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08/02/2011 at 08:43

Morning everyone.  Well done birkmyre. 

Last night I found a place to go running.  I don't really like running on the street, but discovered yesterday that about a 2 min walk from my front door there is the start of a path through fields and woodland.  Walked around for about half an hour last night til it got dark.  Got Rosemay Conley's tonight, so won't be home before dark, but tomorrow night i'm definitely going to don my trainers and get back into the running.  It's quite good too, as i'll have to go as soon as I get home before it gets dark, so can't put it off.

08/02/2011 at 09:49
Morning everyone. Well done Birkmeyer, keep going!!! OII – Hope your book arrives, its nice when you’re looking forward to something arriving. I know what you mean about the evenings. My friend is trying to lose weight for her wedding so i've told her ill train her to run 10km. So I took her for her first ran last night. ( I had already done 1 hour personal training so didn’t mind the pace was slow and was only 30 mins inc warm up and cool down) She ran her very first mile and was well proud of herself. She text me later saying what a true friend I was as no one else would do that for her. I actually told her it helped me too as being out running at 7pm meant I wasn’t in the kitchen looking for nibbles. lol Taking her again Wednesday night. Run club for me tonight!!Angel – he field sounds great. I run on the streets tonight but I must say I prefer my weekend canals and reservoir run. Try run next time now you’ve found a route. I bet you’ll enjoy it.Everyone else ok?
08/02/2011 at 10:29
Apologies for how random the rest of this post may sound, but I had no notifications at all yesterday for here, so I have used Word and typed everything I wanted to say and am just cutting and pasting!

WELL DONE BIRKMYRE on losing 1lb!

I may read the Kenny Dalglish book as your recommendation makes it sound like a good read!

DD – did you manage to get what you needed to repair your shower? Well done on staying on the tready for an hour! I have a job doing that I have to say!

Lfc – hope your son’s op goes ok on Friday. I’ll be sending positive thoughts his way!
What sort of food does Gusto do by the way – I meant to ask.

All chocolate can do damage if eaten to excess, but if you just have a small amount as a treat then it stops the binging on it, which is the worst thing. If you deny yourself stuff you are more likely to crave it, and then go crazy on it, and then before you know it you’ve eaten 200g instead of the small amount that had initially been planned. The only time I would say to ‘ban’ a food from your diet is if you cannot trust yourself to only eat a small amount.

(btw – dark chocolate around the 70-80% range has more antioxidants and less fat than milk or white choc.)

Well done on staying the same Moyz – at least you didn’t gain anything, and maybe you’ll see a difference this week!

Wabo – who do you support football-wise? Man U?

Relaxed – great idea on texting a mate what you are eating! How did that go?

Moyz – we have only seen Mrs lfc on here once, and that was for her to impart some well-required wisdom to me at the time!

Angel – hope the outdoor run goes ok

Hope everyone is ok today
08/02/2011 at 11:11
Vixx - Gusto does Italian food. OH has said that we will go for an Indian when my birthday comes as I love a good curry and only get the chance to go to a curry house every blue moon, but I enjoyed it there that much that I may give up my curry to go there again.

Birkmyre - well done on the loss. It's going nice and steady for you.
08/02/2011 at 11:23

Morning Vixx and LFC

Vixx - i used to be able to have just a little choc..actually nutella really worked for me, when i had a craving i had a tea sppon of nutella...jod done!! Except a few weeks ago i got home and ate a whole jar in one go off a spoon...i havent bought any since. Wish i had more control..hahah

08/02/2011 at 11:37
Morning Moyz

If it was that easy to control, I wouldn't have been watching the biggest loser last night. It's great how you have taken charge of what you are eating.

Last night, OH had nipped out the shops and in amongst the shopping was two packs of the Aero bubbles. She opened one of them later when we were relaxing and started to eat them. I said to her that instead of chewing them and taking a load, I put one in my mouth and let it melt, that way it lasts for a while and I only have a couple.
08/02/2011 at 11:49
I was watching Biggest Loser last night too lfc!

I do find it interesting to watch, albeit car crash TV

Morning Moyz - I used to have nutella on the spoon, but with a tiny amount of peanut butter with it as it would stick to the roof of my mouth so much I'd be tasting it for ages!
08/02/2011 at 12:56

My boyf wouldn't let me watch biggest loser last night, need to catch it up at some point.  He said he wanted to watch 'something good' instead!  So we watched an ER, i've never watched it, but because they're showing them on sky atlantic from the start decided to give it a go, getting quite into it.  Fingers crossed he'll let me watch the US biggest loser tonight!!

I have literally become obsessed with diet shows at the mo tho, it's quite bad, in a week at the mo I am taping:

  • Biggest Loser UK
  • Biggest Loser US
  • Diet Tribe
  • X Weighted

He will only ever watch biggest loser with me tho.  They're completely taking over the hard drive at the mo tho because my friend let me series 1 and 2 of entourage about 3+ years ago and I never watched them, she's coming down on Saturday and I want to finally give them back, so whenever i'm on my own been watching that - 8 episodes to go (about 20 mins each).  Considering borrowing boyf's portable dvd player to watch one or 2 at lunch.

