Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

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20/01/2013 at 13:38
Hi all,
I went out for a 5 mile walk, I would have gone for a run but I'm too scared in case I fall on ice. Anyway, I have never been so cold in my life. My feet were numb. Although I will try go for a long run in the snow tomorrow night.
20/01/2013 at 13:44

thanks valisgonzozen

20/01/2013 at 13:52


9 miles cross country in light snowfall and whilst colder than yesterday it's still t-shirt and shorts weather in Surrey!

Kate - you sound like my Mum! 

PSC    pirate
20/01/2013 at 14:32

thanks Valis...  I might just get a pair!


20/01/2013 at 14:45

Hi all,

Welcome indiegirl.

My training plan for the Reading Half had  me down for 14 miles today, I got myself out there but it was just so cold, and the winds were biting.  Like most I stuck to the roads and an 45mins in the traffic was making it difficult.  I wore some UnderArmour jogging bottoms to protect from the elements so it made it really heavy going on the legs, so I'm afraid I called it a day after 8.5miles



PSC    pirate
20/01/2013 at 14:51

don't be too hard on yourself, it sounds as if we have all plumped for the same distance...


20/01/2013 at 21:00

Valis - I am your no 2 in the world of buffalo mitt referrals, I have the world's coldest hands suffering from Raynauds as well and they are super duper.

PSC    pirate
21/01/2013 at 06:39

Morning gang....

still lots of white stuff on the roads - which are decidedly untreated and unploughed in the village.

Ho hum!

Take it easy out there...

21/01/2013 at 07:04

Morning all - day 1 of Ironman training, and first no running day, trying very hard to get my head around only running a few times a week and as it's a 9 month plan a real drop back in intensity and hours per week. Give me a few months and I'll be moaning it's too much! New set of gym exercises to follow so I'm about to plug myself into YouTube before I take them up to the gym. For all of you worried your run wasn't long enough, a) at least you got out there, and b) the cold will have burnt off a few extra calories. Have a good day folks.

21/01/2013 at 08:29


snow day here, good job because I wouldn't have gone to work anyway, knee still really bad

so, my school is closed, youngest son's primary is closed, but no news from eldest son's school, can't get through on the phone so have sent him off in the snow.

21/01/2013 at 09:14

Morning all, no SOC today and looks like it could be treadmill tonight with another 4 inches of snow on the roads here.  Got out for a 16 miler yesterday, pace all over the place because of the conditions on the roads, trails paths but a good work out.

Take care all, though if Chris's forecaster friend is correct this little lot should be over soon, here's hoping.

21/01/2013 at 09:34

Morning everyone.

I didn't even bother setting the alarm to SOC this morning with the snow that was falling when I went to bed last night.  Just as well, as there is at least 4 inches of snow fall here overnight. 

It was going to be a tricky week anyway to get my miles in, as I've got very early starts on Wednesday doing factory breifings and I'm back in at 10ish-midnight to do the night shift ones too, so that will almost certainly rule out Weds and Thurs.  Then at the weekend we are going to Euro Disney until Wednesday, which as fun as that will be and I'm looking forward to it, I can feel myself getting tetchy already at the prospect of hardly any running over the next 10 days.

21/01/2013 at 17:39

BIt tetchy already here cos despite snow having melted, trains decided to stop, meaning I couldn't get to work. I work away during the week and was looking forward to some nice snowy runs away from the mayhem of packing and moving house...but looks like a few days working at home instead. Ah well, at least no ice to contend with. Not a running day for me today as I find that even after 2 yrs I can't seem to run 3 days in a row without losing my form...any suggestions gratefully received. 

PSC    pirate
21/01/2013 at 21:22

slow down indiegirl... sounds like you are whacking your training too hard and that's why you can't go 3 days on the hop.  Or at least mix it up so you do a tempo run, a long slow run, a hill run, a recovery run, etc.  If you go out and just run you will probably go too fast.  I know this well as that is how I train!!!  teehee...  My training is normally head out of the village (all routes downhill) so start too fast, then die half way up the first hill, then warm up and settle into a proper pace for the rest of the run, but have to make a real effort to keep the pace down.  Heart rate training helps this - if (and only if) you are faithfull to your HR and don't push through to a higher zone.  

21/01/2013 at 21:37
Ah...ta PSC I reckon that's the problem. Just about to move somewhere with a gd running club and hoping that'll help me get a better routine - there are only a few runs I can do from our place now and I've got into a rut: 4-5 milers, trying to vary pace but can't resist strides...
22/01/2013 at 06:40

Morning from a snowy West of Scotland. Snow lightly falling at moment

An active rest this week as we are dog sitting a neighbours black Labrador ! Same age as Geordie so plenty of walks this week !!

Welcome Indie girl

Valis: A good home win on Sun

22/01/2013 at 06:53

morning all

off to physio soon

22/01/2013 at 07:20

Good morning all

No run today due to the conditions of mixed surfaces so paths and roads free of ice and snow others still covered. Hope to get out tomorrow although the 9 mile walk to work and back yesterday , today and probably tomorrow at least gives me a bit of a work out.

Birky, Indeed ,a good win and a whole 2nd half of sweaty palms and stress.


PSC    pirate
22/01/2013 at 07:23

morning all...

Maths, good luck.

Might run at lunchtime - all a bit too crunchy this morning so stayed in bed and caught up with FB etc!

22/01/2013 at 08:45

Morning all, ran 8 miles last night with 10x100m strides, the 4 inches of extra snow we had on Sunday made the location easy, my treadmill.  Will SOC tomorrow morning but again likely to be treadmill as the area is still pretty dodgy for running in the dark

Noticed at work on Saturday a noticeable change in the amount of light, deep joy.  Changes by 3 minutes a day in this location, more where you are Birky.

Hi Indiegirl.

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