Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

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19/12/2012 at 08:16

Morning all - 6 miles PW 1 and 1 Warburtons van. Late night last night as the trains were delayed, 2 hours packed in like a sardine with people post Christmas parties, so my 9pm hometime turned into 11.30, not fun. Today should be my last day in the office though. PSC, I think I might have your cold, hasn't developed into anything as serious as man flu yet either. MC, I guess you're finished on Friday? Still warm here, apparently the rain arrives tonight.

19/12/2012 at 08:29

Kate - enjoy your last day

yes, I finish on Friday, but today is the last day of normal lessons - tomorrow is a trip to see The Hobbit and Friday is activities in the morning, kids go home at 1:10 then we have a staff meeting/speeches for people that are leaving (really boring) before leaving hopefully earlier than normal! I feel in wind down mood though, so today is origami and quizes for my classes!

19/12/2012 at 08:30

Morning all, out by 5am this morning into a foggy Suffolk, temperature great for running though.  I grew a Movember and have kept it, perhaps till the New Year, and it mops up the fog like a sponge, extra weight but it does keep your lips moist 

PSC the P&D plan I am doing is the up to 55 miles a week so the midweeks not quite as crazy as the more than 85 miles a week plan, just slightly crazy.  The first run I did on Monday evening was 8 miles with 4 at HM pace, a doddle in a race with stacks of other runners, but tough on a solo training run, looking at Garmin times and heart rates looks about right for me.

This morning it was a 9 miler at general aerobic pace, nice easy going stuff. NW one cat, shetland silhouettes also Biffa dustbin lorry emptying at the back of the Co-op, at 5.15, glad I don't live near there.

MC good to get back out there, Kate the train journey doesn't sound like fun. Birky were these Christmas trees on the move.

19/12/2012 at 10:59

Out for a quick 4 miles this morning. NW 2 deer, 1 squirrel.

Kate, my son was caught up in the delays/cancellations at Waterloo last night. Apparently someone was killed on the track.

PSC - hope you manage to fight off the cold. 

PSC    pirate
19/12/2012 at 21:46

evening folks... thanks for the general good thoughts on the cold front... I am holding it at bay, although it is taking some expensive medicinal irish whisky to do so!  It's day 3 and it's already getting better.  Still got the odd random (and high explosive) sneeze action going on and the poundland kitchen roll is taking a bit of a battering, but generally nose under control and the cold hasn't dropped below the neckline so training is still a go go!  30 mins hard on the turbo tonight - I needed it after a fairly fraught day at work. 

JF - I will follow your progress with some awe and lots of genuine interest.  I've peaked at 50 mile weeks so far in my running career (notwithstanding the odd week over that due to an ultra), but from a trianing persective I am not sure I would ever have the energy to commit to that sort of mileage!  But, never say never.  I am 50 next year so will be gifted a whole new lease of life

Maths, as I said on the outlaw thread... keep the faith.  If I can do it anyone can!  Once upon a time (and not that very long ago I was getting through 40+ rollies a day) now I am a sub 22 min 5k man with two IM under my belt.  If I can do that then, frankly, anything is possible and anyone can do it.  IM is all about mental conditioning and (in the 12+ hour bracket where we both are) has very little to do with raw speed, talent or significant training....  You will smash outlaw.  Believe it now and get 75% of the schedule done.  The rest will follow as sure as night does day... 


19/12/2012 at 22:11

Evening you lot

valis: A good win tonight for Blues.

19/12/2012 at 22:13

JF50: No mate, They are large council Christmas Trees that are placed at various parts of my run. 

20/12/2012 at 06:19


4.5M Steadily done.

NW: Usual suspects: 1 owl, 1 KingsmillVan,4 horses , 3 Large Christmas Trees, 3 BMWs at 'BMW corner', 2 cyclists

PW: 1 car.

20/12/2012 at 06:23

Good morning all

6 miles this morning in the wind and the rain, ankle deep in the newly formed rivers that were paths.

Nw nil clever little critters decided to take shelter.

Birky, Enjoyed it last night which I didn't think I would be able to say today when the half time whistle went.

Kate, Finish work 3pm Christmas eve return 27th December .Barley time to unwrap presents before the grind begins again and working New years eve till 3 pm my employers do not believe in closing for Christmas although the owner will be heading off for his annual 2 week skiing holiday and the M.D will also be taking a two week holiday . They have worked hard though bless them

Maths, 2nd what Psc has said.

20/12/2012 at 06:30

Morning valis: Yeah agreed ! 

Last day at work today then holidays

20/12/2012 at 07:54


valis and PSC - thanks, although I feel bad now cos I woke up to hear the pounding rain and decided to forgo my birthday soc in favour of a birthday lie-in! I also have to confess I am going the half outlaw, and the run leg of the full thing, but the full thing for 2014 - so I have loads of time. So long as I crack the cutoff for the swim I think building up the bike is realistic and I know I can run a half marathon - well, not at the moment but can build back up to that

anyway, this evening will do some running and a swim!

PSC    pirate
20/12/2012 at 07:59

lucky you... I've got to get to the end of the week before I have a week off...

10 miles done   I came across a new runner out in the dark wilds and woods...  looking a bit wet and lost!  "Marathon training" I asked... "yes, you too" he replied.  "Nope, I do this all year round... hahahahahaha"  As he shuffled off through the puddles I heard him mutter " f**cking lunatic" HAHAHAHA


20/12/2012 at 08:01

PSC - that made me laugh!

off to watch The Hobbit this morning with 300 kids - hope they behave as this is a great chance for a nap!

20/12/2012 at 08:16

Morning all - 4.5 miles for me, some kind of random taper for Sunday's marathon, spin and swim later this morning as I am now banned from the office and my email and system access get taken away today. They are squeezing one last conference call out of me at 5pm then freeeeeeedom. Sorry valis. MC, happy birthday, hope you get your nap in. PSC, that did make me laugh. I definitely have your cold, all in the nose, but am avoiding the whisky so far. Biky, enjoy the last day. Chris, the SW train line out of Waterloo must be a sad place, we seem to have someone jumping at least every 3 weeks. I shan't miss it! JF, hope the tache isn't slowing you down too much.

20/12/2012 at 09:10
Morning L&G

5 miles this morning in the aircon gym.

Kate, passed BonTon Resort last night but went further into Pantai Cenang. The four of us ate heartily for under ??10!

More seriously there was an attempted abduction of a young boy from my sons class whilst he was on his way to school yesterday. Very close to home.

Edited: 20/12/2012 at 09:12
20/12/2012 at 14:35

5:30 - that is awful, makes everyone feel very unsafe - hope they catch the person involved so you can get back to normal


20/12/2012 at 16:50

Kate: The last day was okay thanks.

psc: Made me laugh too.

5:30:That is shocking,

PSC    pirate
21/12/2012 at 06:03
21/12/2012 at 06:25

Morning psc: First day of holidays for me today 

Very wet up here though an easy 4M  done.

NW: The usual suspects. 1 owl, 1 Kingsmill Van, 4 horses, 3 Large Christmas Trees,

21/12/2012 at 07:20

My ex girlfriend likes to run early but today she ran past my house at 02.55 !! came back an hour later strange women !!

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