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16/10/2005 at 23:24
Thankyou RW
i have been last in SO many races-these days its ultras but you are right
you get a great welcome
16/10/2005 at 23:33
Great article!! I am always amongst the last few across the line (never been last yet...)
16/10/2005 at 23:55
Very useful article for beginners

I remember when i was trying to decide if it was worth entering a small local 10k when my practice time for the distance was 2hrs

eventually it become obvious that 1.5 hrs was about the limit in a small 10k but no one here really wanted to tell me that because they didn't want to put me off

it's nice to see that confirmed in print

But, i would also say, that on race day - i spectated having decided to pull out due to injury and slowness and there was a lady who was badly injured but ran because she had alot of local sponsorship riding on her
and she made it round in about 1h 45 i think

and she got a HUGE cheer coming over the line

17/10/2005 at 08:43
Great article!

I came last in a race earlier this year, didn't care though as I ran exactly to plan and it was PB! The support from marshalls around the course and when I came in at the end was fab!

One suggestion - if you think you are going to be really really far behind the rest of the field, its always worth chatting to the race organiser in advance - they can advise you about whether it is ok to enter the race.

Oh and remember to say thanks to as many marshalls as possible!
17/10/2005 at 09:46
Thank you. In two weeks I am particiapating in my first marathon,the NT Snowdonia.

My aim is to get round and finish healthy and happy . This article has given me a great psychological boost. I feel proud to be a plodder!
17/10/2005 at 10:13
People you wouldn't think can come last (almost) do.

I had a dreadful marathon in Rotterdam, well up the field halfway, then had to walk more or less the remainder ... made the cut-off by 8 minutes. There really weren't very many behind me at all, and the organisers were getting ready to wind it all up.

Similarly I beat someone in a 5K who should have been miles ahead of me, he came second I think at the Roding Valley Half in 2004, but got an almighty stitch. Although he was nowhere near last, sometimes unexpected things happen!
17/10/2005 at 11:14
Lovely article. I remember in my first race over 2 years ago, an 8 miler, coming in as one of the last few runners. But the cheers of everyone (marshals, spectators, other runners) was fantastic as I put on a mad sprint at the end.

My view on coming last in races is that you're never last, there's always the countless other people behind you who don't enter!
17/10/2005 at 15:20
I just thought I'd tell you....about the time I ran a not funrun fivemiles and got overtaken by one of the speed walkers. How slowly was I going? And did I come last? yes,but I had the same experience, everyone was really friendly, no siggering,only me being irritated for doing so badly!

Finns det nagra fler svenskar har forresten?just out of interest!!
17/10/2005 at 15:23

What about mid-packers?
17/10/2005 at 15:26
Don't mind where anyone comes in a race as long as they've run it to the best of his/her ability.
17/10/2005 at 15:37
up the plodders !! great article, i always worry about coming last,and i make a point of cheering on those behind me when i finish.. baz
17/10/2005 at 15:44
I was so worried about being last in the first 10k I did this month, but I figured someone has to be last - might as well be me ;-)

As it was I wasn't last but I was near the back of a field of 4000 last 200 maybe - but I did it so I wouldn't have cared if I did come last. After all its the taking part that counts.
17/10/2005 at 16:20
Great article!

Very well done to the author and the "model" on page 1....
17/10/2005 at 17:38
Brilliant Article, and a good subject to raise to help encourage people to try a race.

I remember my first race, a 10K in which I was worried about being last - I didn't really know how far 10K was as I had only been timing my runs and not measuring distance. As it was I was about two thirds of the way back through the pack, but have a lasting memory of Marshalls cheering me on and clapping etc that made it a brilliant expeience and it wouldn't of mattered where I finished with regard to anyone else - it was a victory for me regardless.

This year I entered my first triathlon and came 3rd from last. It was an absolutely fantastic day though and it's hard for me to judge which race 'made my year' the tri or the FLM which I did for the first time this year too. Being very nearly last just made me more determined to do better next year.

I enjoy running, but it is entering races that keeps me going - It stops me inventing excuses to 'not run today' which can easily turn into weeks of not running.
So I know it doesn't matter where I finish in a race it's much more important that I'm there. And as Byronic pointed out 'You've beaten everyone who was didn't enter.'
17/10/2005 at 19:00
I've started right at the back to avoid going off too fast whilst recovering from injury - that way I never get passed by people and as I get into my stride I get to pass a few!.

To be fair about the 1 hour plus for the 5K "LungRun " in the list - I was at that run and many in the 5k were walking many with small children and pushchairs.
17/10/2005 at 19:40
What a great article.

When I first started running about 14 years ago and before I smashed up my knee by skiing I had the honour of finishing last in a 6 mile race which took me 60 min to complete with a unstructured run/walk method.

The reception was fantastic and it was only a small race (mainly populated by a martial arts club and I wasn't even a member of it)!
17/10/2005 at 21:45
Yep, thanks RW from another slow plodder
17/10/2005 at 22:03
At our club 10k race earlier this year the woman who came in last got a bigger cheer and reception from the crowd than the race winner.

Unless your a competitive front runner I think that you can have a better time at the back of the pack, theres more friendship and fun when you are plodding along with other 'slower' runners

I'm a back of the pack person and I dont worry about times or being at the back as long as I've enjoyed the run.
17/10/2005 at 22:08
I am nearly always last i my local races
off road they are for clubby types
but i always have a lovley welcome at the end and a nice sweep peep with me
feel like 7 sacks of sh!te for being so rap
well Stourbridge-you treat me right
17/10/2005 at 22:11
I've been second to last in a small race in Chester on Boxing Day - can't even say alcohol was an excuse - I'm just slow. I only beat a lady about 30 years older than me!!
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