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29/04/2009 at 18:02

Hollie Anne - after a while you lose the taste for it, and they estimate that if you give it up for more than 6 weeks, it doesn't taste the same.

I used to be a proper chocolate monster, but now I am not so fussed on it.

29/04/2009 at 18:11

Since the end of January with the aid of running (read gasping) and the cambridge diet I have lost 2 stone 7 lb so far. Got another one stone to go.

I must admit I am running more and using the cambridge diet less and less but it was one heck of  good boost to see the initial pounds drop off.

29/04/2009 at 18:27


mmmmmmm findus crispy pancakes!!! i liked the minced beef ones as a kid!

had a pretty good couple of days, i am trying really hard to eat uber healthily. i went to the bodyworld exhibition at the 02 on monday and was shocked at how much damage we do to our bodys!

today i have eaten

bre- homemade buckwheat porridge with 1/2 grated apple and ground cinnamon

mms - strawberries

lunch - miso soup with spring onions and prawns, rye bread, 2 x kiwis

mas - 4 x oatcakes and salsa

din - organic italian bean soup, rye bread, probiotic yogurt.

 i have a dirty headache from caffiene withdrawal, but a flatter less bloated belly! and i had piles of energy at the gym!!!  

Edited: 29/04/2009 at 18:28
29/04/2009 at 20:10
Kelly Wilkinson 2 wrote (see

. i went to the bodyworld exhibition at the 02 on monday and was shocked at how much damage we do to our bodys!

Take little if any notice of some of these things. Thay say avoid this, that and t'other. It's a wonder we ever survived these past ten thousand years.

Half of of it is unsubstantiated bullsh*t, rumour and nonsense. Scaremongering to the highest order made worse by "Nutritionists" who gets a doctorate in America by post then thinks that white bread will kill you in ten seconds etc.

Take it with a pinch of salt, healthy eating, excercise and an understanding that your parents managed to make you, bring you up, get you educated and let you loose on the world without resorting to probiotic, organic, GM free, caffeine free nonsense.

With respect you've swallowed it all hook line and sinker. Have a life and enjoy it rather than worry that you'll have liver failure unless you have an actimel drink.

29/04/2009 at 20:15

Another better food day here too, as long as I don't eat anything else now!!

Yeti- I was watching it too- now I can eat 3 bowls of cereal, but why throw it up afterwards?!! And those bowls of porridge (eurgh).

Just done a 6 miler in 54 mins- yippee.

Chocaholics- I find it easier to say NO chocolate than to try and control what I have.

Elmo= I did the cambridge diet when I was about 20, did work but it can creep back on again when you eat real food, having said that, sounds like you are using exercise more now and weanin off it so well done.

I like food toooo much to try a meal replacement diet.

One of the Mums at my cubs' school did Lighter Life last year, lost an awesome amount and guess what it's  all going back on again now.

Have a good food day tomorrow guys!

29/04/2009 at 23:18

Hi everyone

Hi Kelly, Foxy - sounds like you have done well today both of you  Well Done

Hi Elmo

29/04/2009 at 23:53

Hey everyone, lots to read back on.

Vixx, i know what you mean about not weighing everyday, but i think it helps me, i was 10 st 3 last friday yet i was 10 st 1 on monday and have been 10 st 0 all week so i think last friday was a blip (due to a bad few days eating at work)....this will be my final weigh in for this week as i'm off to fraser island for the weekend tomorrow! Can't wait, i've been trying my bikini on everyday and it looks so much better than it did last weekend as i'm not bloated and my stomach has gone super-flat!

Kelly, whats your buckwheat porridge??? I'm guessing its wheat or gluten free? I don't like eating wheat but love oats so usually make normal porridge but always looking for varieties.

On the chocolate front, i seem to be resisting at the moment, had my first bit in a few days yesterday (maltesers) and i don't know why i bothered as i felt exactly the same after eating them...what i was actually craving was a teaspoon of natural peanut butter but didn't have any! At least that would have given me some energy and has some nutriotional value. Now my real weakness is biscuits! I just have to stay away or i'll eat the lot!!! Thank god work have stopped providing them!

I'm definitely feeling very positive at the moment, i think its a combination of losing a few lbs, having just had my hair done, getting back into running and having bought some new clothes, but i just feel like i look so much better than i did a couple of months ago so very happy!

I won't be back until monday now so have a great rest of week and weekend everyone! xx

30/04/2009 at 00:30
Have a great weekend Sydney  Hope you have a good time
30/04/2009 at 03:41

Elmodiddly that's FANTASTIC. Bloody well done. I'm taking you as my motivation for today. 2 stone 7 lb - wicked.

Vixx, I'm liking this virtual support group.

