The stupidest thing you've done

while running

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17/01/2010 at 22:40

I dont think this is stupid but I probably looked stupid!!

Whilst doing my 1st half marathon today, got near the the 13m marker and looked at my watch and was 10-20 secs over 1:39 and wanted a sub 1:40 time as a few seconds would of haunted me so off I sprinted and actually shouted 'COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at myself to sprint for the line!!

Probably looked an idiot but finished in 1:39:59:32 on my Garmin and 1:39:54 chip time so i'm happy!!

17/01/2010 at 22:57

Clown Leslie your story just made me laugh so much! My hubby said he was laugh his head off if someone ran into the side of his car. 

My stupid thing is taking my marathon training far too seriously last year and getting really angry with the wind and telling it where to go whilst running because it was almost pushing me backwards and ruining my time.  Cars were driving past whilst I was doing this.  It was on a LSR as well, god only knows what I was thinking - I chilled out a bit after that .

30/01/2010 at 16:03

today on my LSR I decided to run along the marina walls. What I failed to concided is that marina=boats need to get in and out=walls don't go all the way round and rejoin the land on the other side. It took over 1/2 a mile of running along to finally twig this and so had to turn around and run back!

Still aint all bad ended up doing 14.4 miles which is my longest run ever.

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21 to 23 of 23 messages
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