Supersize Kids

Anyone see it?

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25/03/2005 at 09:26
EP - didn't mean that you ARE obsessed in my last post - I think that a lot of what we all show in this forum is that we're all very focussed on a goal once we set it and that could be interpreted as being obsessed (my friends certainly think I am a lot of the time).

As Plodders has said, you are NOT a failure. You can't think that when you've done a Marathon. How many people do you know outside these fora that can say that?

I can count the number of my friends that've done it on the fingers of one hand.
25/03/2005 at 11:27
We watched Supersize Kids with our kids (10 & 11). Even the shocking bits. The Dad was ever so right - surgery is not the answer.

I agree with Jon. IMHO, it is up to parents to take full and total responsibility of their children. How can it possibly be anything else?

Hence I lost about 6st because my weight was "affecting" my daughter. A few years back she was in similar stages to that 6 year old. As a family we're a lot more "healthier" due to changes in attitudes/lifestyle (namely me and wife).

Not sure if this was mentioned but it seemed to me that some of the kids were comfort eating - family turmoil, school bullying and low self-esteem are devasting on those young minds. I hope the overweight 13yr old does well as he views his fitness instructor as a "kind big brother" which will boost his moral. His aunts, who did care, where misguided for berating him so much.

I felt the 22yr old who underwent surgery was incredibly brave for "baring all" on natioanl telly. What a remarkable example to us all.

The whole moment was spoilt when my 10yr old son quipped in that he'd lend me some money to get rid of my slightly baggy skin.....!

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121 to 122 of 122 messages
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