SiS Gels in hand luggage on plane

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11/03/2009 at 09:54

Anyone know if SiS gels are hand luggage friendly. At 65ml they're less than the 100ml max for liquids gels. As I'll be taking 6 with me to Rotterdam next month, am I likely to get any grief taking them in my hand luggage? I'm only planning on taking one small bag.


11/03/2009 at 10:00
should be ok if they fit into the plastic zippy bag, just don't take anything else to be safe (so buy toothpaste etc after you pass through security)
11/03/2009 at 10:02

think you should be ok- 100ml is the max per container, so just make sure you stick them in a clear plastic bag and put it through the x ray machiene... ive taken lots of different shampoos and makeup gels etc at once, and as long as theyre all under 100ml and in a clear plastic bag, its never been a problem

good luck in Rotterdam

11/03/2009 at 10:02


that man's hidin' behind Doozer...

11/03/2009 at 10:09

My OH took loads on a plane to Nice last year - no problem as long as they're in the right size plastic bag.

11/03/2009 at 10:33
What is the size of plastic bag please?  Does it vary between airports?
11/03/2009 at 10:40

There is a standard size, but I can't remember what it is - have a look on the BAA wesbite.

I was told my bag was the wrong size (too big) and when I asked what difference it makes I was told that it's to do with testing the air within the bag for traces of explosives.

Tescos make a re-sealable bag in two sizes - the smaller one is the right size.  If you can get them,

11/03/2009 at 10:46

I've looked into this - 20cm x 20cm (about 8 inches) seem to be the "right" size. Ziplock bag. That reminds me, I have to add "get bags" to my list of things still to do!

Thanks for asking Steve, I've been worrying about this one myself. Still hoping there will be stalls at the expo, but I want to take my own just in case.....

ImRio    pirate
11/03/2009 at 10:51

You can usually buy the bags at airports anyway.  I forgot recently and had to use the machine which gave me 5 for £1 which was not too bad (though would have been a lot cheaper if I had remembered earlier).

There will be gels at the expo - loads of stalls for anything you might need

cougie    pirate
11/03/2009 at 10:52
Whenever I fly they hand the bags out I think ?
11/03/2009 at 11:02

Remember it's only a restriction on hand luggage too, so if you can cram all your gels, toothpaste etc. into your main luggage then you'll be fine. Obviously this does mean you won't be able to get a quick energy boost or clean your teeth while on the plane tho.

EDIT: and yeah, when I flew a couple of weeks back they did hand out the plastic bags for free.

Edited: 11/03/2009 at 11:03
11/03/2009 at 12:03
On a similar note - can anyone clarify if I can take SIS electrolyte drink powder into Australia. I know they don't allow food products into the country (I once got hauled over by the sniffing dog at Melbourne airport for having the apple that was given to me as part of the plane meal!), But I'm not sure whether powdered drink constitutes as a food product...

I would normally not carry it and rely on Powerade but I am going from there to Malaysia where such products are harder to get hold of and electrolyte drink is very necessary!

11/03/2009 at 12:51
I was fine getting into australia with tea ags and a jar of marmite (and I went up to the something to declare bit to check too), so guessing dried powder would be ok. Can you ask the airline maybe?
11/03/2009 at 13:01
Gels. Yikes, had totally forgotten gels in my packing plans! Had decided to carry my race kit in my hand luggage (just in case) and had my contact lens fluid sorted but gels hadn't occurred to me. Thanks for reminding me!!!
11/03/2009 at 13:49

I managed to get them through by putting the contents in a condom, swallowing said condom and whincing ever so slightly when they came out the other side.

I normally have a mule for trafficing my SIS gels.

12/03/2009 at 20:07
Ok , well looks like I should be ok then. Else there's Boots for condoms!
12/03/2009 at 20:14
If you're flying from Luton they don't give out the bags for free - it's £1 for 4, seemingly
12/03/2009 at 20:42

flying is just getting to be a major obstacle course.  Chek-in luggage from UK  (new rules)  definite charges for over 20Kg  and not just that but you must re-pack anything over 20 Kg into another bag and pay.

Then they've started those fast-tracks to security - so if you pay £3 or whatever you jump the queue - for everyone else you just get set back and sweat in case you miss boarding.  They are having to offload so many bags. You miss your flight.

Fliyng is getting to be more hassle and more money-making.

At the moment  I advise you take clothes with you you can ditch - keep the weight down to allow for souvenirs / new purchases.  And after check-in get straight to security - don't linger at costa lot costa coffee.  The queues are slower and bigger.

Overseas, you will find that your airline are increasingly having a representative standing behind the overseas handling agent / check-in desk to see that the overseas handling agent are charging you for any hint of excess.

Best be forewarned - things are tightening up - especially more so this year - if they can make money they will

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12/03/2009 at 20:57
Easy solution - don't take excess baggage! 20kg + hand luggage is perfectly fine
12/03/2009 at 21:05
I have that off to a fine art - I fly a lot - but it's very easy to knock up 20 Kg unless you know how to be frugal - take soap pwdr, etc,  also some airlines will let you cart on 20 Kg of hand baggage if its packed in the right way - others will only let you carry on 5 Kg.  You've just got to be savvy and consider with whom you are travelling.   I never check in more than about 12 Kg  cos you always buy stuff.  I also take clothes I am prepared to, and do, take to the local overseas charity shop.  So, I come home with half the things I took, and the new stuff I bought 
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