08/02/2011 at 13:01


Book arrived today, will start reading it tonight

Texting my friend about eating through the day is working so far She's in the same boat as me so we are doing it together. Whenever I think about eating and I know I shouldn't I think twice as I don't want to admit to her that I've given in. And eating and not telling isn't an option as thats cheating and dishonest and I can't be either of those especially to a friend! Having to report what I eat to someone is certainly making me think and realising that I can resist. The feeling good about myself at the end of the day is fab

Moyz the adventure challenge is a team event. We have to start together and finish together. It involves running, mountain biking and kayaking with an assault course at the end. You don't know exact distances or order until the day! Its on 2nd April. You have the added incentive of training because you don't want to let your team mates down as you all have to stay together.
The approximate distances are 30km mountain bike, 10km trail running and 1km kayaking. The biking and running could be split up, not all at once. So expect anything!!!!
We are having fun training and really looking forward to it

08/02/2011 at 13:48
Relaxed - wow the adventure thing sounds cool. Like the sound of that. Not enough days in my week to do everything I want to do though. Glad your book rrived let me know if you can relate to it. Do you and your friends have an iphone? if so download myfitnesspal app. It counts all calories and you can update status etc. Its great, me and my friend use that to motivate eac other. Angel-biggest loser is repeated on itv2 tonight I think. I find myself watching it but hate that they now have shakes/meal plans so it feels like one big advertising campagin…and I am SOO against diet shakes/ strict diet plans etc. LFC – hope you enjoyed those aero bubbles…what day do you weigh yourself? lol. Sure you will keep losing ayway as you sound like youre still training loads.
08/02/2011 at 14:12
Angel - also addicted to those shows fat families x weighted diet tribe biggest loser uk and us too fat for fifteen. Cringe!
08/02/2011 at 14:24
I've only got freeview so I don't get any of the other programmes. Not that I want to watch them. My interests are more football, sci-fi, 24 sort of stuff.
08/02/2011 at 14:31
I too do not like the fact that the Biggest Loser is now marketing shakes etc as I feel if they are not shown in the show, and they are trying to encourage a lifestyle of healthy eating then why go down the shakes route???

I think the book and a DVD is a good idea as they can help to motivate and can be dipped in and out of. Hmmmm.
08/02/2011 at 15:01
I don't believe in those shakes. How can you learn how to eat sensibly with shortcuts like that?
08/02/2011 at 15:07

Exactly. Luckily i never fell down the 'shakes' route but i did fall in the 'diet' trap. Those things mess you up...yeah you'll lose weight for sure..but miute you eat real food again you gain weight...where as people who've never dieted can eat sensibly and not gain. Diet industry makes millions from quick fads though. Books with exercise and healthy eating advice etc is great...keeps you focussed and motivated. Looks like im at run club alone tonght as my two mates bailed...oh well ill be at the back..but ill still go. Got to keep going to get faster

08/02/2011 at 15:11
Well said Moyz.

As Vixx has said on here, you don't put it on overnight so don't expect to lose it overnight.
08/02/2011 at 15:11

I don't get what they're doing with the shakes.  I have got the book and it is really good, loads of exercise plans and the food plan seems very balanced.  1500 kcal a day for a woman which is broken down into 6 portions carbs, 5 fruit and veg, 2 protien, 3 dairy, 3 fat/sugar, 100 kcal treat/snack, and gives you portion guideseg 1 carb 35 g cereal/1/2 bagel/50 g cooked pasta, 1 protien 70-90g cooked lean meat/4 tbsps lentils etc.  It then gives a 6 week food plan and recvipes.  Also says if you are losig more than 1-2lb a week (justification for contestants losing more is that they are under constant medical supervision) to try adiing 2 more fruit and veg and 1 more carbs and protien, then adjust as necessary. Seems very healthy, so I can't see why they're then pushing these ridiculous shakes.

Oii - my boyfriend hates them all, but I love seeing them lose the weight.  I really like diet tribe, i'd like to have a group of friends like that that we could go work out together and then go out for healthy meals out, or go round for dinner parties.  I've only seen a bit of fat families, but I didn't like it, it felt more like he was going 'look at these massive people - what a freak show.  DidI tell you how much weight I lost??'

I think some of them are on sky 3 lfc, which is on freeview.  I have to watch football occaisionally with my boyf, and he likes 24 etc.  New cougar town starts tonight too, which was one of the shows we watched because I wanted too and he likes (glee is another).

08/02/2011 at 15:15
I like football, well most sports, sci-fi, crime and CSI/NCIS stuff.

I think the thing with the shakes is that they are using it to make more money from the average person who is watching the show, when really they should be looking at the food side - as Moyz said, diets can mess you up - and if any of you actually meet me you can see for yourself what dieting actually does long term.
08/02/2011 at 15:23

vixx no I live in London and support a London club (ha ha dig at man u supporters who only live round the corner, apologies anybody) Spurs is my team, painful though it is at times!

moyz done that (fitness pal)

birkmyre, well done on your loss!

Moyz I do really like that app actually.  Mad as it seems I now realise that I dont exercise to lose weight, I do it to eat more, I am laughing while I type this, now I know why its slow to come off!! But it is shifting slowly and thats fine because I am one of them people who always says diets dont work and I dont want to keep dieting I just want to be a better weight for me, my clothes and running! And I want to get there and stay there.  I did ww online and I did really well but it crept on again which tells me I eat too much, oh I am  laughing at myself again, its like wabo  confession time!

seriously though this sort of thread does help.

08/02/2011 at 15:24
I daren't start watching CSI/NCIS/Law and Order as we'd probably end up going back and having to get all the old box sets and there's so many of them!!.  Me and my boyf tend to like to have seen stuff from the beginning, so we don't tend to start on stuff later.  We've just got series one house and the mentalist boxsets because everyone says how  good they are.  The crime ones we always watch are monk, psych and bones.
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