Walking a marathon is easier?

Is It?

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Dave The Ex- Spartan    pirate
26/04/2013 at 16:04

He's hardly old ! 

26/04/2013 at 16:06

But then he's no Justin Bieber either (thankfully).


Edited: 26/04/2013 at 16:06
26/04/2013 at 16:15

Incidentally, back on topic, my local newspaper reveals the runner who came last on Sunday (far too late to get a medal):


It seems to suggest he ran all the way too - or at least what, for him, is running.

seren nos    pirate
26/04/2013 at 16:21

I'm glad someone donated their medal.i would happily have given mine as its not an important race for me


26/04/2013 at 16:23
Screamapillar wrote (see)

Oh dear, I saw an interview with Imogen Stubbs once. She was as interesting as dried grass unfortunately. Nothing she ever did in the way of acting ever made up for that afterwards....




It wasn't interviewing her and Ms Buffery that I had in mind if I recall correctly! 

26/04/2013 at 16:24

Down boy!

26/04/2013 at 16:25

26/04/2013 at 16:28

Mmm, Imogen Stubbs.  Wasn't this scene in a lake or something?    She's supposed to live/have lived in Blackheath but I've never seen her.  I did see Terry Waite though, before he moved out to the countryside.  He's definitely older than me, but I don't fancy him.

26/04/2013 at 16:29

that was nice of someone to donate him a medal, 

26/04/2013 at 16:30

I think Terry Waite's more the sort of bloke elderly nuns go for. Him and Daniel O'Donnell...

Edited: 26/04/2013 at 16:30
26/04/2013 at 16:35

That was the one, Phil! Eminently Googleable - yes, I did just check!

Terry Waite's beard would at least have given you... "something to hang on to." (c) Lord Flashheart.


26/04/2013 at 16:50

If Flashheart was real he'd actually be quite sexy - especially the Blackadder Goes Forth version...

Although Rik Mayall couldn't be less sexy if he tried - odd that

26/04/2013 at 16:53

Gina Bellman, Blackeyes!



26/04/2013 at 17:02

Good call! Remember that, though the edge was taken off any (cough) excitement by the fact that I was hallucinating big time having been struck down with the big flu epidemic we had that winter. 

26/04/2013 at 17:10

STOP IT!!! I'm gonna lose my job if someone is monitoring my internet usage today!!

26/04/2013 at 17:14

I'd have donated my medal, as all my friends keep pointing out how much it looks like a Jim'll Fix It badge.

26/04/2013 at 18:11

Joanne Whalley (-Kilmer), The Singing Detective.  That Dennis Potter had good taste!

seren nos    pirate
26/04/2013 at 18:14
Screamapillar wrote (see)

If Flashheart was real he'd actually be quite sexy - especially the Blackadder Goes Forth version...

Although Rik Mayall couldn't be less sexy if he tried - odd that


Now on cewrtain occassions i find rik mayall and rowan atkinson sexy.not as sexy as Hugh laurie in his earlier days though

26/04/2013 at 19:01

Loving the Imogen Stubbs and Gina Bellman references! Thanks for posting the Dean Godwyn article Screamy, I'm sorry but I find that sort of thing inspiring. I can see DF3 rolling his eyes at this. DF3 when is your first marathon btw?

26/04/2013 at 19:38

I was gonna complete the Dennis Potter set with Keeley Hawes (Lickstip on Your Collar) but it turns out she's actually younger than me.  Suggesting that someone still in their thirties is "wearing well" is probably a bit offensive, I'm guessing!  Anyway, she's mint.  

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