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04/04/2006 at 13:59
Hi group 5.

Offering hugs to all sweaty runners.

Come and get 'em!!!!!

limper and Mr L.
04/04/2006 at 16:04
you mean you will still be there by the time i roll up?
04/04/2006 at 16:10
I will not leave my post till you are hugged and ginned and cheered on your way darlin.
04/04/2006 at 16:20
Just make sure she doesn't hang around too long talking!
04/04/2006 at 16:30
CHARMING-you evil rodent
I seem to recall you told me off for chatting the year before last as well
04/04/2006 at 17:11
Get back to group 4 bad hamster - our group fivers need positive vibes and encouragement!!!
04/04/2006 at 17:13
Ill have to forgive the rodent though
it did walk 2 marathons with me
04/04/2006 at 17:24
Guess it really knows about your talking habits after 52 miles then Hipps!!
04/04/2006 at 17:29
It talks a lot more than i do

it wouldnt shut up!
04/04/2006 at 17:41
squeak squeak squeak eh hipps?
Should've stuck a carrot biscuit in it's gob.

Banner making this week.........

sweetie buying at tesco's............

Getting excited for all you runny sorts!
04/04/2006 at 21:04
Hi everyone - despite eating for Wales for the past few weeks there is only one of me - Taff & Tigger are one and the same! Thanks for the support - I'll need it by mile 17!!
04/04/2006 at 21:05
PS - jelly babies gladly received!
04/04/2006 at 21:05
gin gin gin gin
gin gin gin gin
Lovley gin
wonderful giiiin
marvelous giiiiiiiiiiin
04/04/2006 at 21:09
Hi - I've just e-mailed all the supporters and runners for whom I have an e-mail address.

So if you haven't received an e-mail from me then I don't have your address.

However, if you've found this thread then you probably don't need the e-mail anyway!!

I'll try to sort out a list of people whose addresses I don't have at the weekend.

I'm away from early Wednesday morning until Friday morning and if you mail me during that time I won't be able to respond. I'll reply as soon as I can at the weekend.
04/04/2006 at 21:16
Yes Hipps I think we've got that - you want a glass of lemonade right?
04/04/2006 at 21:30
Ill bring a 8 boxes of jelly babies to the expo......

to give me on the day :-)
04/04/2006 at 21:32

cuddly primate

that might be even nicer than ook
04/04/2006 at 21:58
Wey hey the bald one is coming home to blitey.

Hippo good to see you briefly again, and to everyone else looking forward to it lots.

im with hippo on the gin wish!!
04/04/2006 at 21:58
where the HELL have you been baldy
04/04/2006 at 22:23
work fingy and injry took over but back to full throttle and lurking all around now. looking forward to breaking FLM cherry!!
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