For all you chocoholics, get this, it might help: you only crave chocolate because you know it exists. Imagine if it had never been invented (read: discovered then processed with loads of sugar and additives, even the 85% stuff), you wouldn't be craving it. It's not a physical need, it's a mental one. Summon up your willpower and resist. The satisfaction you get from resisting is way better than the (short-lived) buzz you get from a chocolate bar. Try allowing yourself one a week (and count it in your calorie allowance), when you're hungry and due for a snack, not after eating. Nibble it in the tiniest bites you can and savour each one. Pause between nibbles. Drink it with a cup of tea or coffee to fill you up. Sit down and enjoy the moment, don't just scoff it down while you're dashing to pick up the kis. It will taste sensational, you'll be full afterwards...even feeling a bit sick, so you won't want another one. Gradually your brain will adjust to how sickly it is. At some point, you won't be able to finish a whole bar, and then you'll stop wanting one. It works!

Good luck.

30/04/2009 at 07:05

LS you're completely right and funnily enough thats what i did this afternoon....

I had a caramel kitkat chunky with a cup of tea, it was within my calorie limit for the day, ate it slowly and savoured it and really enjoyed it and its kept me perky for the home in about an hour for a run, will be my last for nearly a week so there's no way i can skip it!

30/04/2009 at 09:26

morning all,

anothre good week for me, i avoided the temptation of sticky toffee pudding and custard last night and im steering well clear of teh big box of cadburys choc biscuits in the kitchen.

looking forward to the friday weigh in

30/04/2009 at 09:29

sydney - i got it in the dried bean/posh rice/bulgar wheat section in waitrose. Buckwheat is a wholegrain and gluten free. It takes a teeny bit of getting used to, it cooks like couscous, so is dry at the end of cooking. i add probiotic yogurt, apple and cinnamon. it tastes soooooo good and fills me up for ages! i dont like wheat either, bloats me right out. i didnt think much of the aus supermarkets, but i bet you can get it in one of the health stores out there.

30/04/2009 at 09:35

Morning everyone

Everyone seems to be doing v.well- so many healthy food diaries going on im very proud , thank you for all the advice on chocolate- i wil follow it and let you know how it goes!

Just like most people, i couldnt help weighing myself this mornign and i have lost 2lb since friday- im so happy! big run tonight hopefully,

Keep going guys everyone is doing really well!

30/04/2009 at 12:15

Thanks kelly, you're right about oz supermarkets, not that great, i started making my own muesli in summer with oats and loads of seeds and cashews, its so yum but i ate so much of it with loads of yoghurt and fruit....i know its healthy (but calorific) but i've had to get rid of the yoghurts (cutting down on dairy), could have it with rice milk i guess but now its winter here porridge is good so i'll try the buckwheat.

Good work on the weight loss becki, good feeling isn't it!

I'm being naughty and chatting on another thread which was originally about height affecting running but has turned into a cake discussion.....i've now asked for 2 cheesecake idea why, they're impossible to make dairy free and i'm not eating stuff like that at the moment....worth noting for future though....i won't use them i promise!

Right i really must go and pack!

30/04/2009 at 12:20


thanks ofr all the advice regarding chocolate. I'm going to try having it once or twice a week, and really savour it. I'll let you know how it goes!!

well done everyone for losing weight and keeping positive. This thread is spurring me on with healthy eating.

Sydney the muesli sounds delicious!! I love homemade muesli

Hope everyone has a good day!

30/04/2009 at 13:07

yeah me too, although i feel a bit of a fraud being on another thread chatting about cake and pancakes....but  long as i'm talking about it and not eating it (which i'm not) then i think its ok....

right i really am off to bed now, early start tomorrow x

30/04/2009 at 13:30
oh dear, I'm not the best person to be chatting on this thread:  more birthday cakes in the office today!  it's just the time of year for it....
30/04/2009 at 13:30

Hi all.. so far so good for me... although not enough running this week!  Have just had a big plate of fruit.. raspberries, kiwi, pear and apple... together with the chicken breast that is my standard working lunch fare...  With the exception of a couple of vodkas and a glass of red I have been good on the booze front since the weekend as well...

Am now off til Tuesday (which is incidentally my weigh day...)... These long weekends play havoc with my diet and after my run tomorrow morning I am out for both lunch and supper! 

Oh well... will try and counteract the high living with some exercise and hope for the best on the Boots weighing machine on Tuesday morning!

Have fun everyone...

30/04/2009 at 13:34
Hollie... by the way... think you should be fine for a half marathon...  Do you have a training programme?  If you need one PM me and I will pop a copy of our club half marathon plan over to you
30/04/2009 at 17:11

Hello all

I hope that you are having a good day.  Lumbering - that advice was excellently put, and I think you are absolutely correct.

It does seem that everyone is having good days overall, which is fabulous.

Weigh in for most of us tomorrow.  I am going for a run in a bit, so maybe that will help.....

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