Saturday but must admit i did not do a lot of swimming just sat in the spar pool and relaxed ready for Sunday

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09/09/2010 at 06:43
Seejay- interesting. Sounds like your group has a good balance. I'm more of a 10 minute plus miler too. Maybe I should look into other groups in the area. I find gym runs (which I have to do to protect the feet right now) help me push myself, but I'm trying to get out and run more as I don't want to rely on the forward motion. Going to leave my virtual partner in the drawer for a while I think and just get some long distance runs in without worrying about times. Sometimes it can be all consuming looking at the stick man. Might switch to heart rate display when it comes out again and focus on improving that.
Toby - thanks for the link. I'll have a look later. Hoping to go for a marathon next year so I'm choosing carefully based on how the plates of meat cope at Cardiff.
So, speed work after work tonight. Looking forward to it after a day of stats and data analysis. I know how to live!!!! Any ideas for mixing up the speed work?
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09/09/2010 at 08:16

I'd love to find a running club near me that caters for slower runners.  There was just me and one other doing 11min miles at my local club and if she didn't go then I was on my own at the back.  The faster group would wait for me every now and again but it was no fun so I stopped going.  The only good thing was the 5k time trial once a month but the club was expensive so not worth it just for that when Park Runs do the the same job for free. 

I think Brighton marathon is full by the way?  

Happy running everyone.

09/09/2010 at 13:19

Hi all

Well running club was nice and last night, we had to stick with the back pace group and be encourgaging, really enjoyed it. I expect leader will crank us back up next week after our recovery!

Ro Runner/Soup Dragon - My friend and I have been doing all sorts of Speed Training, running fast to one lampost recover to next. Doing pyramids 20 secs fast 20 secs recovery 30secs fast 30sec recovery 45 fast 45 recovery and back down until back to 20 again. Warm up and then running a mile as fast as we can comfortably go and then cool down. Its definatley all helped. Pretty impressed Ro that your still running even though you have pins!!!  

Nessie - LOL that was like deja vue, did the same thing with a bodywarmer with my daughter, her face could have turned the milk sour!! I didnt buy it but her face was priceless!!. Pimpom do you think they will have heard of it in Spain. A fantastic way to input 1 of yr five a day I think.

Seejay - Thanks for advice, Im definatley going to do some more of the hill work, was really pleased with my pace until last 4 miles so hopefully the hills and the tempo runs will help me hold the pace until the end.

 Im getting quite excited only a few more days until my break and I'll have my feet up in the sunshine with a book, no looking after children or my man. with all food cooked for me, ahhh bliss. The children are already complaining about me not being here and I havent even gone yet!! Bless them.

Happy Training Talk Soon

Binx xx

09/09/2010 at 13:20

Hi Suop Dragon & Ro, I too am not sure about clubs, I like to plod on my own - I did go to a club once but felt too self concious about being slow , (they were very friendly)- plus I am happy not to be tied for meeting up at a certain time  - I am lucky that I don't work fulltime (wish I didn't work at all LOL)  So I am able to run on Wed & Fri pm as well as weekends.

SeeJ  was kind enough to come out & run with me once & I would like to try to meet up with "Our Gang" on runs & I have been brave enough to do a few 10ks & half maras, seriously thinking of doing a full mara next year but need to do a couple more halfs before that to get better time.

So all in all, (if you haven't nodded off by now) i think clubs are good for some people but don't stress about not joining - us slowies can always compare with one another on here if that helps at all???

TTFN Nessie 

09/09/2010 at 13:22
I think my ramble on this occasion tops yours Ness!!
09/09/2010 at 13:47

LOL Binx - you throwing down the gauntlet or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havent tried "Pyramids" - only just got head round  "Fartlek" -

If they haven't heard of Pimpoms, then you will just have to introduced them to it!!  & lots of it with plenty of ice - my other fave healthy drink (apart from Champers) is vodka with fresh fruit juce, pineapple for example - again one of your five a day & if you have 5 drinks - JOB DONE!!!!!  (clear sprits are better for you than the dark spirits - less of a headache if one at all the next day)

Blimey - sounds like AA here not a running group - (Binx don't tell the others what we discuss LOL )

Spooky about the waiscoat whoooo whooo - thats me trying ghostly sounds but may sound more like a train!!

 Ness x

09/09/2010 at 13:49

Back to running - forgot to say, just looked as Swansea 10k & its closed BOO HOO


09/09/2010 at 14:06

Afternoon all

i meant to say you will have to forgive any spelling mistakes as it is not my strong point i usually type everything up in word and transfer it across

Running club sounds like a good idler but unfortunately for me i work nights and have to be out the door for work at 6pm so a club is out of the question i did run with southville running club on one occasion when i happened to be on holiday and did enjoy it

This dose mean however i am around during the day so if anyone wants a to go for a run in the afternoon then let me know that’s is when i am up and running for give the pun

i do go for a run with a lady every now and again but to be honest she a bit to good for me and makes me look silly and inevitable i have to tell her to go on as i am holding her back so i end up running on my own anyway would like to run with someone who is happy to run at my pace as working nights i cannot afford to go to fast and end up to tiered for work

i usually train at a about 10 minute pace but am happy to run at any speed would just like some company every now and again as i do find that when you are constantly running on your own motivation becomes hard to maintain

Rambling Rose as you can see i am in the same boat i can also run any afternoon and as i don’t work Friday  can run on an evening Saturday and Sunday

Binx have a lovely holiday how old are the kids it will do them good not to have someone running around after them for a while they might even appreciate you more when you get back

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09/09/2010 at 14:10

Nessie consider it thrown

Pyramids are good, hard core runners do it for longer amounts of time prob , but Im of the opinion every little helps. The word Fartlek causes much hilarity if used in the company of my 15 year old, cant think why!! Bless him.

