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27/07/2004 at 17:06
The GB anthem is one I won't stand up for.
The waster bitch wouldn't stand up for me so I'm buggered if I'll stand for her!
27/07/2004 at 17:10
Brunswick, I believe that 'waster bitch' is actually the queen's forum name...
27/07/2004 at 17:11
Very appropriate!
27/07/2004 at 17:18
yep, though she gets someone else to do the actual running for her.
27/07/2004 at 17:24
(isn't the problem with Land of Hope and Glory that it reflects Britian's colonisation of the world i.e creating slaves out of other nations - in the lines 'wider still and wider may thy bounds be set GOD who made the mighty, make thee mightier yet?)

so, would [potentially] cause a race issue (as I believe it has in the past) + it refers to GOD - which I thought people wanted to drop?

(quite like it as a tune, btw, just saying it could be a controversial choice to replace 'God save the Queen')
27/07/2004 at 17:43
.. anyhow since when was it adopted as the 'English National Anthemn'?

The tune was only written c1900,(composed by Edward Elgar) and the words married to it at somepoint after ? 1902 by Henry Wood using Benson's words, and England has been a nation since ?, at least since 1311?

So I'm a bit confused on that one.

It thought the 'national anthemn' (god save the queen) was the national anthemn of England, and we 'imposed' it on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island?, or at least they were one and the same (the anthemns, that is)
27/07/2004 at 17:48
I say let's adopt 'Nimrod' from the Enigma Variations (very patriotic) - it's got no words, but at least it should spare our sporting heroes the embarrasment of singing + no one can get offended ;)

Jerusalem - cracking tune again, but the words will offend some....
27/07/2004 at 17:50
I go with Billie Connoly's suggestion of replacing the National Anthem with the Theme to the Archers.

It's a much more upbeat and positive tune!

Not sure what words would fit with "Rum ti tum ti tum ti tum, rum ti tum ti daa daa" though !

In fact, they ARE the words. So much easier to remember :o)
27/07/2004 at 17:51
hurrah! sounds like a fab plan ;)
27/07/2004 at 17:52
that Vindaloo footy song?

nah nah nah
27/07/2004 at 17:54
England score one more than you...
27/07/2004 at 17:55
I can see it now---------
Suffolk Punch    pirate
27/07/2004 at 17:56
It's pompous and stinks of "British Raj" type imperilism and not pride of being Britiah.

I say change it for something Nationalistic - but then that wouldn't be PC - would it?
27/07/2004 at 17:56
what, Vindaloo is?

27/07/2004 at 17:57
( in fact England must have been a nation at least since the signing of the Magna Carta ? 1201?? (& I suspect before, thou' I'm no historian) so what did we do for all those centuaries without a national anthemn?)
27/07/2004 at 18:01
nah nah nah

me me mate, me gran and me brother..

(+ it has the word 'Waterloo' in it, so must be a brill choice)
27/07/2004 at 18:01
ANDS it has actions
27/07/2004 at 18:02
in fact, why not set 'vindaloo' to the tune of 'Land of hope and glory' (Best of both worlds)

.... oops here comes Sally and her whistle ;)
27/07/2004 at 18:03
Trin, Im not QUITE getting that
27/07/2004 at 18:04
Don't listen to R4 then?
(it's a game on 'I'm sorry I haven't a clue' - one tune & have to sing words from another one for one minute I think) v funny
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