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07/03/2004 at 17:05
that was a cross post, was replying to Barb
07/03/2004 at 17:07
i sort of figured that out
07/03/2004 at 18:45
my night off running tonight so just poured a very big bourbon - first of a few. I know I'll regret it in the morning - why does it always have such a sting in its tail. BUT I know the booze wiull give the droop - but running gives me incredibles hard-ons (Am I allowed to say that on here)?
07/03/2004 at 19:02
You'll soon find out!
07/03/2004 at 19:10
erm scott you are, but you can't ever run in lycra shorts again
07/03/2004 at 19:10
but rubber will be ok with Jj
07/03/2004 at 19:13
hey the lycra is no problem - we men love it, pretend its all quite macho but get off on it
07/03/2004 at 19:18
Scott, methinks you have an unhealthy obsession with your penis. Not good in a man.
07/03/2004 at 20:55
But Barbara, I thought that was all men's first and foremost obsession??!!

Oh, I'll never understand.

<<walks ponderously back to thesis>>
cougie    pirate
07/03/2004 at 22:15
Blimey Scott - just looked back on your posts. Every thread you start IS connected to your w*lly !

I've heard of blokes thinking with it, but never typing with it. Please - enough ?

We'll start to think you might be someone trying to cover up something with all this talk.
07/03/2004 at 22:27
i bet he has a tiny car as well cougs
cougie    pirate
07/03/2004 at 22:42
I want a Mini.

<stomps feet petulantly>

<goes to dictionary to look up petulantly>
07/03/2004 at 22:48
<goes to tesco 24 hour store to look up womes' skirts>

..... glueing that mirror to my shoe was the best thing i ever did
07/03/2004 at 22:48
cougie    pirate
07/03/2004 at 23:06
Tee hee hee.
07/03/2004 at 23:32
the brains is in the head - but like most men we thnk with our dicks - suprised there are some posting with 'adjusted' behaviour.
07/03/2004 at 23:34
how do ou gals think
07/03/2004 at 23:35
07/03/2004 at 23:40
i'm sure i think with my brain

how do you micturate scott? reverse osmosis through the scalp?
cougie    pirate
07/03/2004 at 23:44
Scott. Do you actually run at all ? Or are you some perv that gets his kicks talking about blokes dangly bits all the time.

I did see you posted a thread about compression socks, but then you've also got a post about how nice the feeling of compression is on your calves and thighs.

If you want - we can direct you to the adult chatlines ? 0898 summat or other ??
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