The Polyphasic Sleep Experiment

Sleep 2-3hrs per 24hrs

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cougie    pirate
02/03/2006 at 18:36
Didnt Mrs T make do on 4 hours sleep a night ? Oh hang on - maybe that wasn't a good example.

Fascinating experiment, but not for me.

Do carry on !
02/03/2006 at 18:40
Didn't know Mr T had a wife? Did she wear lots of gold chains and yell "shuddup fool" as well?
16/03/2006 at 11:10
Boing! :-)
16/03/2006 at 11:15
blog's been updated, looks like it has been a lot of trouble ...
16/03/2006 at 11:35
Actually this is the reason for siesta in Spain. Farmers in the hot summer period in Spain used to wake up at 3am after going to bed sometimes at 11pm or midnight. A nice nap at 9-10am after breakfast and another at 3pm after lunch made sense.

I don't know how those sleeping patterns can be adjusted to the common working life nowadays.

16/03/2006 at 13:39
I wonder why he is still perservering?

It seems apparant that is hasn't worked.

16/03/2006 at 20:28
This reminds me of an old program on the BBC called 'body matters' (i think).

It suported a thoery on one episode that if you didnt wash your hair for 6 weeks it would start to clean itself, or somehow regulate the grease or something like that.

Maybe he's still waiting for it to 'kick-in' so to speak.

Havent read the blog yet, but will defo check it out. The concept is very compelling!

17/03/2006 at 13:58
I did speak to my friend who's done some sleep research - the system has some evidence to back it up but long term can affect your ability to learn new tasks. So as a way of freeing up time to learn more stuff, it is probably not best suited. will endeavour to read blog at some point, but due to lack of polyphasic sleep system, am currently a bit busy ;-)
Duck Girl    pirate
11/10/2006 at 21:43
just thought i'd boing this - what happened?
11/10/2006 at 21:49
blog seems to have vanished

They had Bill Witchell (I think - bloke on Strictly Come Dancing last year) doing polyphasic sleep and he ran into all sorts of problems.
12/10/2006 at 00:05
who'd a thunk it? an obviously stupid idea turns out to be crap?? mind blowing stuff.
12/10/2006 at 00:23
Would you like My toddler???. I think she has the same sleep pattern at the moment. I am shattered and would kill for 6 hours unbroken sleep. Good luck with experiment, but half an hour here and there for the last 3 nights not done a lot for my sanity and as she not settling now I don't think its going to do much tonight... but it will be interesting to see what happens.....

I become very very grumpy if I don't get my sleep. :-(
12/10/2006 at 01:38
I've just read back through this topic for the first time, and while I question the idea I'm not going to say it's a bad one. What really interested me the most though was the insight into this person, and his ideals - i'm in agreement. He thinks a little like me - setting high goals, that come across as huge in scale to most, but especially with the right effort and belief, shouldn't be so impossible in the long run.
12/10/2006 at 09:38
Ya mean Bill Turnbull, Bear? ;o)

I've been doing this for years. Unintentionally. And I'm always shattered.
12/10/2006 at 10:17
Not so sure about setting massive goals if you never achieve them.

I'm shattered at the minute, but that's because I got hammered last night and had 5 hour's kip. I would kill for a full 8 at the mo, bed is calling me.

"Bryan, come home baby I'm waiting here for ya! Come and sit on me!"
cougie    pirate
09/11/2006 at 10:54
Oooh any updates ?
09/11/2006 at 13:09
yeah - think I probably do - it was Nick Witchell I think?!?

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