The chia craze - BBC article

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23/03/2012 at 07:56

Hi fellow runners,

I may not be the first to spot this but thought I would put this on anyway out of interest - especially if any of you have read Born To Run... link to BBC article:

The chia craze


23/03/2012 at 10:07
Interesting. I wonder if you can grow it at home (to get it cheaper/fresher), or would you need a plot the size of a wheat field?
23/03/2012 at 19:07

I wouldn't mind trying some out.

Prices are pretty expensive unless you're baking your own bread and mixing it in with the flower. They seem to be very good nutritionally, but have a whiff of the old 'acai berries' or 'magnetic power bracelet' about them. 

Kryten    pirate
23/03/2012 at 20:26

I bought some chia seeds off Amazon ages ago after reading Born to Run. I fully expected them to turn me into a world class ultra runner overnight *.

If you soak them for 10 mins or so they turn into a kind of gel. So you can add them to a glass of orange juice and maybe a dash of lemon juice and it makes quite nice drink if a little chewy.

* - sorry to disappoint but it didn't happen.

Edited: 23/03/2012 at 20:26
23/03/2012 at 22:45
A chewy drink. Well, you've sold me on these seeds now!
23/03/2012 at 22:53
A chewy drink bit like drinking tap water in Egypt.
my dietician The bookworm says I dont need them good enough for me
Kryten    pirate
23/03/2012 at 23:06
Yes definitely a bit chewy. Also - Nykie - I think I should warn you, that after you have soaked them, they do tend to resemble frogspawn!
23/03/2012 at 23:49
Oooh, frogspawn, my favourite. All those little babies waiting to be born. Or drank

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