Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

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29/08/2013 at 07:28

morning all

out at 5 this morning - need to get back to the early mornings ready for going back to school next week. Sad to note that it is very dark at 5! Still 4 miles of run/walk done think I need to increase the amount of time running...

NW - Ovett's cousin hooted approvingly as I left the house

1 cyclist going the wrong way up a one-way street - that just annoys me!

PSC    pirate
30/08/2013 at 07:19

morning peeps...

Sorry that I am not posting much - I'm getting increasingly grumpy as I haven't run since the SD mara.  But, news, I saw the surgeon specialist fellow last night and after a great deal of pulling/prodding/manipulating etc he has gone back to a diagnosis I've heard before (problem with the psoas) but and this is new news, he believes that the muscle is reacting to something else and has refered me to another specialist - so maybe he isn't sure!  LOL.  What is encouraging is that he has also booked me in for an MRI scan - which should show exactly what is going on.

My new bike shoes have arrived   Fizik R3s.  Lovely soft white kangaroo leather! 

Anyway - it's the weekend... (nearly).  We've made it and have twittwooing in stereo now! How about that!

Have fun whatever you are doing

30/08/2013 at 07:29

Morning all - turbo this morning, bike tonight. have got some ligament damage in my ankle so I've had to promise not to run until tomorrow, I thought that might be the case which is why I sneaked in 2 runs on Wednesday, yes, I am only kidding myself I know. OW swimming lesson last night which was really good, I know I worked hard as my lats are feeling it this morning, also learnt my new favourite thing which is a pivot turn around a buoy. Big training weekend coming up, 2 bike sessions today, 3.8K timed swim tomorrow and 100 miles on the bike with a 2 hour run, doing it with a big group of the lab rats so should be fun. PSC, gosh I really feel for you, well done on being so sensible and getting it all sorted out properly. Birky, I'm out at 5am at the moment and it's street light or head torch then unfortunately. MC bad cycling really gets on my nerves, on pavements, in pairs on narrow roads etc, sometimes you can see why we get a bad name. Have a fun Friday folks.

30/08/2013 at 08:49

morning all

having a bit of a rest today but will be going to the gym later

PSC - well, good that you are getting the mri and should finally know what is going on. Had a session with the NHS physio yesterday, and I am glad that I went to a new private one yesterday as the NHS guy basically said there was nothing he could do and mybe not to run as much - I am onoy doing about 12 miles a week at the moment which is virtually nothing!! I would have been in a big mardy if I hadn't seen the lovely but very expensive lady last week who reckons I should be able to get on top of this in not too much time at all.

Well last day of holidays for me, as I don't really count the weekends.

Kate - have fun on the ride, you will be getting into taper time soon - are you going to cope??

30/08/2013 at 12:58

Hi Guys, hope you dont mind me crashing in - seems such a fun thread. So what did I spy this morning, apart from my 2 dogs meanacingly looking at me in a 'lets go for a run or else sort' of manner.

Well, one aeroplane, whose vapour trail was beautifully uplit by the rising sun. 3 humans: 1 paperboy joyfully skidding his bike at every opportunity, 1 runner and 1 scowler looking at me like I was mental.

Later we saw lots of pigeons and rabbits, at which point I released the hounds to have their fun - always fruitless by the way (rabbits ok) - and always resulting in an enforced period of walking while I wait for the hounds' lolling tongues to retract enough to indicate that they can run again!

Oh and one dead frog and yes lots of blackberries. Nice chatting to you. Ciao x

Edited: 30/08/2013 at 12:59
30/08/2013 at 13:19

Welcome along whippets.

31/08/2013 at 07:48

welcome whippets

well, off to parkrun today then swim session, need to try to get some bike time in as well!

Kate - hope the big session goes well, that is almost an ironman you have there anyway so if you survive today you'll be fine on the big day - only  a month to go! Hope there is online tracking 

another beautiful day here, athough the wind kept me awake last night rattling the letter box!

