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Know any good recipes?

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09/10/2006 at 17:57
Just bought a slow cooker at Tesco - for under a tenner I reckon it was worth a pop.

Instruction booklet has no recipes. Anyone got some favourites they'd like to share?

Ta muchly in advance!
09/10/2006 at 18:02
How bizarre - I bought one of those on Saturday!!! Be warned tho' things seem to cook a lot quicker than in my old Tower slow-cooker ! Did a chicken cass yesterday which was more like chicken and mushy veg(altho' I may have par-boiled the veg a wee bit longer than I should have done). All went down the same way!!

I've got a recipe book for my old cooker at home. Can scan and 'e' some recipes if you like.
09/10/2006 at 18:50
They do cook quicker you know - I used to have an old tower one too which was a lot slower. Probably the cooking temperatures are higher these days because of the threat of food poisoning - my own little theory........!
09/10/2006 at 19:53
I s'pose that makes sense Roobarb. To be honest my old one is a Tower compact which I know wasn't as powerful as the family size one my Mum had.

I'll get the hang of it eventually!!! ;o)
09/10/2006 at 20:11
Can make a fab curry in a slo cooker. Rice pudding is good too

I'll look out recepies and email 'em
09/10/2006 at 21:03
And I thought it was just me that found the new one to cook at a far higher temperature than the old. High seems to equal rolling boil, low equals boil and keep warm equals simmer!

Good for stews (chuck anything in), chillis and even ragu. Not really a recipe but if you make a very basic beef casserole with a nice bit of shin, add some tomato puree and wine to richen the gravy, then before serving add some pitted green olives. Very nice.
09/10/2006 at 21:40
Chilli con carne festers well in a slow cooker.
09/10/2006 at 21:45
ooooooooooooooh! I got one the other week! Just done chicken casserole and beef casserole in it so far, so any more adventurous ideas would be welcome!

With 'im indoors and me both out of the house from 7.15am for 12 hours it's wonderful to come in and have a yummyhot meal. My mum's really proud of me!

Blisters    pirate
09/10/2006 at 23:03
Luv em luv em luv em.

I must say that I defer to the cookbook that's with it though.

Kazzzzza - interesting point about parboiling veg first - I've never done that and they always have plenty of bite at the end!

What about the following ideas:
Steak, mushroom & Guinness
Boeuf Bourgignone
Chicken in red wine
Pork, cider and apple (you thicken this with cream)
Venison with juniper berries

The basic recipe is the same for all the stews. Chuck everything in, cover with the liquid, switch on, run. Come home, make rice or mash, thicken the sauce, eat.

If you use hot liquid, it cooks in 6 hours. If cold liquid, 8 hours. Still very edible after 12 hours.

To thicken, I take an ounce of butter, melted in a cup(10s on micro-high) then add an ounce of flour to it, and make a paste. Stir this into the stew to cook the flour for 5-10 minutes.

For the pork/cider recipe, I prefer to decant all the juices into a pan, reduce the liquid, then slowly mix the juices and the cream so as not to curdle it. Of course, you WILL TASTE THE SAUCE and adjust it, won't you?
10/10/2006 at 08:44

(this works with beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, chicken grey squirrel - but NOT venison)

1-1.5 lb meat
2 medium sized onions (chopped)
1 oz plain flour seasoned
1 tbsp oil
0.75 pint beef stock
1 oz sultanas
1 tbsp Curry powder

Preheat cooker for 20 mins

Cut meat into 0.75 in cubes and toss in flour

Heat oil in frying pan.

Brown onions then add meat and brown (be very thorough with chicken and pork)

Place in cooker

Add curry powedr, sultanas and stock to pan and bring to boil, before adding to pot.

Cook for 4-5 hours on high setting (you can use low setting for lamb and beef and double the cooking time)

Rice Pudding

3 oz pudding rice
1.5 pints milk warmed almost to boiling
1.5 oz suger
grated nutmeg
0.5 oz butter

Ask Ploding Hippo to leave thread (as she hates rice pudding)

Preheat cooker
butter crock pot
put all ingredients in and stir well
Cook for 3 hours (high) 6 hours (low)
10/10/2006 at 08:45
Oh gosh, I must dig mine out of the cupboard, now that the nights are drawing in.

Even better than the lovely yummy food is the smell in the house when you come in from work on a cold night, especially if the heating is on the timer too.

Cornflour is even easier to thicken the sauce than Blisters' paste. Just stir a couple of teaspoons into some cold water, and add it to the stew.

Never par boil veg, but I usually brown the meat first to give it a bit of colour.

Sliced potato on top is good too - soaks up some of the juice, and saves you having to cook anything when you get home.
10/10/2006 at 08:48
Fell - 1.5lb of meat out of a grey squirrel??? They breed them big down your way. ;o))
10/10/2006 at 08:53
No Nessie - just lots of 'em.

Fell loads another cartridge into shotgun.


I don't actively dislike many animals - even the rats earn a certain grudging admiration.

But the only good squirrel is a dead one...
10/10/2006 at 08:56
Or a curried one.

Many thanks FR.

Mmmmmmmmmmm ... rice pudding ...

My slow cooker has low, high and warm settings so I shall need to experiment. Some googling threw up advice about parboiling, browning etc before using the device.

Will definitely give these recipes a go. Cheers!
10/10/2006 at 09:32
Doesn't matter what you put in as it all comes out tasting the same anyway!

10/10/2006 at 09:36
Check out "Fix it and forget it" on Amazon, "or any other good book site/shop. Cook book for slow cookers. I think it's American, but should be convertable. Theres also F&F light and entertaining.
10/10/2006 at 09:45
Spooky - I just bought one at the weekend too.

Best so far has been Moroccan lamb shanks with aubergine.

(needless to say, I didn't help to do any of the cooking as there were no hard boiled eggs required)
10/10/2006 at 11:06
I got given one recently and have found it soooo useful.

Again no recipes, so looked on net. Found this site quite useful. - looked up various meat dishes...especially moroccan ones as they tend to cook in one pot type thing. There are lots of stew type dishes, which you can adapt and use for inspiration. The yanks call slow cookers crockpots incidentally.

Type slow cooker recipes into google and away you go!
10/10/2006 at 11:27
That I should have bought a device called a "crock" pot seems strangely appropriate.
10/10/2006 at 11:33
Blimey!! Must be something to do with the weather - I bought one at the weekend too!!!

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