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27/07/2004 at 16:08
having a chat with my punters in the bar last night and the conversation came up about how boring our anthem is compared to say the italian or french, which we all agreed where much more inspiring, so the questions are.

1. should we change it?
2. if yes what to??

27/07/2004 at 16:12
1. yes
2. the French natinal anthem (that'll wind them up)
27/07/2004 at 16:14
OK this one winds me up. Are you talking about the British or the English, Welsh or Scottish anthems?

27/07/2004 at 16:15
Gumps - whatever winds you up the most!

mellifera    pirate
27/07/2004 at 16:15
yes, i'd like to see it changed
to something that doesn't refer to god
and preferable leaves the royals out too.

hum, what to? i'm not sure how about the music from 'the great escape'
mellifera    pirate
27/07/2004 at 16:17
is there an english national anthem? i'm probably showing my ignorance here
27/07/2004 at 16:21
Ironwolf and mellifera - Land of Hope and Glory is the Englash anthem.

Quite why God Save the Queen is normally used I don't know. In fact if I was playing Rugby for Wales I'd join in as it applies equally to me.
27/07/2004 at 16:25
I saw We Happy Few (truly excellent play!) on the weekend and they made up a national anthem in that because they didn't like GSTQ. Maybe we can buy theirs off them? I do remember liking it.
27/07/2004 at 16:29
Schools don't seem to teach it so what's the point having one anyway???
Off soap box wabo...
27/07/2004 at 16:31
during the euro's 1/2 my punters didnt know the words to sing it before the game.... I was amazed
27/07/2004 at 16:34
27/07/2004 at 16:36
well what anthem belongs to whom?
27/07/2004 at 16:36
See above.
mellifera    pirate
27/07/2004 at 16:45
Gumps alas, there is a general presumption that UK, GB and England are synonyms.

Land of Hope and Glory eh? That just reminds me of 'It aint half hot mum'
27/07/2004 at 16:51
Change it. It'll need changing soon anyway once the parasites have been done away with and this becomes the Republic of Great Britain.
27/07/2004 at 16:52
we definitely should get rid of 'god save the queen' in any case. I quite like 'land of hope of glory' - it always reminds me of dangermouse (or am I thinking of something else?).
27/07/2004 at 16:56
If we're going to have God save the Queen, let's at least have the Sex Pistol's version of it!
27/07/2004 at 16:58
Every other nation has an anthem that boasts about their national pride - ours is a reminder of snivelling servility.

When other nations are singing their anthems about how they kicked the asses of whichever invaders or attackers threatened their land, or about how bloody marvellous their country is, we squirm through horrid fawning dirge about isn't the queen great and long may we continue to be inferior to her.
And anyway, she's not even English.

So we should change the English anthem to Jerusalem or Land of Hope and Glory, or the Nah Nah Nah NaNaNa Nah bit in Hey Jude.
27/07/2004 at 17:03
Ditch it completely.

Or replace it with John Cage's 4'33".
27/07/2004 at 17:06
The GB anthem is one I won't stand up for.
The waster bitch wouldn't stand up for me so I'm buggered if I'll stand for her!
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