what happens at 10 miles?

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19/11/2006 at 12:23
I have been running for 18 months and managed 3 halfs this year. I train 3 times a week including 1 long 1 speed and 1 hill.
All now goes well. I haved got down 2 50 mins for 10k and 1.30 for 10 miles. My problem is no matter how slow or quick I go if my long run goes over 10 miles I blow up. Any ideas or do I just need to go threw this by doing the longer distance more often?
19/11/2006 at 12:41
How long is your long run? Maybe you need to lengthen it a little.

What sort of run do you do the day before? Your legs might still be tired from that?

Do you run alone? It could all be in the mind & a running parter might help you smash through this invisible barrier.

Do you eat before your long run? You should - even if it's just a banana or a slice of wholemeal toast with a dash of honey
19/11/2006 at 14:31
Hi there,

I'm no expert, but I run at a similar pace and remember finding it difficult to get over that ten mile barrier.

It's very tempting to train hard, at something close to race pace, all the time. But I found that the way to increase my the stamina and really stretch the distance was to go REALLY slow.

How about every other week, dropping the speed & the hill & just going for slow distance. When I say slow I mean a good minute to two minutes a mile slower than your normal pace. How about two 8 milers at 10m/mile (1hr 20) and a twelve miler at 11m/mile (2hr 12). I know this seems painfully slow, but it'll get you through the distance, and if you do it a few times - maybe stretch the long one up a bit more as you go - then you'll find that come race day at a half you'll be able to keep your race pace going the whole way and not blow up.
19/11/2006 at 14:41
it's a little wall!

try a gel or some jelly babies at mile 7 or 8.
19/11/2006 at 18:54
A 50 min 10K is a better time than a 1:30 ten - I'd say you should be able to manage 1:24, if you've been doing the mileage. Did you slow significantly on the ten? If so, could it just be down to pacing?
Blisters    pirate
20/11/2006 at 19:51
JJ's right.

Run more. Run longer too. If you enjoy HM's, and lots do, then I'd suggest making your regular long run 14 or 15 miles. That way the HM is a doddle. The midweek sessions look good with hills and "speed". Although I don't know whether the speed session is tempo (ie a 6 miler at a hearty push, just outside the comfort zone, say at HM pace), or whether it is an interval session (1 mile eyeballs out, 2 min rest, repeat repeat repeat. Add a mile warm up and warm down. A good session).
The hills and speed sessions are good for improving leg speed, but won't improve your endurance much. That's where running more miles at an easy pace will help.

1-I'm tired: You need a run, any run.
2-I ran hard yesterday: You need an easy run.
3-I ran last night, I've only got time this morning: Great, you need a run, see 1.
4-I ran this morning: Go onnnnn, you know you want to.

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