31/08/2013 at 10:24

Good morning all

7 miles including park run, had a week off running to let everthing recover from last weeks marathon .

Birky, Knew when they got that late equaliser it wasn't going to be our night  

Kate,Sorry to hear of your accident but It seems like even a out of control juggernaut can't stop you from training, hope your ankle heals fast though.

Whippets, hi and welcome. 


31/08/2013 at 11:42

Morning all - very pleased with my new world record (much better than a PB) 3.8K swim time of 1.21, despite adding an extra 0.6K distance into it. MC after tomorrow I will be a little bit tapery but not properly until the last 2 weeks or I will be bouncing off the walls,or juggernauts valis. birky I was thinking about gloves earlier this week abut not quite ready for the long sleeves yet. Beautiful day today, the ankle is going to have a little test rshortly rely.

31/08/2013 at 15:45

I haven't been feeling the need for gloves or sleeves

parkrun and swimming both felt very difficult - mainly because everything aches a bit from the gym last night tomorrow will be a kind of rest day as I am going to cheer people on at the Wild Boar triathlon

PSC    pirate
01/09/2013 at 08:01

autumn is defo closing in - apparently it dropped to 4 degrees last night - I didn't notice as I was sparko. 

I'm hoping the sun might make an appearance anytime soon, otherwise I just look a bit kinky roaming the house in cycling shorts!!

I'm thinking of cycling over to Thanet to cheer on the organising team of the Thanet Mara this morning - they always put on a good race over there and have a Top Team.  

Edited: 01/09/2013 at 08:01
01/09/2013 at 09:43

Good morning all

9 miles this morning. Autum is closing in as I could feel that chill and the acorn that fell on my head, a clear sign indeed.

Nw 7 magpies, 3 horses and a large flock of parakeets 15-20 up to now only seen one or two around this area unlike Bushy park or Richmond.

Psc,Its only kinky if your also wearing the gimp mask. Oh no! tell me your not wearing a gimp mask.

Kate, I might spend to day digging out long sleave tops,hats and mitts so I am ready for the coming cold. I hope to hold out wearing anything extra for a at least another month or two.

Birky, I wasn't worried about Cech but had seen a couple of players when tso was asking who was going to take pens, show quite clearly they didn't want to be stepping up too early. 

01/09/2013 at 18:10

evening all

I was up really early this morning to go down to support at the Wild Boar middle distance tri - had a great day with some pirates down there

back to work tomorrow...

01/09/2013 at 18:11

Evening - hard day completed, 100 mile bike and 2 hour run. Bloody hard work and my run off the bike needs work, pleased to hit a 16.5 mph average on the bicycle. So cold this morning my hands went purple, I was called Smurf hands which is a new one. Otherwise, like you valis, resist, resist. Although Mr F bought me a surprise present of a beautiful new coat so if it is a bit chilly I won't be quite so sad.

01/09/2013 at 18:12

well done Kate

don't think you should wear the new coat on the bike though

01/09/2013 at 18:23

Good for visibility though MC

PSC    pirate
01/09/2013 at 19:21

Ah, the gimp mask... I was hoping nobody would bring that up!!

LOL at the acorn hitting you - yep, it's officially nearly autumn!

Kate, 100 miles AND a 2 hour run is nuts!  Respect (as the kids say)!!  You are going to find IM easy at this rate!


02/09/2013 at 07:20

Morning all - put my running kit on then decided to be sensible and not go out, supposed to have two rest days so will just do a nice OW swim tonight and back to it tomorrow. have fun on the course birky.

PSC    pirate
02/09/2013 at 07:25

Monday is always rest day for me.. no idea how I got into that routine, probably becuase you go long at the weekend. 

Off to have some blood tests this morning to make sure I am OK for the MRI scan the doctors are promising me! Massage this evening - oh, the life of a part time age grouper!

Have fun everyone....

02/09/2013 at 07:54

morning all

4 miles this morning, very dark but also warm. 1 OR - we had a little chat! 2 owls, one hooting one screaching, 1 cat


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