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24/10/2012 at 07:41

Morning all

Vixx - The kitchen and dining room look great if I say so myself. I'll have to get you down for a coffee for you to inspect. The kitchen, not the coffee.

DD - How's the knee?

Birkmyre - how are Rangers doing in the league? Do you think they're a cert to win it or are the opposition stronger than expected against the team you have now?

3.11 miles last night, no stops, no pain and slightly quicker pace, up to 10.55 minute miles.

24/10/2012 at 10:49

weigh day, 10st 8.7lb, .6 lb off this week....

lfc thats good news on your run last night!

24/10/2012 at 10:51

Wabo - good to see the weight is heading in the right direction still. No real movement on my weight yet, but I am having to pull in my belt a bit tighter now so I hope that's a good sign.

24/10/2012 at 11:09

sounds  a good sign lfc, I am in the zone, well actually I have changed my eating habits I would say. I feel so much better. Not running any faster, yet!

25/10/2012 at 05:59


lfc: I've been surprised at the level in Div 3.  Rangers are top on goal difference, but yet to win away. We;'ve won all our home League Games though. I think the team are still gelling.

Sometimes they play spells of really good one touch 'pass and move' football  and yet at other times they seem to think 'What now ?'

25/10/2012 at 07:21

Birkmyre - we get that 'What now?' when we reach the 12 yard box, we do great up to then. Should be an interesting derby game for us at the weekend.

25/10/2012 at 08:25

Spurs are a bit 'what now' in the box!

Morning all!

25/10/2012 at 09:18

Morning Wabo. 

25/10/2012 at 12:38


25/10/2012 at 21:36

lfc: Could be a cracking Liverpool v Evertom match.

26/10/2012 at 07:37

Birkmyre - It will be hard but I am really looking forward to it. We are having a lot of banter here which is always good, it's just where to watch it is the biggest problem at the moment.

26/10/2012 at 09:07

Morning all.

Friday at last - what is everyone up to this weekend.

I shall be watching the footie on Sunday as well - supporting Everton

26/10/2012 at 09:18

DD - you can go off some people real quick. 

I've got the lurgy at the moment so I'll just be trying to shake that off. Remember the clocks go back this weekend.

26/10/2012 at 09:18


I am racing tomorrow, xctry at Perivale, never done it before. Out with my niece sunday for brekkie, nice weekend I think!

Whats anyone else doing?

26/10/2012 at 19:12

Evening all. 

I stayed the same today - 14st 9lb. Have also found out that my testosterone level is far too low and so am waiting to see what suggestions will be made for altering it.

I've got the Newcastle v West Brom game to think about Sunday

How is everyone?

26/10/2012 at 19:39

Evening Vixx: Not bad at all thanks. My mate is a big Baggies fan.

26/10/2012 at 20:03

Yay! There's 2 of us!

27/10/2012 at 09:06
Got a phone call last night, I'm off to London next month to film my next gameshow.
27/10/2012 at 10:20


27/10/2012 at 10:48


Vixx: I was at Wembley in late May 1993 with my mate.(We went on a Baggies supportes bus ) to watch West Brom in play offs and win 3-0 .It was certainly 'Boing, Boing' that day

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