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10/06/2008 at 23:31

I listen to Radio Five Live, usually, on an old small Philips radio, during training in the evenings - football during the winter, and a bit of everything during the summer.  Takes my mind off what's hurting.  I've just bought an Ipod, so will be experimenting with that.  Don't take any of this during races though.

11/06/2008 at 18:42

I don't .    

I never will. 

Thank you . 

Take it easy . 

12/06/2008 at 09:22

S T one.. don't go on and on and on about it!! just say what you mean 

12/06/2008 at 16:53


                                               'nuff said  !     

12/06/2008 at 17:20
Wonder if we vcan get any puns out of this for the pun thread. Need to get on the right wavelength, tune into the thread, pick up the rythm of the posters, time to beat it
13/06/2008 at 13:39

Racing - never listen to ipod, whether FLM of in a 5K with less than a hundred folk. It seems a bit disrespectful in a way, like you don't want to be there with the other athletes / marshalls / supporters. Does anyone else agree?

Training - different kettle of fish, ipod is on. Rolling Stones, Doves, Killers or the Smiths for long runs. And for short distances, Underworld are unbeatable. Check out their Everything Everything live album. Ran a PB for a mile yesterday to Born Slippy. Impossible not to run fast when it's on. Also like Kasabian's Club Foot and Chemical Brothers' Life is Sweet for fast stuff.

13/06/2008 at 15:22

Spot on Valluga 

13/06/2008 at 15:31

Good way to end the thread. Training - if you want to - Racing - NO!

END OF THREAD....(I wish )

13/06/2008 at 20:33

My mother used to end every argument  by saying "You have to have the last word don't you...".

(Thereby getting the last word). 

13/06/2008 at 22:34

I run both with and without music playing in my ears.   I used to run on a treadmill but when I ventured out doors it seemed strange without music so my trusty MP3 was bought. 

When I joined my running club I suddenly found running without music and chatting with fellow runners was a wonderful experience.  When I go out on my own I use my MP3 but when I attend the running club I don't. 

 I think its down to personal preference and wether your running alone or with a group.

13/06/2008 at 23:09

Smilesnmiles -

Well - I nearly did it. You always have to get the last word

Edited: 13/06/2008 at 23:10
14/06/2008 at 21:47
Cannie Cross here I come

16/06/2008 at 15:45

I usually do my long run on a Sunday morning, so I listen to the Archers Omnibus on my walkman as I can get the radio on it, not sure it imporves my time but it helps to pass it!!!!

16/06/2008 at 18:26
For me its simple, music for training sometimes if i need it but never in a race!!!
17/06/2008 at 17:53

It's hard not to fall into the tempo of your music, and that can spoil a training run pretty easily.  It's easy to get too tired from running too fast, underworked if from running too slow.... and tangled cables from always trying to find the right 'Toon'.

Also, you can't hear someone say, "Hey mate! Watch out for the ....!".

17/06/2008 at 19:57
use a heart monitor
18/06/2008 at 09:27

JJ - do you take an entire hi-fi system with you??  

18/06/2008 at 09:47

No, just a wee Sony thing....turned up to maximum volume.  Hardcore electronica is a dish best served loud.

18/06/2008 at 17:11

I nearly always run with my iPod when alone as the music motivates me and I find if I can run in time with the beat it helps.  I've never had a problem hearing traffic noise as my iPod is never on at eardrum splitting level and I ALWAYS look both ways - I learned the Green X Code when I was little!

I feel naked without music and I don't like to hear myself breathing on a run.  I think that's where where my dependence on music stems from originally - I started off on a treadmill and I didn't like hearing the machines and other people panting away so I used to plug in and listen to whatever music the gym had on.

I had my iPod with me during the London Marathon this year but I hardly turned it on at all - I was so in awe of the whole day and listened to everyone shouting out and the music on the route etc.  But running alone on a dreary snowy Sunday morning I need my music to get me through.  I belong to a running club but I would never use my iPod, it's nice to chat to the others and the time goes quicker.

18/06/2008 at 22:07

When i started running i didn't have an mp3 so got used to running without listening to music. I run early in the morning when there isn't much traffic around which is lovely and quiet except for the sounds of birds and trees and nature!

Don't get me wrong tho; I'm totally a party animal and really enjoy dancing, so I imagined that i would really enjoy running with music but to my shock-horror, i actually found it distracted me from the running - i felt as though i couldn't connect with myself because the music was causing interference.... Not only that but it took ages to find 'the right kind of tunes'. Songs that i thought would be great to run to (probably cos they're good to dance to) turned out to be rubbish and others that i thought would be unsuitable really push me along nicely.

These days i can take it or leave it, depends on the mood i'm in when i get up.  My default is silence.  If i need extra motivation i'll reach for the ipod - fatboy slim and black eyed peas are favourites. Could be good for fartlek i suppose?!

Edited: 18/06/2008 at 22:08
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