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31/07/2013 at 09:33

Hi Ness

SeeJay is in training for Bristol & Cardiff ½'s, so he's looking to run 8-9 miles. I'm hoping he'll agree to 8

03/08/2013 at 07:26

Morning all

did 5 miles on Wednesday but have been resting up as we have a friend coming down from Cricklade today and were going to run part of the Bristol H/M course it gives me a chance to practice pacing her before the big day and her a chance to see how far she can run at that pace

this is the third time I’ve had ago at trying to get her under the 2hr mark we usually try when we run the Cricklade H/M the first year i help her knock 23 minutes of her time but last year she wasn’t really up for it and she drop of the pace

this year however she more determined as she wants’ to go sub 4 hr at Brighton this year we thought we have ago at breaking the sub 2hr at Bristol as it the first in a set of 3 we run very close to tougher in fact last year we run the Bristol, Cricklade and Swindon H/M on consecutive Sundays

Edited: 03/08/2013 at 07:28
04/08/2013 at 17:42

Hi all. Just back from a few days in caravan. 


Some news.  I have got to the bottom of my pain in the sole. It appears I have plantar fasciitis of all things. I think it as been caused by walking at least a hour a day in brogue type shoes with little support for my heavy frame and then walking the dogs for another 40 mins in sandals! So probably my gentle Brooks comforted plods have been the least damaging. So have bought new walking shoes for the commutes and walking between offices and will wear my running trainers for the dog walking. At least I now know what it is.  

05/08/2013 at 04:25

will probably do 10 today if i get up in time to go to the early weight watchers meeting if not it and i over sleep  will be 5 as i won’t have time to do 10 and go to later weight watchers meeting

Kev glad you got to the bottom of thing's hope your foot inproves

05/08/2013 at 06:43

Hi kev sorry to hear youve got trouble with your foot but at least u know what it is so can do all the right things for it x

Yesterday i was soaked through - it poured all the way throth my run and cycle!!!! I did just under 13 mile run then just under 10 mile cycle - was so cold when i got home i put the heating on!!!!

Thats 8 weeks of my training done - now another 8 weeks to go - help !!!!

Today i have pool workouthis  morn - leg massage pm - pilates this eve - will be glad when this is over as its costing me a fortune trying to keep fit - lol

Ttfn nessie x

05/08/2013 at 08:47

Morning all

Not good news Kev, but at least you know what it is now and how you can treat it.

Nessie, sounds like you got some good training in. Pity you couldn't join us yesterday but maybe next time.

Well since I last posted, I've managed 2 outings, 5.30 miles last Thursday in 45:36 (ave 8:36) and 8.05 miles yesterday in 1:11:49 (ave 8:55). Last Thursday was so hot, it really did take it out of me. Yesterday's run was just what I needed! I ran the cycle path from Bitton out towards Bath and back with Seejay and a friend of mine, Ally. I've not run 8 miles since May, so it was really good to get that distance under the belt again, a real confidence booster. The second bonus was that Seejay kept the pace really steady, which was just what I needed. The third bonus was meeting Seejay again (always a pleasure)......oh, and the post-run bacon butties!

I'm looking at a short and steady recovery run tonight, just to flush the legs and then maybe a 5 miler tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone!

05/08/2013 at 10:11

Good running CB - sorry not to have joined you all but i am very slow and get worried about holding people up so i guess im better plodding on my own -  glad you all enjoyed though. x

05/08/2013 at 15:40

Well 10 miles for me today the whole run took 1:26:16 with an Avg pace of 8:28

06/08/2013 at 08:30

No need to be worried Nessie, everyone has their own pace. You would have been more than welcome!

08/08/2013 at 04:44

Morning all

just 6 miles for me yesterday no idea how long it took as i deliberately  left my Garmin at home some fast running going on well done Poohbear ,Yvonne and Tillsart on some great times

11/08/2013 at 16:34

Hi everyone - hope all going well

Did 14.58 miles this morning - ooooh er mileage really creeping up now!!!

Social life now taking a back seat - went to evening wedding do last night - 2 slimeline tonics and i left at 10.00pm !!!!

Next weekend its my future daughter-in-laws hen do - sooooooo im driving myself to restaurant so i wont be drinking and will leave after the meal as the rest of them are off for drinks and late night elsewhere!!!

Future weekends include a christening - soooooooo that will mean i have to get up at crack of dawn to fit the mileage in!!!

My eldest sons wedding at beg of Sept - well i guess ill have a glass of champers or two!!!!

This next week involves 4 runs 2 pools  pilates and cycles!!!

#knackered- lol

Ttfn nessie x


12/08/2013 at 03:59

Nessie i have to take my hat off to you you do more in 1 day than i do in a week

12/08/2013 at 09:36

Ha ha Toby - im looking forward to the day when i wake up and have nothing to do !!!! LOL

12/08/2013 at 15:37

Afternoon all

well 10 miles for me today the whole thing took 1:26:20 don't know about pace as I've had to send my Garmin back for repair sent it today they say it will be 10 to 14 days but probable be quicker so let hope there right

13/08/2013 at 08:45

Seems like ages since I last posted on here

Nessie, I really do not know how you manage to fit so much into your life.

Well to bring you up to date, last Tuesday 5 miles in 41:01 (ave 8:12), Thursday 6.05 miles in 51:27 (ave 8:30), Saturday 7.12 miles in 59:56 (ave 8:25) and last night 3.07 miles in 25:59 (ave 8:28).

4+ miles for me tonight, helping my better half to get back into it. Unfortunately the recent hot weather didn't agree with her running!

Have a good day everyone!

13/08/2013 at 13:09

Afternoon all

Haven’t decided what to do today it’s a tossup between  a 5 mile run and a gym session in the garage after the gym session with my wife’s PT i do know i need to work on my upper body strength so i suppose i should get on the weight bench in the garage  

15/08/2013 at 04:40

Morning all

Had a rest day yesterday but must get a run in today even if it's just a 3 mile recovery run on the treadmill

had an email yesterday morning to say my replacement Garmin was on its way just looked at the delivery tracker for UPS and according too that it should be here today so that’s a 4 day turn around

15/08/2013 at 11:49

well my Garmin arrived today well impressed

15/08/2013 at 15:38

10 miles for me today in the end note to self do not listen to son when he says it's cold out i sweated my ****** off

15/08/2013 at 20:57

Toby glad u got your garmin back.



Mon i did pool workout am - pilates in the eve

Tues 1hrs cycle before i went to work.

Wed i ran 4 miles early morn.

Today i did a pig of a hill run after work - this particular hill is awful and i have never ever run it before so quite chuffed if somewhat knackered though!!!

Tomo another run and cycle and babysit little granddaughter during the day!!!

Sat - rest

Sun - 16 miles planned!!!! - help 

Ttfn ness x









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