So which Firefox users want to try out my Runners World forum script?

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06/05/2013 at 17:44

Because websites are 'what I do' ..... and because Ive got nothing to do today except nurse a sore knee, I have made a 'greasemonkey' script to improve the RW forums.

I've thrown up a page on here about what it does and how you install it.

So in short, if you are a Firefox user, and you have installed the 'greasemonkey' add on, you can add my script and it makes a few 'improvements' to the RW Forums.

1) Hover over the 'folder' icons next to the thread and it will show you what the latest post is ......not the latest post since you last refreshed, but the latest post right there and then, no refreshing, no having to click into the thread.

2) A button that has a list of the users who have posted threads today so you can see who's kicking about.

3) Quotes ...... you know how its really annoying that 'quotes' doesnt show when typing out your reply ....... well I've put it back to the way it was, so when you quote in your reply,  you can see the border around the quote so you know where the quote ends and your reply begins.

4) Youve got mail! Isnt it friggen annoying that if you get a mail, all the notice you get is a pissy little bracket and number (1) next to the tiny my inbox text at the top.

Well now you get a cute little graphic near the middle of the page to tell you that you have mail.

Anyways you can see screenshots etc and how to install it here.


And no, this isnt a fake post, this is a real script that really works.

How secure is this?

Well basically you shouldnt install scripts from random people. Thats the bottom line. But for this particular reason I have deliberately not 'obfuscated' the code (basically its a way of minimizing the code, making it pretty unreadable but smaller in overall size). If you want to see 'under the hood', simply right click the link and save it to your computer, then open up the script in notepad and you can see the script in full and exactly what it does (and the fact I am not stealing passwords or planting a virus on your comp).

And in case you want to know what you should be looking for when it comes to dodgy scripts, you are looking for references to other websites as any website needs to 'send' the data somewhere if it was going to steal something.

Only Firefox users can use this?

Fraid so .... I might be able to do something for Chrome, but I need to change a couple of things, so I'll see if I can be bothered.

But at this moment, if you don't have Firefox then all of the above is null and void

Why do I need to install the 'greasemonkey' add on first?

I could have made this a full on Add-on but its such a waste of time. Greasemonkey basically does all the ground work for you, so I can overlay my script on top to make it work. So in short, its to make life easier for me that Ive done it off the back of the greasemonkey add-on.

How safe is Greasemonkey?

Very. Any add-on you get direct from the Firefox browser is tested before being put up. Its a very time consuming process that can take months, and Greasemonkey has been used for years now. Its all easily broken apart and looked into, so its practically impossible for anything dodgy to be in Greasemonkey as there are far too many checks and balances it has to go through both from Mozilla and the average developer.



06/05/2013 at 20:18

Don't believe I'm going to ask this... But is it is dependent or any flavour of Firefox? 

06/05/2013 at 20:24

I cant believe you replied!

Nope it doesnt matter, any firefox over roughly version 11 should be fine (which it would be quite hard to find an older one since firefox are bloody constantly updating their browsers all the time and reminding you of it, so annoying that, but I digress).

The only reason I say around version 11 (give or take) is that it uses GM_xmlhttpRequest to get the data for the stuff like seeing who todays posters have been or to look at the last post made in a thread, and I believe it was around this version that had been adopted by Firefox (you had to use the older method before that to do httprequests).

But given that firefox is always reminding people about upgrading (or doing it automatically) I would doubt there would be many people who would be still on version 10 or lower anyway.

06/05/2013 at 21:29

Off tomorrow, might have a play.

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