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Shakespeare Marathon

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25/09/2003 at 21:00
Has any one done the shakespeare marathon, I have done the lochness marathon in 4hrs 7 minutes last year, and although i have had a bad year with injury, is it the type of course whee i could break 4 hrs???
25/09/2003 at 22:38

I have not run it but was told it was fairly flat, so maybe quite fast. It is my FLM backup for 2004.

Not checked if you have done this already but maybe worth posting this under 'events' for more responses?


25/09/2003 at 22:45
it's a 2 lap course.... some hills toward the start & start of the second lap.

there is one that appears at about 6 & 18 miles which can be tricky.. but after that it's pretty flat all the way home.

if you train for sub 4hrs.... there's no reason why not. although it is a lunch time start & has been hot & sunny the past 2 years
26/09/2003 at 11:22
<which can be tricky>!!!

I only did the half this year so did the hill only once and thought there's no way I'd want to do it twice!!
26/09/2003 at 11:24
Aye OB that hill was a sod
26/09/2003 at 19:08
Tony, have to agree with OB and the Bobolink, there are a couple of naughty hills in there but the rest is pretty flat.I think that if you have done enough training then you should achieve your goal
28/09/2003 at 22:49
The hill at 6&18 miles is not particularly steep but is very long winded, especially on the second lap as fatigue starts to take effect.
Much of the course is quite flat though so if you train sensibly a PB is quite achievable.
04/03/2009 at 14:07

Don't let the hill scare you, I did the half marathon and read all the chat about the hill, it was my first half marathon and I was bricking myself because of the hill. I ran the course in 1hr41 and didn't concider the hill any worse than any hill I'd run diuring training.

This year I'm back for the full 26, my first fuill marathon and I am a little more wary of it been at the 18 mile mark.

Not because it's a big hill but because it's a hill and  at 18 miles, no one wants to be running up a hill after 18 miles but I'm training hard and I'm hoping to run up and over the second time round as well as the first.

For me it's all about finishing and running my run on the day, hills or no hills but I would say if I was doing the half again this would be the course I would be looking at to break my PB. The last one I did was Birmingham 1/2 and they'd just got a map and joined up everysingle hill in Birmingham and called it a course.

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