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13/11/2002 at 11:11
ooh, jenks all the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up..

13/11/2002 at 11:19
Jenks - I grew up in Barkingside (near the Magistrates Court/Mossford Rec) and Claybury Hospital was one of the scariest places around - all Gothic and deserted. Although not as scary as the time I was visiting my parents earlier this year and decided to postpone my lunchtime run to Fairlop Waters till evening. Quite glad I did - at the time and place that I would have reached Aldborough Hatch some poor woman was attacked and killed there. Makes me shudder to think of it now....
13/11/2002 at 11:29
Wonder if we oughtn't set up a " big girls blouse" running club. We could invite all those in URWFRC who have got themselves in a right old tizzy because someone has been sending them anonymous e-mails wishing them luck in FLM (whooooo! scary!!)

We could then start a thread every three months or so debating whether to become affiliated or not!!!
13/11/2002 at 11:34
Oi! I didn't say it was scary, it was irritating, and anyway, he wasn't just wishing me luck in the FLM!!!
13/11/2002 at 11:48
Fair enough snickster (thats MY favourite). Not one of my better ideas. No offence meant. Soz!

Scrub the big girls blouse running club idea. (damn!, what am I going to do with all these freaking t-shirts!!??)
13/11/2002 at 11:55
No offence taken. I'll join the big girl's blouse running club. On my dark night runs I regularly spend the 40 minutes spotting would-be assasins, crossing the road to avoid the red car that's following me, and launching into involunatry speed sessions at the mere rustle of a leaf. Yep, I'm in!
13/11/2002 at 12:03

I remember when I was at Uni, I'd spent the evening consoling a friend who'd just dumped her boyfriend. No, seriously, I was consoling her, no funny business!

Anyway, about 3am, I decided it was time to go home, and, since it was only about a mile, I walked.

As I was walking along the empty road, I could hear someone running towards me from behind, quite fast. Being the total coward that I am, I decied not to turn around, and started walking rather quickly.

As they came up to me, I could hear them slowing down (argh, panic, they're going to attack me), and then...this hand grabbed my shoulder!

And it was the friend I'd spent the evening with running after me to tell me that she fancied me and how did I feel about her?!

How did I feel about her? Considering that she'd just nearly given me a heart attack, well....

13/11/2002 at 12:06
I dont want to sound like a "new man" or anything, but I did wonder afterwards whether what I'd experienced was similar to what single female runners put up with throughout winter. If so its a wonder any of you do it!!

One tip, make sure your bumbags tight and if its that dark you need a head torch, dont go there! (thats two tips isnt it?)

(phew, good to have the anonymous e-mailers on board. I was counting on them to break even with these damned running vests- note to self, dont annoy anyone else!!)
13/11/2002 at 12:12
Sorry Chimp - couldn't resist.
<Note to self: Get some more work>
13/11/2002 at 12:17
Trickle: genuinely scary. I've said it before on this forum but whatever heckles etc us men have to put up with, you women get it worse.

Chimp: would we have to run in a big girl's blouse? I find they restrict my arm movement, apart from that I'm in.

Mr A: please continue your post. It's good to share these experiences with other runners, do not spare any details. If you prefer to email me anonymously I promise not to be irritated (does the A stand for Anonymous?)
13/11/2002 at 12:19
Chimp, trust me, you do not sound like a new man.
13/11/2002 at 12:25
Thanks DavidB!

Snickster. You're no relation to a Simon Bugler from the Nafferton area of North Yorkshire are you?
13/11/2002 at 12:29
Probably! Is he of Irish descent
13/11/2002 at 12:32
Ah Nafferton, the middle of my 6 mile run
13/11/2002 at 12:33
No, I dont think so. He introduced me to girl many years ago when we were both at Huddersfield Poly (NOT University) when I really was a big girls blouse. Anyway to cut a long story short, I married this girl and we now have 2 daughters, 17 and 11 (strange names I know)
13/11/2002 at 12:35
And now you want to hunt him down...
13/11/2002 at 12:45
Mr A, you can't start a story and then not finnish it. What happened next? I'm in no rush.
13/11/2002 at 12:47
Simon Bugler's not exactly an ordinary name either, is it. There's not many of us about, so as I said probably related. My matchmaking skills are pretty good too - except when it comes to me, but that's another story that I don't want to be sharing on the internet! What with all the goings on. Anyway, must get on. Nice to chat Chimp.
13/11/2002 at 13:16
Trickle, I lived on Tomswood Hill, about 1/4 mile from the top where it becomes Chigwell. My experience happened in 1969 and I moved away the following year. last year I ran in a x/country race in Claybury woods and you are right, the old hospital has been derelict but is now being converted to a pub to serve the up market housing developemnt being built in the rest of the grounds. I could have done with a fright on that occation to speed me up a bit...
13/11/2002 at 13:55

Blimey. I've never had so much interest in my love-life (including from my girlfriends). I'll miss out the middle and skip to the ending: she finished with me on Valentines Day. Nice.

As for the rest, you can use your imagination (it'll probably be more interesting than the truth)...
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