I think while on holiday will def have a few Vodkas with fruit juice of some description, at least I will be being healthy as well as naughty at the same time Just got to drink five of them, I think i can manage that.

I wont tell if you dont. Anyway we do healthy stuff like running to counter it out.   Thats my reasoning and im sticking with it.

Binx x

09/09/2010 at 14:18

Toby - Thankyou, my children are 15,13 and 10 and hopefully they will appreciate me when I get back! Get a little bored with repeating the same things everday! Dont think they are any different than anyone elses though. Children seem to have selective hearing dont they. We wont worry about your spelling Toby, mines not always that great.

I do my long runs at 10 min mile but im in westbury so a bit far for me to go and im a rubbish driver with no sense of direction so god knows where id end up!

Nessie - Back to running Oops forgot thats what this site is for!, bit disappointing you couldnt get into Swansea is there any other 10ks near you? My friend and I are going to enter a couple to see how we get on with them.

TTFN Binx x

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09/09/2010 at 20:46

Binx, looking around to see what runs are on - I'm in Gloucestershire but was interested in Swansea 'cos a few from "Our  Gang" are going & I thought I might tag along - never mind will find another

Hope you have a fab hol, no kids hmmmmmmmmm sounds like bliss (love 'em really but they can wear you out!!!).

Toby, def no worries about spelling - look at mine closley sometimes if you want a good laugh LOL (I blame it on keyboard not working properly LOL)

Just had leg massage & she found a few tight bits & some sore bits that needed draining, legs feel good now but I am very tired - diet has been rubbish this week so must start properly tomorrow being good -

TTFN Nessie x

10/09/2010 at 05:01

Morning all

Must admit i am getting itchy feet at the moment and its only been5 days what it’s going to be like if on Monday the phyiso tell me to lay off running again

I feel like a bit of a fraud at the moment posting on here as i am not running at the moment what with reading about all these wonderful runs going on

  just a question is this thread just going to be about running and only running and anything not about running is taboo i only ask as i will bow out now as i think a thread will give help and support to the members of that thread even if the post about none running related matters

as we all need that at times as these things can in fact effect or running

i only ask as when i asked Binx about her children all though she answered she then went on to say

Binx wrote (see)

Nessie - Back to running Oops forgot thats what this site is for!, bit disappointing you couldnt get into Swansea is there any other 10ks near you? My friend and I are going to enter a couple to see how we get on with them.

TTFN Binx x

answers on a post card

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10/09/2010 at 06:37
Thanks for all your speedwork ideas. My 10k route has a mile of straight footpaths with lamp posts so I think I'll use that bit to try out sprints. Never heard of pyramids but I'll give them a go.
Toby- surely no harm in going off on a tangent! Get it off your chest!!!! Can't see that anyone will mind. I get the impression none of us take our training as seriously as the elite athlete. There's always time for a detour!
Ended up doing speedwork on the stepper yesterday evening as i worked into the evening. Really enjoyed it, but climbed off with jelly legs. Must be working!! Physio and general all round Running adviser has written me up a 6 week plan to see me through to Cardiff so I'm feeling more focussed now. Fast 10k tonight then long run tomorrow. Hangover Sunday as I'm off to Bristol for my brother in law's 40th. I'm not a drinker but thought I'd better plan ahead. If I am unscathed I'll do a 5k. What training have others got planned for the weekend?
10/09/2010 at 06:59

Toby that was in just in jest as Nessie had said it in previous we were chatting more about alcohol and other things. Didnt want to say too much about my babes as I have been known to bore people to death talking about them. i agree, everyday events and feelings can effect how we are all running. Sorry if it came across offish..xx

LOL like that youve booked your hangover in Ro, thats what we do and then organise our runs around it

Thaks Nessie Im sure I will have a great time. Ive been told I have to ring regularly so they know im ok, ahh bless them.x

Dragging OH our for a run Saturday morning, thought Id better squeeze an easy in before my break, only 2 days to go. x

10/09/2010 at 09:00

Toby - I am always going off at a tangent LOL - I know we are meant to chat about running but as Binx says sometimes "Life & other stuff" can affect our efforts - so sometimes it is good to have achat about things - don't worry about joining in even if your not running  you are more than welcome to put your penny worth in - we will always listen - there will be plenty of help & ideas etc about rest, recovery etc from the more experienced runners on here as they can advise what will help while your not able to run  - there is always room for everyones ideas & offers of help & of course hopefully little chatter boxes like me & Binx !!!

Got up at 6 this am & went for swim & did exercises in the pool - Boy O Boy was it busy !!

TTFN Nessie

10/09/2010 at 13:34
This thread is for any subject, the idea is to kep us together and get to know each other so no subject is barred other than religion and politics!!!!!!! Toby dont you dare go anywhere else,
11/09/2010 at 10:26

Morning all

Just been out on my 6 miler easy!!! I dont think so, it was blooming hard. took everything to keep plodding!! OH was on his bike having a little whinge as he wanted to stay in bed, bless him hey. 

Needed to squeeze that one in before my three days of drinking copious amounts of pimpom (if available) and scoffing all food available,it is an all inclusive holiday after all !!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and some nice easy runnings.xx

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