What does it take to make a fast runner

thoughts , ideas and comments,please

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09/03/2005 at 22:46
kicks thread into touch
09/03/2005 at 22:49
But bazza
i am VERY patient

Folds arms on ample gut and awaits pbs
09/03/2005 at 22:58
planning to try it at some point when i get to Uni but probably best to leave 100 mile weeks alone for the moment :(
09/03/2005 at 23:01
Chucks thread back in at line out.
28/03/2007 at 11:22
boings thread for I will do it
29/03/2007 at 22:57
Good read, Vednerable, did anyone take up the challenge?
04/04/2007 at 23:01
I think if I had wings or a motor I might manage to be faster?
26/05/2007 at 23:04
I'm having a go at this, i'm just completing week 5 @ 56 miles.

interestinly i ran 13 miles in 1hr 28 today when my half marathon pb is 1hr 30 dead.

I'm coming from a starting base of 20-30 mpw average, been running for 2 years and have run over 20m only twice.

so far, at the moment I feel fine, i've learnt to run a bit more relaxed and glide a bit better. the only mistake i've made is playing football hard for 2 hrs a couple of weeks ago and not being able to run for 4 days after ! (could barely walk :)

the biggest issue I am having is finding the time to do the milage, fitting it around work and other commitments.

I'll let you know if I get to 100mpw without getting injured :)

26/05/2007 at 23:12
oh and to add, i'm 28, weigh about 11 stone and 6ft tall.

my race pb's are:

10k 39:10
half-mara: 1:30:00
20m: 2hrs 31 mins

I'm hopefully !! planning to follow a full lydiard program (abeit the minimum base building length and shaving off a week or 2 during the later phases) and build up to probably the leciester marathon and some 10k's at the end of the year.

If I manage to keep to it the sheer fact my milage will be much higher and i will be following a proper training program must increase my performance.

the question is by how much ?
27/05/2007 at 21:11
nice work Struds, keep us informed.

You sound like an absolute nutter though!

I remember this thread! i considered the 9 week build up..then remember someone else pointing out Lydiard said nothing of the sort and it was just an "In theory" type thing, and any test involved some world class athletes he was linked with!!

I'd like to be a regular 40miles a weeker in time. The most in a week I've evr done was 39, and the average was 25 in the 3months build up to my half marathon pb a year ago. I reckon a regular 40milesa week would eek out any last potentiasl. Not sure the old body was made for taking that kind of stress though
28/05/2007 at 01:02
it's strange, when i've tried to increase the milage before i've really struggled when i get to 35+ and feel i'm getting injured, sore muscles, slight pulls etc then backed off as everyone advises to ascend slowly over time.

sometimes I think you just need someone to tell you it IS possible, and just to run nice and relaxed etc and not worry too much if you feel sore.

at 45 mpw i felt s**t, I had 2 muscles i felt were pulled and at one point had a 7m run the next day I just felt if I tried it i would just end up injured.

anyway, I iced and gently stretched before and after. Over the next three days I seemed to run through the problems and the week after (this week) i'm feeling as strong as I ever have.

Just did a 6 miler in 40 mins cruising along like it was a breeze, depite doing a hardish 14m yesterday. legs feel fresh !

its like i've run through a barrier and my body has just gone, sod it, ok then lets do it :)

I'll probably get injured next week after saying this :) and i'm sure the 70m+ weeks are going to be a another test/step to get through.

anyway i'll post back in a couple of weeks with how its going !
29/05/2007 at 11:36
i gotta stop reading this..i'm only going to get encouraged!!
30/05/2007 at 01:13
A lot of the points raised here are covered in the book "Running with Lydiard" - a book worth reading many times over.
03/06/2007 at 21:59
I think I'll grab a copy of that book.


just completed the 66 mile week.

feel like sh**t :)

fastest run was 8 miles @ 7:30 all other runs i've crawled round @ about 8:30 pace.

no injuries, legs feel ok, just very very tired. struggling to find time to do the runs this week. At one point I had a choice of eating, or a 9m run, in the end had to grab a burger king then go for the run :)

another time I completed a 15 mile run at midnight.

I should have more time to manage things next week as less pressure from work so expect it to be a bit easier.

08/06/2007 at 21:14
you gotta quit work struds!!

are you gonna do this properly or noT!
03/07/2007 at 23:55
yeah, thought i'd better update, it kinda went off the rails as I couldn't find time to actually do the mileage.

I dropped down to 50/60 mpw, but last week covered 78 miles. the last run was 8 miles @ sub 7 min/mile pace despite doing a 20 mile run the previous day and felt really strong and easy.

I'm just going to try and hold the mileage as close to 70 mpw as possible, this week i'm off to silverstone so i'm going to be lucky to cover 40, but should come back with 80m the week after.

my actual weekly mileage since I started this has been:

Week1 31
Week2 40
Week3 56
Week4 60
Week5 66
Week6 58
Week7 48
Week8 78

bearing in mind I was averaging 20mpw before I started.

also in week 6 and 7 I covered that mileage in 4 or 5 days, then was unable to run despite being perfectly fine because I was out of the country !

my conclusions so far, theres no reason why I couldn't be doing 100mpw if I wasn't working, I've had no injuries, and worse i've felt is tiredness, probably due to poorly managed diet.

Oh, I did get burning pains in my stomach recently, but diagnosed it as lack of magnesium in stomach which apparently is common deficiency when training hard, took some supplements and the pain vanished over night.

I still have another 6 or 7 weeks of this base building stage, hopefully I'll get at least one 100 mile week in :)

One thing I've learnt so far is that 100mpw is easily within the bodies capabilities, in fact theres some monks that run a marathon a day, every day for 7 years !!


Also, from a reasonable base fitness you can ascend mileage very quickly as long as you don't push yourself to run fast.

In about 3 months time i'll report back and let you know how/if my race times have improved !

04/07/2007 at 08:25
Struds, thanks for the update. you seem to be doing well. Ok running at midnight might not be such a good idea, but at least burger king will be shut then!!

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