What's your mantra?


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Lee the Pea    pirate
25/11/2011 at 15:05
I say "I get to do this" which spurs me on. Also "pain is weakness leaving the body, so I must be getting really strong!" when it starts to hurt.

Even little things like "keep going" and "I can, I can I can" help....my pal's little 3 year old girl chanted the latter to herself when she was learning to ride her bike, so if it helped her, it can help me!! It works too
25/11/2011 at 15:46
I must, i must, i must improve my bust
Lee the Pea    pirate
25/11/2011 at 16:56
keep working on those moobs then Madlot! ;-0
25/11/2011 at 17:18

I got overtaken in the last 6 months at the VLM by a guy saying "You can do this, you can do this".

My mantra at this point was "just F***ing keep going". The swearing definitely helped with the pain I was in at that point!  

25/11/2011 at 20:55
Lance Armstrongs..

Pain is temporary, quitting/ not finishing lasts forever.
26/11/2011 at 04:34

I say/rmind myself "I can do this!" I say this to myself as I often doubt I can carry on or can even begin what I want myself to achieve.

Another thing I do is to say to myself to do "just the first 2 minutes" then I can change my mind if I want. After those initial 2 minutes I feel a bit better, then I ask myself if I want to carry on, if its aches and pains related I try to get to 5 minutes, ask again, if I feel a bit better I go to 15 minutes, if ALL the aches and pains haven't subsided I can then stop.

 If its boredom or something else stopping me complete I focus on "how amazing will it feel if I run for XX". I managed an hour and a half on a day I hadn't even anticipated running for when I did that!

27/11/2011 at 04:55
a lovely cup of tea
06/12/2011 at 21:19
'Keep going you lazy b*****d' quickly followed by 'must take my medication when I get back'.

Sometimes: 'if you give up, you won't get this session back'.

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21 to 28 of 28 messages
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