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Monique    pirate
10/07/2003 at 17:12
The last couple of months I wasn't running more than 6/7 miles, the last run I did was on the Thursday- he was born on the Sunday, that run I remember distinctly as he was getting on for 3 weeks late and I thought it might help things along a bit, I did a 4 mile off road route finishing up hill (Scotchman lane to those in the know), I stopped to walk and a guy walking his dog told me I should be running up the hill- I think he was perhaps unaware of the impending motherhood.
I had had a couple of weeks off earlier in the Summer to allow plantar fasciitis to calm down- probably from the extra weight.
My last race was either East Ardsley 5 mile fun run or Gardeners Arms fun run- low key things where I wouldn't finish last.
I don't know how much use anecdotes are as everyone is different but I needed the running for sanity as I don't like the feeling of helplessness from being pregnant. I also had GNR to focus on after -should have had 6 weeks but it ended up being 3, I felt I had returned to normality very quickly. Have had no knock on effects from that like loose ligament injuries and foul tasting breast milk that people go on about, did get quicker though!
10/07/2003 at 19:45
Thank goodness I've never had one late! I put my hrm on today to run home from work. I think being freaked out by the monitor made my heart rate faster than ever. At one point it went up to 230 ! I haven't run since Monday which is not normal so my calves felt like bricks and it was hard to get going especially in this heat. Tomorrow I do my last real race, a 5k, but I don't think I will necessarily be going at it eyeballs out.
How much did your 5yr old weigh at birth and what did you call him? I think mine's a boy too. I have 2 girls and boy so I'm not fussed either way.
15/07/2003 at 18:52
Hi Brian

I'm 37 and expecting my first, I'm now 12 weeks. I have almost completely cut out running because I feel exhausted after work, and I'm scared because of my age. However, I really do miss running, I was supposed to be running the Berlin Marathon, but I feel heartened by all these wonderful articles and might do the 10k or half marathon instead.

Thanks 8-)
17/07/2003 at 17:39
My name isn't Brian, it's Cint. I'm logged on as Brian as I am in the middle of dealing with on line race entries under his log on and don't have time to mess about. I can understand how you would feel less inclined to stress yourself out with running when it's your first. I felt the same with my 3rd one as there was a 14yr gap and it felt like my first. I have slowed a lot and take a lot longer to get going but it isn't something I seem to have any control over. I am doing 4 sessions a week, 3 of about an hour and a long Sunday run of mostly 8 to 12 miles. Despite running in a more sluggish manner these days I feel I have much more energy now I've passed 12 weeks. I am suffering from sciatica a little and I think if I had to lay off because of this I wouldn't bother to go back until after the baby. As I said previously, I still have my sights on the Great North. I'm 39 and on my 4th and all my family say I should stop running but none of them have the qualifications to tell me that. My husband is kind of quiet on the subject! Go for a few plods when you feel up to it but if you're too tired then rest is what your body wants. Hope this helps and sorry about the confusion over the name.

21/07/2003 at 19:00
I am considering buying a baby jogger to use after my baby is born, however this has met with much disapproval from non-running, (or should that read anti-running) family members. How early can a baby go into a jogger, does baby need to lie flat, does the front wheel need to be fixed? Any help on this matter greatly appreciated.
Ps. I am not running during this pregnancy due to complications, anyone else missing their endorphins?
27/08/2003 at 16:36
Delighted to find this thread as am really interested to hear other peoples experiences. Am 10.5 weeks pregnant and haven't managed to run since I found out as have been completely exhausted and apprehensive about doing anything wrong. Am starting to feel better this week though and have got my doctors approval so would love to get back to some sort of running routine. Am really missing it! But I am afraid I am going to feel guilty if I run,as if I am putting my desires ahead of the needs of my baby. Anyone know what I mean?
28/08/2003 at 13:07
As an older mum, i gave up running during pregnancy, but did gentle exercise. Two weeks after the birth i went back to the gym and within 5 weeks i did my first 10k (only 2 mins. outside my personal best).I then went on to my first half-marathon and marathon before my baby was 1 year old. I think it is important not to push yourself too hard and train when the baby's routine allows you to,not when the training schedule says.
Monique    pirate
30/08/2003 at 22:58
Kellie I had a baby jogger- a Zipper that someone brought over from America- they are more easily available here now but have spawned imitation ones with crappy tiny plastic wheels not suitable for running at all.
I used mine when Simeon was old enough to sit up although they have a kind of deckchair feel to them not totally upright like conventional buggies. He loved it. In fact it is probably partly responsible for his total thrill seeking approach to life- he will go on any rollercoaster and gets ver upset when he doesn't make the height restriction.
I made a fleecy cosy toes for it and made sure he was more wrapped up than he otherwise would be to compensate for wind chill, for every person who disapproved I bet there were 10 who thought they were great, including the teenagers spilling out of the comprehensive school- chrome and purple being much cooler than gingham and frills.
14/10/2003 at 20:48
Hi everyone,
My name is Virginie and I gave birth to my son Elijah on August 12. He is 9 weeks today. I ran in last year New York marathon and my 3h10min qualified me for this year. I started running again about 6 weeks ago and I am up to about 40 miles per week. I would like to try to run the marathon on November 2. I will run it on a leisurely pace. I will not have trainned very hard but I ran through my entire pregnancy (2 miles + 4 miles walk the day I delivered Elijah)
Does anyone have experience running a marathon so soon? by the way I am also breastfeeding and plan on pumping so my hubby can feed our son while I run.
Thanks for your responses
Monique    pirate
15/10/2003 at 15:07
Didn't do a marathon so soon after- but wasn't doing them anyway at that time, I remember feeling that I had totally regained form by Christmas- Simeon was born in the middle of September. Did another half marathon ten weeks after he was born and was only a minute or so outside my best time.
I think the fact that you ran throughout the pregnancy has made it easier to pick it up again.
19/10/2003 at 19:06
Hey there peeps!It's great to hear all this positive stuff about running in pregnancy and beyond.I've just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my second and have just had a 2 week break due to the lurgy.I only manage a piffling 9 miles a week,but plan to start again tommorow and continue for as long as I'm able.Sadly though my husband(also a runner)is deeply disaproving of me wanting to continue running and I've yet to hear what the midwife or the GP think of the idea!Still don't see the midwife for another 2 weeks so will keep going til then at least if I can.Please keep the positive running in pregnancy stories coming they are good ammunition to use against my other half!
19/10/2003 at 20:00
Does anyone know what the rules are about running races and baby buggies. My friend is set to deliver her first in 7 weeks.
In Spring she wants to start running with baby in buggy (She understands they need to be around 3 months before you run with them)

