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02/10/2013 at 11:41

Here we go with the age gags. This is an outrage! Thank God rationing had ended, that's all I can say.

Screamy - It's all in the shape of the sausages. They couldn't have been more than 1cm in diameter, but a good bit longer than the normal ones, so they stacked very well together like logs in the bun.  They only went up to triple on the menu but you could put in a bespoke order and he'd work out the price. I worked out that five was my limit (including onions and ketchup) without risking sausage spillage after a few beers.

The real challenge was when he served up my octuple eggburger. (Eight eggs interspersed with seven eggs; I think this stood as a record.)  After much thought we went with a compromise - a quintuple eggburger served in the bun with a side order of three burgers and three eggs in a serviette.  I didn't sleep very well that night. (That was £3.05.)

Oh yeah, Samir - look after your diet.

02/10/2013 at 11:42

also ran - were you at Hull uni and that club was called Spiders?

02/10/2013 at 11:43

Correct  I had no idea what was in it, but Wikipedia came up trumps

02/10/2013 at 11:45

when were you there?  and that was a goth club you still wear eyeliner?

02/10/2013 at 11:45

bloody editing!  Eight burgers, seven eggs... in case anyone wanted to give it a go.

02/10/2013 at 11:49

In reply to Deans statement ........... the comedian in me wants to post the picture of Also Ran with his black eye with the caption .......I believe he still does Dean ......... but I cant be bothered to find the picture.


02/10/2013 at 12:01

Jeez Scott, you aren't going to rest until you've seen the exact details of his training history. Do you also want to know his diet and nutrition strategies? Exact details on number of clings, hill reps, elevation gains? Body fat and muscle composition? Bank details?

If he wants to "Hide the truth" then isn't that his choice? Enough with the witch hunt already!


02/10/2013 at 12:02

Late 80's Dean. I don't remember it being a goth place, but then I don't really remember the place - it wasn't the sort of place to arrive sober was it? The only thing I remember is being mistaken for one of the Housemartins.

Mr A has the proof that I still wear lots of eye liner though.

02/10/2013 at 12:05

oh, I was there on an off at the beginning of the 90's too, as just like matty, I had a girlfriend to 'maintain'.

Keep away from women Samir.

02/10/2013 at 12:32

Eight burgers, seven eggs... in case anyone wanted to give it a go.

Hells bells! 


02/10/2013 at 12:37

Ah yes, fondly remember our Brighton runner. I too noticed the return to pre Brighton form. I'm still impressed by the beard and manly physique 'she' ran the 2012 race in.

I'm also intrigued by Phil's choice of food - the octuple burger, perhaps we should advocate that as ideal marathon calorie loading. If only...

02/10/2013 at 12:38

I loved the old sponsored alcohol evenings at the Student's Union.

One evening I couldn't handle all the Pernod and Black served with liberal amounts of Tortilla chips and promptly ejected it all.....

I was convinced my lungs had ruptured!

02/10/2013 at 12:39

No no I'm not pointing out key errors on his behalf .... But my point is this- he's asking for help and asking about training and times- how can anyone help if we don't know his background - im just putting everything into a big picture - if he's 20 years old and can't organise his own time to run- yet he's ALLREADY posted he runs 40 miles a week hen I don't know what's going on.. My point about age and uni was it seems there's ALWAYS an excuse about training or something. It's just I have ran a HM in 80 I want 75 but no I between.. There is no point posting if he's no going to action advise .. Like me and someone else said - uni timetable is fairly generous and 40 miles a week is 4 hours training.. Not possible for someone who commutes 2 hours does football and does boxing- I think some of you are very dumb and naive - YES it's first week of uni- yet he just states he allready goes home to revise .. Is that really the case this early- most people haven't even had a serious lecture yet- so behave and get realistic please 

02/10/2013 at 12:47

Don't see what university doesn't have a track or cross country team either That he couldn't be involved with.. 

Samir the only advice you need is this- you say you've trained hard for a year etc etc..

take your uni time table and break it down and work out when you can, when you can do a long run and quality sessions- work your study time first if this helps so your left with spare time.. I don't know if you bus/train or get a lift but tli could look at running to a further stop or delaying pick up time .. 95% of my mates have been to uni and some still are - around 10 or so are athletes of some sort and 2 are knocking on GB team door one is going to commenwealth games- it's possible  

02/10/2013 at 13:13

Samir are you 2nd year uni? You said there was a 5km race at the end of the year that you couldn't attend.  Surely you had some organisation with your running if that's the case..or is it another contradiction? 


02/10/2013 at 13:35

I kind of admire Scott for ignoring the masses and really going for it. If nothing else it provides some entertainment.

02/10/2013 at 13:42

Ironically, all the time he spends chipping away at Samir he could be training to try and be as good as Samir.

02/10/2013 at 13:43

true but if hes bored at work and is just posting random s..t then hes not really going to be able to go training anyway.


02/10/2013 at 13:49

Ah, but I am training at my desk.

Every time I drink a coffee its calories burnt toning up my arms.

I like to ignore the amount of other shite thats in the mug counteracting that effort though.

02/10/2013 at 14:04

To be fair to Scott, he is already as good as Samir and then some.  Especially when the distance is 2.26 miles.

Scott, don't assume that universities always have clubs.  Despite having a lovely athletics track by the seafront, Swansea University did not have an athletics club when I started.  One was set up by the freshers that year, but I went along once, couldn't be bothered to assist with the organisation that was clearly required, and never went back.  I managed to return to serious running again a brief 15 years later.  In hindsight, I was more interested in drinking.

Swansea did have a goth night though, so swings and roundabouts

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