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How good are they ?

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02/01/2007 at 15:21

Ive just downloaded the beginners training guide from the RW website, how good are the training schedules for beginners ? i want to run a sub 4hr marathon.... is there another source of training guides that i can compare vs the RW one ???


02/01/2007 at 15:23
Are you a complete beginner, or just new to marathons? Never used one but I think plenty of people have used them successfully.
02/01/2007 at 15:26

im new to running and mara's, i stopped playing football a year or so ago so im not as fit as i once was hence i would class myself as a beginner .....
02/01/2007 at 15:29
If you've never run before, maybe you should start training & enter shorter races before you decide on your marathon goal? That way you can get a better idea of what level you're currently at. A 4hr marathon for a total beginner is reasonably fast.
02/01/2007 at 15:33
do u mean 1/2 marathons ? also where can i get a comprehensive list of shorter runs ?

02/01/2007 at 15:38
Any shorter runs - 10 mile, 10k, 5k, 1/2 marathon etc...

You can search for ones near you here.
02/01/2007 at 15:39
Am I right in thinking you're in London (from your shoe thread)? There's a 5k time trial every saturday morning at 9am in Bushy Park. That would be a good starting point. Then look at 10k and half marathons.
4hrs is good going for a first marathon, although not impossible obviously, especially if you've got a fairly active background.
If you look in the events tab above you can search for races of various distances near to where you live.
02/01/2007 at 15:47
That's a good suggestion - building up from a 5k (like the Bushey Park ones) to a half marathon between now and FLM will definitely give you a better idea of what time to aim for.

Also - you say you're totally new to running, but all the sub 4hr schedules I've seen state that you need to be a regular runner before you start them. Why not just aim to enjoy it? You can always improve on your time in your next marathon...
02/01/2007 at 15:49
fair point MC... i like the idea of the bushey park run (and its not far from me)... cheers guys !

02/01/2007 at 15:52
sage these peops know their onions:O)
02/01/2007 at 16:13
haha the old ones are the best ! :)

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