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27/07/2004 at 17:10
Brunswick, I believe that 'waster bitch' is actually the queen's forum name...
27/07/2004 at 17:11
Very appropriate!
27/07/2004 at 17:18
yep, though she gets someone else to do the actual running for her.
27/07/2004 at 17:50
I go with Billie Connoly's suggestion of replacing the National Anthem with the Theme to the Archers.

It's a much more upbeat and positive tune!

Not sure what words would fit with "Rum ti tum ti tum ti tum, rum ti tum ti daa daa" though !

In fact, they ARE the words. So much easier to remember :o)
27/07/2004 at 17:52
that Vindaloo footy song?

nah nah nah
27/07/2004 at 17:55
I can see it now---------
Suffolk Punch    pirate
27/07/2004 at 17:56
It's pompous and stinks of "British Raj" type imperilism and not pride of being Britiah.

I say change it for something Nationalistic - but then that wouldn't be PC - would it?
27/07/2004 at 17:56
what, Vindaloo is?

27/07/2004 at 18:01
ANDS it has actions
27/07/2004 at 18:03
Trin, Im not QUITE getting that
27/07/2004 at 18:05
oh yes i know that game-but i dont think its posssible

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21 to 31 of 31 messages
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