Are there races where you can run with the baby buggy? Our husbands race together and we would like to race together as well, preferably in the same races and not have one of us sit them out.
Monique    pirate
20/10/2003 at 23:14
LL If you check Babyjogger out I know they do a kind of cot attachment so baby is laid down, they usually progress onto the normal upright types at about 6 months when their back muscles are developed, but check with the company what their recommendations are.
25/10/2003 at 18:17
how nice is it to learn there are runners out there just like me, i thought i was going mad. I am 24 weeks pregnant and i miss running soooooo much. My life has been taken over already of baby conversation. I cannot wait to start back i intend to do the great north run in sept 2004. I have been putting the pounds on. I have been shopping for a three wheeler pram, i got a Mamas and Papas that is sturdy with good wheels. I had to stop cos of my boos they killed me, but my midwife told me i should have no problems with running.
27/10/2003 at 14:09
boing for niki
27/10/2003 at 14:09
Boing for Niki again!
27/10/2003 at 14:45
Great to hear so many ladies out there are still running during pregnancy/ starting again shortly afterwards. My GP was happy for me to do anything I wanted as long as it felt ok. I wish I could have carried on running a little longer than 6 months pregnant, but was also commuting 1 1/2 hours each way to work and felt too exhausted and uncomfortable!
I guess the general feeling is to wait and see how I feel before deciding when to start running again. I too have found conflicting reports eveywhere I look (midwife, pregnancy books, etc).
More than anything I am relishing the idea of spending time outside the house on my own as stress relief and 'me time'. Nice to get your identity back after being 'the pregnant woman' aroung the place!! Only 2 weeks to go!!
27/10/2003 at 16:30
with regards to baby joggers I offer the following which might help:
1) If you are going to buy a babyjogger then get one made by babyjogger and not a second class substitute - the first one we got wore out after about 300 miles. We currently have a "fleet" of two baby joggers; the first has 20" wheels and was brought second hand - Its now done about 500 miles as we used it everyday for conventional stuff as well as running - the conventional four wheeler ended up collecting dust! The second baby jogger we have is the telescopic model (now discontinued) we got it for £150 including delivery from babyjogger themselves (they have a wharehouse in europe) which is far cheaper than forking out £350 upwards for uk prices!

Racing: My daughter and I have taken part in six races to date ( last being barns green half marathon on sunday). If you want to race with your buggy, make sure the course is suitable i.e. hard terrain and not pure mud. Write to the organiser well in advance stating your wishes and explain the fact that your buggy does have a reliable brake, that you will keep out of the way of other runners and if necessary will pay an additional entry fee or donation. The only proviso that some organisers have stipulated is that I write a seperate "disclaimer" for my son/daughter and that I start at the back of the pack (dont stay there for long though!) Having completed the race I always go out of my way to thank the organiser so as to pave the way for future entries. You will get the occasional refusal but not many.As your child grows older by them a kiddies cycle helmet for additional safety and NEVER race or train without a safety leash!
What age to start?
the website at should answer your question - my daughter started at three months, is now four years old and still loves it! However do be aware of kerbs and bumps otherwise child will be shaken not stirred and also wrap them up well including gloves or fleece to stop windchill.
Optional Extras?
I've fitted 2 cycle bottle carriers to the frame- one for me and one for my daughter.
If you want to record your distance or speed then the CATEYE Astrale cycle computer will cope with all wheel diameters.
Once the foam on the handlebars starts to tear, get rid of it and replace with handlebar tape.
finally don't forger to take a compact cycle pump with you- getting a "flat" five miles from home is not funny!
NOTE TO HUBBIES: It's great fun and usually sends them to sleep- save a fortune on babysitters!
please feel free to email me if you need any more help.
Final thought - with the amount of interest shown how about a babyjoggers owners club or similar!
Happy Running!
19/06/2006 at 10:26

Has anyone got any opinions on best baby joggers to buy?

I have good reviews on the Baby Jogger 2 but it cant be used until the baby is about 6 months. The Instep 10K Ultimate can be used from birth as a pram as the seat reclines, not for running granted but it would save buying a pram. Ultimately I want the best machine to run with but can see the advanatges of having one that negates buying a pram which will only be used for a few months.

Thanks in advance GT
25/02/2010 at 23:36
Just discovered this thread after googling. Been told to stop running my my GP today. I am 25 weeks and have torn/pulled a muscle in my stomach. I am devastated as I really wanted to carry on for as long as possible and until last Thursday it had all gone so well.

I have entered Beachy Head off Road marathon which will be four months post natal. After now having to stop for at least four months, I'm wondering if this is going to be possible. It's such a long time to be out.

Quite worried.
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