What do you all think of Fat Nation?

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24/09/2004 at 19:30
sorry to go backwards in thread but i agree with the point that gumps made regarding 10000 steps

it's quite alot to accumulate and you won't do it in the ordinary course of the day unless you intentionally go for a walk or run imho

i think the idea of steps as a target is a good one but the reliability of the cheap pedometers maybe a bit suspect - perhaps that was giving a false reading for the curry lady 1200 steps?

a while back there was an interesting page where several mp's had to report for a week or so there pedometer counts - also with a 10 000 step target

most of them found it very difficult to do

you can read about it here


in the run up to that , they tested various pedometers and found that the only one worth using was an item retailing at 20 quid

i wonder what they are sending out in the 3.99 fat nation pack?

anyhow , though there are obvious flaws in the programme and how it's reported by the presenters (mainly live so higher than usual bullsh*t factor)
but that is all just pedantic detail in the scheme of things

i still think it's a good way to try and motivate people and at least they have a sense of how far they need to go - if say they clock up 5000 steps then they can be proud in a way and yet also realise how much more is required of them

when i say they
of course i mean me too - i'm still very overweight and don't run as much as i should/would like to

i've sent off my 3.99 for the pack out of curiousity and to see if the pedometer really works

25/09/2004 at 16:32
Eldest son bought one. It has a clicker that jerks up and down when you move up and down. I don't know how hard you work if you sit in a chair and bounce, but that would come up as a step on these cheap pedometers.
His is supposed to show the distance travelled as well, but with our local hills accuracy would be very iffy.
He liked the idea, because it comes up with something tangible. I prefer timing my run, or measuring it on a map. I think that that is more of an accurate measurement of energy used. Each to his/her own, and it doesn't really matter in the end.
25/09/2004 at 16:59
I use a bit of string and a street map -does the trick.

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81 to 83 of 83 messages
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