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27/07/2006 at 17:27
I did the email thing, so I do know who to ask for.

I think it's just going to feel strange, introducing myself to a new group. Don't get any easier making friends as you get older, does it??
27/07/2006 at 17:28
Another plus point about emailing is that it's a lot harder to talk yourself out of it. I'm like you and not very good at just turning up and being amongst a bunch of people who are strangers to me but all know each other. If I've told someone I'll be there then I can't chicken out!
27/07/2006 at 20:46
Okay, I did it.

My hamstrings are going to hate me tomorrow... But I can see that quite simply, goingt here will make me a better runner. No question.

It was pretty amazing.

A 30-minute run that was purely horrible (not good in this humidity) but that I was assured afterward was not 30 minutes. I must have stopped six times. It was annoying.

Then they all do circuit training, but because it took me 40 minutes to do the run they're in the swing of things and I watch and feel the sweat pouring off me.

I didn't join in the circuits, but I will next time.

Then they went outside for some 'fun' speed sessions. Just a laugh, they said, not competitive, great crowd...

50m sprints, turn and jog back, when everyone's back, you go again. Now, I just don't sprint, generally. I'm not a quick mover. Supposed to do it 10 times, but the man with the whistle had us do it 13 or 14 I think. Really!

Last two, I came second. No idea where I found that energy from. Then finished with a 19-second 100m, which is surprisingly slow but not considering how much fluid I must have lost.

I feel fantastic.

Now it's time for a shower and lots of sitting down.

Thanks everyone. x
27/07/2006 at 20:52
Hey glad to hear you went for it and that you enjoyed the session. Knew you would.

Hope the hamstrings aren't too tight tomoz!
27/07/2006 at 21:07
well done, badgerdaddy!

can i have permission to say 'what did i tell you?' and look all smug? pretty please...

27/07/2006 at 22:06
That's excellent - well done.
27/07/2006 at 22:34
well done you xx
28/07/2006 at 10:06
Kazzah - hams are surprisingly okay but they'll need some more stretching over the day I think so I'm not in mad pain tomorrow!

Lyrah - go on then. Enjoy it.


Oooh, next Tuesday is a track session, apparently quite intense for the individual. Might as well give it a go....
28/07/2006 at 11:28
Anyway, more importantly, was there any fit birds there?

I joined my running club after going on the website for all of the local clubs, and chose to join the one with the most good looking women in their team pictures. Fickle? Yes. Shallow? Yes. But great for motivation - LOL!
28/07/2006 at 17:03
That's actually a great point, Coops. It's the only one round here though, so it's not like I have a lot of choice!

But the answer is yes, two were out last night and they were both really lovely - one with bright blue eyes that were absolutely dazzling. I think I may have impressed her with my use of the word 'dysphasic' in a retort...

Or maybe not.
28/07/2006 at 17:09
And there was me thinking you guys joined running clubs to improve your running!!! Should have guessed lure of the fairer sex would have something to do with it!! ;o)
29/07/2006 at 17:34
Yeah, the running is a by-product of meeting the lay-dees.

Well, it doesn't get any easier to meet women as you get older, especially if you're new in town...

Also, last night I saw the pair of them again in my local, and had a few beers with them - bright blue eyes has a husband, who is really lovely, and the women are sisters-in-law.

29/07/2006 at 17:59
Believe me it's no different for single women!!

So, you'll be out with the club again next week then?!
01/08/2006 at 14:13
Well, in theory I'll be going up there tonight - they're doing a track session tonight, which I've never done before. How exciting!

Very nervous again though, I must admit. I think tonight might be a little more intense.
01/08/2006 at 19:13
Work deadline interfered with me going tonight, didn't happen. Next week I'm at both sessions though... dagnabbit!

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